Love Getty GGAC Revival! - Toronto/Markham - 10/26/07

Love Getty Revival Tournament! THERE ARE TWO TOURNAMENTS! ONE on FRIDAY and ONE on Saturday, saturday’s is double elimination 5$'s 5pm start time 4pm registration!

In response to the cancellation of 10/27/07 tournament at LG, hosted by nazir. I have decided to host a tournament at LG this up coming friday from 8:15-10:00 and a Saturday tournament with 4pm registration and 5pm start time.

Entry fee: 3$'s

Main game: Guilty Gear Accent Core

Possible others: MBAC and AH. But that will be up to who even volunteers to run those brackets.

Registration will begin at 7:45 and CLOSE at 8:15 when the tournament begins. (though it can be done by phone if you are already on your way since i know joe gets off of work at 6:30 and would have to leave right away to bring the sauga crew if they are planning on coming and probably wont arrive till 7:55-8:25).

Tournament style will be single elimination, to ensure that the tournament moves very quickly and that people do not have to stray from the tournament area. If you register by phone i will continue with the brackets as far as possible, if you still have not arrived i will have to Disqualify you from the tournament so that it will continue to run quickly. ONCE you have arrived i would prefer you stayed in LG so that when your name is called you can play asap. Since this tournament is single elimination, the brackets will move along very quickly compared to other tournaments and even though i might go as far as i can with the brackets without some players, if i go as far as i can and i still cannot find you i will DQ you; you probably can’t be gone from LG safely for more then 8-10minutes. ( OR for example if player 1 and player 3 are missing but player 2 and player 4 are present with the permission of player 2 and 4 i will pair them together for the next match so that the brackets can continue for one more match but if after that player 1 and 3 are still not present ill DQ them, this itself would be an uncanny show of kindness). If players are busy playing in another tournament, i will wait for them as is status quo for SRK.

Directions: Viva purple from anywhere on the viva purple line stopping at East Beaver Creek. (2.75 one way) Walk south and make a right into a shopping center, LG is next to Korean BBQ. I believe the ones in blue are the current stops available and the red ones are the ones they are planning to add. Not sure if its west or east beaver creek will ask nazir, but if you ask the busdriver for commerce gate they should tell you which one.

25D from Don Mills station (5.50 one way) get off at Commerce Valley and walk a block to your left up a winding road, LG is inside the shopping center to your left next to Korean BBQ.

There is the possiblity that Cheatah will pick up TWO passengers from Don mills and Steeles. Private Message him for information, though he has not given any promises yet, that he will do this.

Sign up sheet so far:

Friday’s: Raphael, Jabir, Justin (york), TATENDA, Julian, hermes, john, k2,

Saturday’s: Raphael, Jabir, Dice (can accomidate rides for sauga people), Julian, Joe (Forest blazer),

excuse me but where does it say its cancelled? and why dont you make the tourny on the same day instead of soo soon i kinda need to book off work 2 weeks advance, also why start so late? damn do you know what time we will finish if we start that late =S

The 10/27 tournament was postponed to 11/10, not cancelled.

LOL @ the time designated for the tourney.

Are you high?

So basically I’m paying $3.50 to play 1 game since my Millia sucks so much and it’s single elim. I can’t join anyway since I gotta leave at 9 lol.

But nevertheless I’ll be there for some of DAT ARCANA casuals. :bgrin:

Are you high?


lets make it at 6
and ppl will be late and so can start by 7
2hrs is enough to end a single elim tourney
fastest way = 2/3 all the way
more fun = 3/5 all the way
wts gonna be the pot split? 80/20?

I was told that tournament was moved to another date aka cancelled (We havent had an october tournament yet) (flame me for different definitions of canceled whatever) because many people couldn’t make it to saturdays tournament. k2 pui tony nazir and DD, and because of that i was told the sauga crew didnt feel like coming also, I’m open to suggestions it could be on saturday it could be on friday, whatever is better for the GG community. I know alot of people are more eager for casuals which is why single elimination is better, plus it wont take more then 2 hours if single elimination so dont worry about the time rae, its also more JP style. I havent decided if it will be 3 out of 5 rounds or 2 out of 3 rounds, that i believe is dependent on how many people show up. If its less then 8 people then 3/5 rounds if its more then or equal to 8 people then 2/3 rounds, but again this is up to suggestion and change if the community decides one is better then the other.

Also timing of tournament was given consideration because of the communities timing. Nazir doesnt have to leave till 9:30 since the bus that he has to catch leaves at 10:30 (atleast thats what i thought maybe it leaves at 10 and so he needs to leave at 9) at york and purple doesn’t take an hour to get to york from LG, Joe can’t make it till 8ish, which would count for 2-4 people depending on how many sauga people come, Cheatah cant make it till 8ish also which means john can’t make it till 8ish since cheatah is his ride.

I’m leaning more towards 60/30/10 split but again this is dependent on the community. As all my decisions on the timing/rounds/character choice restrictions/date.

Keep non constructive posts out of this thread altergenesis and justin plz and in the future of this thread ill just ignore them.

fastest way is single elim single round

gg no rematch, thanks for coming

i hope this will be set to tournament event mode for 50 cents per game? seeing how ac is dead at lg everyday of the week except friday, have some courtesy to not scam the manager of his only night which this game makes him money. thanks

Please. This is SRK. :confused:

Indeed i will be speaking with the manager monday or tuesday this week and it makes sense for those who go farther in the tournament to have to pay more money since they are the ones with a higher possibility to win. (people that lose 1st round only pay 3$ + 25cents, each round + 25cents). Plus if the tournament is really quick we can get back to casuals in a good time comparable to a double elimination tournament.

On another note any1 wanna play monday or tuesday at LG since im going to be there anyways? Justin from York says hes coming.

dats still late at night, im sure u would get more ppl, if it was on a saturday and it was at like 3pm. ppl can take the time to travel, and after the tourney is over they can stay for casuals and money matches and it wont be super late at night so they can take their time reaching home. its not unusal for a tourney to go over the alloted time limit. u dont want ppl to be rushing or off their game just becuz they are worried about missing the LAst bust and they will be stranded.

if u do single elimination, and there isnt that many ppl, yeah its possible that it will finish in time but it wont be as fun and u wont get new talent cuz they know they will just lose and they wont join. unless ur original idea was just to have a tourney that involed the firday regulars only or something and make it small and quick

Well you bring up a good point about new players and friday regulars. This saturday there will be an event that doesn’t often happen, the top five seats at ggac tournament will not be able to attend, making it the most optimal time for new players to get into a cabinet GGAC tournament without getting BEASTED first round. I am willing if, more then or equal to 8 people promise to show up on saturday to hold a longer double elimination 3/5 tournament on saturday at the time nazir had planned so that people don’t have to change their schedules. If there is also equal demand of more then or equal to 8 players for fridays single elimination tournament then i will also hold that. This way friday usuals can have their cake and new players can eat it too.

Oh BTW, Byes for friday’s tournament will be random since its single elimination, giving out a bye to top seats would be a too huge advantage better to have it random, so its truly fair. Grudge matches might be allowed though if you ask me but only if both players agree to it. Seating might also be done randomly since its such a small tournament on friday. Seating on saturdays will not be to allow new players to play new players for maximum play time for new blood.

My original intentions were to hold a tournament only because we have been without a tournament for GGAC for about a month, so i knew people were feeling disappointed about this and wanted one.

Keep in mind nothing is written in stone if you dislike anything about the format put in your 2 cents constructively and things might turn out better for the GG community.

i will take this one as a gathering tournament, for ppl to have more experiece on how tournament feels like. so guys, don’t give him too much pressure on how professional this tournament is going to be. he will make a better one next time
Just use this one to prepare your self for the bigger tournament host by nazir.

i will come if…
1)if u are going to make random brackets, the winner better takes all the money, or else where is the beef? cuz if i happened to lose i don’t get my potenial 2nd pot =\ no happy
2)and only post the winner’s name as result since the result doesn’t reflect ranking at all
3) keep 50cents/game to support LG

rofl i am contradicting myslf

50 cents / game, not 25 plz

and yes, if you do random seeding, its better to make pot winner takes all, depending on seeding, all the top players may just end up eliminating each other and have very skewed tournament results. And yes, dont even stress the other players but the one who came first as single elim doesnt give proper rankings in an area

On second thought, maybe i wont join this one and just do DAT ARCANA casuals with nazir. Dont really feel for a tightly scheduled tournament as i’m a person who doesnt like to be tightly scheduled. Incase you’re wondering, its not that i have a grudge against you (due to previous events) so i wont join your tournament, i’m just gay like this sometimes lol. (Nazir would know =P )

So, whos staying for casuals afterwards? =D And isnt nazir supposed to kill people who hosts tourneys on fridays? =P

k2 edits his post at 4am, that must have been some essay lol

I’ll pop by on Saturday to play Arcana Heart. Anyone around for a few hours of games? I won’t be entering Accent Core but I’ll keep my HDD Camcorder handy for WF/LF/GF for you guys.

Isn’t the tournament on Friday? :confused:
Why don’t you make time to pop up for some of Dat Arcana on Friday instead, that’s when most people are there. Saturdays are usually no different than weekdays for GG/AH.


potemskinnnn bustaa

Alright so im kinda lost on what k2 (were you against or for winner take all pots? cause you went from pro winner take all pots to against not getting anything for 2nd place? very confusing lol ) means but i agree with not posting results except for winner. And i did not ask for 25 cent games, it would be 50 cent games but obviously since no1 is staying on the game, it would be 25 cents for each player since they are both are getting on at the same time (unless your asking for both to pay 50 cents after each game, which means that the winner of the tournament if it has 8 people would have to pay 4.50 to get to GF’s which is half of the entry fee in attempting to win the tournament, 3.75 sounds better to me but again im open to the opinions of the community.) IDK to me it sounds like you guys are asking for 1$ per round or do you mean 50 cent per round.

Like i said earlier i wouldnt mind also running a tournament on saturday if people that CANNOT make it friday or just prefer not to make it friday, that would be double elimination and non random seatings (for new players). I also wouldnt mind helping out any1 that still wants to run an AH tournament or MBAC, i dont know who was gonna run it for nazir this saturday but if people wanna play GGAC tournament saturday i dont mind showing up to help out AH or MBAC, while running the ggac.

Keep in mind my last post, please.

PM’ed response to pui.

“Making time” isn’t easy when you live in Hamilton and are driving an hour to Richmond Hill.

:wink: I also work until 10:00pm, which I believe is past your bedtime. :wink: