Lost Planet 2 is 24 hour addiction


http://www.destructoid.com/exclusive...f-172407.phtml <- The only video you need to see for this game. If that doesn’t sell you on it… (Thanks JGreen)

LP2 Features…

  • Demi-God Sized Akrid (:cybot:, told ya)
  • 4 player co-op
  • Customizable Characters Period
    -Wesker, [media=youtube]8egykYPS_1M"[/media] (and probably others hopefully. Not having the whole Gears crew feels criminal)
  • New Weapons
    • Customizable Weapons
  • Question Mark Boxes
  • New VSs
  • Battle Suits?!
  • [media=youtube]LpSgSG6Pvi4"[/media] (I wish 360 owners could get that demo)
  • Better graphics
  • Taunts (it’s the little gestures that make life fun)

Campaign Episodes:
Episode 3? Can’t find the bloody thing. It’s with the train though.

  • Well I’m looking forward to May 11th.

  • We are also getting VS action figures when the game comes out at $40 a piece.

  • I’d also like to add that a Hardcover Premium Strategy Guide will be available for the game. If it’s on par with the RE5 Premium Guide then it’ll be worth it to pre-order this and cop it.

EDIT: Yeah they canceled that. Just a normal guide.

Look at all dat juice. :coffee:

Really looking forward to this, demo was hype.

May 18th!!!

GoW?!?? Didn’t see that coming

Isnt the GoW characters 360 exclusive? I wonder what the PS3 gets…

They probably are, but in general Gears IP is owned by Epic and not by Microsoft.

I’m wanting this so bad. I can’t wait to use my Wesker skin and do poor impersonation of his taunts.

“I only have three minutes to play with you Green Eye.”

I added a link for the Collector’s Strategy Guide in my first post. If it’s as good as the RE5 one was then you should all buy it. Very nice and clean guide with plenty of info.

Here’s a new preview from IGN.

The threshold stuff sounds interesting. Funny how you still need to work as a team when everyone is trying to kill everything. Not sure how I feel about ONLY six levels (I’m assuming that because of the six factions) and xp sticking to the faction that you earned it in. However, the customization sounds dope as do the upgrades.

I hope LP2 gets episode DLC down the line but on a more rapid pace than RE5. Like one every 3-4 months would be nice.

Building Your Own Character

Here’s some more details about the create-a-player stuff in LP2.

I bolded that out for a reason. That’s a very smart move on the devs’ part. This game is going to be too effing good. But they need to ramp up the marketing now though. I feel like it’ll be the same hit that the first one was instead of being bigger.

Upon reading further I really feel bad for people who aren’t getting this game.

FUCK!!! I gots to have this now. This is leaps and bounds above LP1 and is straight all up in Monster Hunter territory. Get money Capcom!

And it gets even better… Battle Suits

oh yeah, they already had me at hello…and then they had to go on and add some character creation…and y’know character creation INSTANTLY captures my attention forever.

I haven’t read up on everything yet, but are these extra characters going to be another pre-order bonus thing? I would hope the answer is “no”…sometimes it’s not exactly easy to get in on a pre-order (*recently, I was late to the game with God of War 3. There were NO more Ultimate editions anywhere here, apparently…I got a “regular” pre-order with no hope of upgrading.)

yeah, I’ll be on this game immediately when it comes out.

Gamestop is the only one I know of:

Reserve Lost Planet 2 and receive two GameStop exclusive multiplayer maps.

* Back to the Island - Brings the new weapons and abilities of LP2 back to Island 902, a remake of the classic map from the original Lost Planet.

* Helix - Fight in a multilayered NEVEC ocean research facility at the bottom of the ocean. While you need to swim down to reach the lower levels, the aqua catapult can be used to move back to the upper levels.

I’m gonna buy one from GS and one from Amazon. While it’s over $100 at first, I need those early codes and I know that Amazon will come through with my discounts as I return my copy back to gamestop, mwhahahaha.

They should release a demo that’s straight up a portion of the game so we can actually have a save file and character going.

Gasa and I have been playing the hell out of the PS3 demo. I can’t even count how many times we’ve beaten it.

DEMO TIPS From Capcom Unity

I learned a lot of reading up this thread on Capcom Unity. I think Player 4 set-up is my favorite since you get infinite ammo with the energy based weapons and that buster grenade is sex. And the fact that you can sprint blows my effing mind.

Yeah I’m EXTREMELY HYPED for this game, I’m totally building my character toward pilot status. I’m actually considering getting it on both PS3 and 360 just so I can play with everyone lol

We have to start an SRK clan.

So tomorrow in San Fran Capcom is hosting a little multiplayer versus party in the afternoon at their offices. Followed by that, either this week or next week we’ll have a versus demo to download. With that said, let the SHO-RYU-KEN clan form!

Oh shit, fuck yeah man I gotta get on that. Damn gotta get a new headset

SWEET! Can’t wait for the demo. Translation: I can’t wait to get killed by people in the demo.


  • Note the Weather option. That’s neat.


  • A lot of previewers seem to not like the versus as much, citing concerns of the maps being too large (though they did play on this like TV Arena match with a cheering crowd that was smaller so that meant more chaos).

I honestly kind of forgot a bit about the versus aspect of LP2. I’m looking forward to the Akrid Vs. Human battles if they are still there.

If LP2 didn’t have those massive boss fights or AKs, I probably wouldn’t be interested in it.

I don’t understand how too large is a problem. In fact I had been hoping they would be huge, I mean you have 16 people in a match, if it’s not huge how can you set up any sort of tactics? It’s like people only want to play a run n gun game, and not actually PLAN shit =/

I’m looking forward to vs just as much as campaign, but I guess whether or not it stays fun is if I find a group that can actually give and take orders or at least has brains.

Edit: also, about the map size, did people forget you can pilot VS? I mean shit some of those things move real fast.