Lookin 4 new anime to watch.. any good 1s?

1st… i wanna see some anime that will hopefully last longer than 30 eps and pretty fight heavy i like a good story and dont mind BS talk just not 2 much… im on naruto and one piece right now n since bleach dont look like its coming bak anytime soon i lost 1 to watch so anybody with some good suggestions will be much appreciated.

The Anime and Manga thread has a huge list of stuff to watch. Go look in there, that’s what that thread is for.

Edit: I’ll even be nice and link you. Anime & Manga Thread v.5 FAQ/IRC: See OP. Welcome to 2017

Next time look for the relevant thread before you make one, or else we’ll light you up.

Bible Black. Make sure to watch with your family.

yea but people are always fighting about some stupid stuff and do u really expect me to sort through ALL that BS so i can MAYBE find wat im looking for??? thanks anyways

Yes I do. Don’t give a shit if you’re too lazy to look through the HUGE fucking list of recommendations in the first post or two, if that’s the case then go ask on Gaia online or some shit.

You’re not so special you get to make you own thread when we already have a thread dedicated to the subject.

hahaha sounds like someone spends 2 much time on the internet gettin butt hurt about a some1 startin a new post… lol eat di*k

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

haha not so special?? sorry man but if startin a new thread means ur something special then i guess ur lifes pretty pathethic huh… this is why i dnt go on those threads n the 1st place

I heard La Blue Girl was a classic, try that.

yea nice try…NEXT

hehehe your like a woman readin all between the lines when there’s no special meaning to it at all. It’s funny.

BAsically you wont go in the ANime thread cuz they might call you on your shit? Funny.

If you are not going to bother to go to the anime thread and ask the question there…why should I bother making up your mind here on what anime to watch?

Kick rocks…or go read a book.

wow its hilarious haha U MUST GO THROUGH AN ALREADY MADE THREAD OR UR A PIECE OF SHIT get ur lives straight i asked for an opinion on anime not on how u pussys perceive life 2 be… eat a fat 1

You didn’t ask for an opinion dumbass…you asked for people here to throw anime at your pizza looking face because you are fucking pussy.

The first few posts of the Anime thread has close to a hundred recommendations, split up by genre, with links to the wiki articles detailing the show. So no you don’t have to go through pages and pages. You’re just a lazy asshole that’s all.

You should probably take Geese Pants advice and kick rocks.

hah yea watever genius im the pizza face pussy even tho U guys r shit talking from a computer cuz i didnt go through ur thread LMFAO its unbeliavble how pathethic u people are

yea or i like conversating about the anime but i guess nerds like u who dont have friends wouldnt understand… and like i said eat a dick

I am doing a research paper on people like you. just gonna say that its not a good look for you in there right now.

Even if those assumptions about us where true they change anything. If you want to talk about Anime the Anime thread is there for that. If you’re looking for recommendations well the first few posts of that thread will also meet your needs.

The biggest irony here is you’re the one who degraded to childlike petty insults, the kind of thing a virgin too attached to the internet would do. shrug

P.S. I’m Bi, telling me to eat a dick is like telling me to have a ham sandwich. It doesn’t really mean much. Sorry.

i go

i gotta agree i dont usually stoop this low but it was stupid n it doesnt look good 4 any1