London Thread 2011

Casuals at KW is also open this Friday! If you guys cant come out Wednesday please come out Friday :slight_smile: I’d love to finally meet some of you in person.

So considering this, would any of you that are interested in going to K/W want to go Friday instead of today? Seems there is no interest for a mid week road trip so maybe Friday would be better?

I’m down for friday.

Well that’s one person so far. :slight_smile: And let’s see if others speak up tomorrow or such. :slight_smile:

This is more so for the Fanshawe side of London crew. On Wednesdays I’m done at 2 and anime club is around 6 so I really don’t feel like sitting around waiting doing nothing some times. So if Monney/Martin/Cory/Will, want to play some SF on Fanshawe campus just bring a system and I know where we can set up, there’s a TV in a cafe or lounge that we can use for it.

This doesn’t have to be weekly but it’d be better use of my time then just sitting around or going home instead.

We should also try to make it out to HQ sometime.

I think some of us should also try to make it out to training mode sometime so that we can stop being massive scrubs and actually gain an understanding of the game.

That or we can continue posting non-SF related garbage and planning useless rape fest roadtrips that get us nowhere fast. This IS the new age of SF afterall. Mastery of the game is secondary to socializing.

SF at Fanshawe could be cool.

Hey guys I’m gonna be at the SAC fairly early today for whoever wants to drop by early. Probably around 1230-1. Remember that if you drive, parking is free after around 5-6.

mihai, i miss you dad.

and corry how often do you do the HQ things? i’m gonna be checkin those out a lot more over the summer. mmm toronto

Im at SAC til 2:15ish, then class from 2:30 - 3:30 then I’ll be back at SAC after

GGs last night people. Apparently to improve execution, it took that monitor I got. And even though I did get blown up at times, I am glad to see it helped.

who’s going to KW tonight?

Hey man, I wish I could but I can’t. I don’t know anyone right now who is still going. I’m pretty sure Ben (Meljin) was determined to go though. I’ll definitely make it out more often in the next few weeks and hopefully Ben and I can bring more people.

And I crashed because of lack of sleep. :frowning:

Chris you wanna do something this weekend?

Hmm ya man, but I work saturday and sunday night. If you are interested I could probably stop over after work but that would be at like 2am.

2AM bad times, I have to be up at 7 on weekdays so to start shit at 2am out of the question. I heard you have a cell phone now? Hook me up w/ the number either PM or facebook. Me and arvand are thinking of doing sushi tomorrow after noon, if you’re down we could hit up my place after for some rounds. This is an open invite BTW.

Now that you have a cell phone we may actually get some things accomplished.

GGs Bruce, played you on PSN a few weeks back. didn’t know you were so (relatively) close. =)

And Turbo too. I remember playing you while you were at Darren’s place.

Haha ya man fun times.