London Thread 2011

Happy New Years dudes!

word. happy new years folks.

Haha hey Hobo-Slow, when are you back in London?

You guys are dicks but I wish you guys a Happy New Year!! I will come to London soon. See you then. Ciao!!


Arrivederci Senors and Senoritas!!

I got all worried because all the threads were locked.

Happy New Year :smiley:

Oh look, I fixed that for you. Now maybe if you get out from your mom’s basement into this thing we all deal with called “reality”, you will seek the professional help you need.

And Happy New Year to the rest of the London and SW Ont scene people we have met.

lawl pwned

happy new years guys! eh come to windsor before i have to head back out to b.c. and will pretty much be gone for a solid year.

Ya man will definitely try. What is your last day in Windsor?

Really man. Don’t put yourself down like that. You’ll get somewhere. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take much but it will happen. In the meantime, you’re not cool being a dick and chill out once and while. You need it. Now it’s a New Year. Change yourself. Thanks.

Isn’t it too bad you aren’t adept enough to actually make people think that you have some sort of wit and skill? The one who needs change is you, but that would require a lot of things for you do eh? Perhaps if you learned that when you decide to speak up, it is better to make it something worthwhile listening to then rhetoric that you mimic from media. Oh sorry, that is the obvious thing for those of us that are sane.

lol I was wondering why the thread has been dead for a couple of days…

Happy New Year London!!

I wish it had stayed that way myself, but where is the fun in that eh? :slight_smile:

last day where i can do something is the 11th. fly back out on the 13th.

So, anyone interested in going to K/W this Wednesday (assuming my back plays nice)? And what about a trip to Windsor before Diclawsus goes back out to B.C? :slight_smile:

Everyone needs to come to Nemesis!!!

Would be awesome, but money is hurting right now.

sf is dead lets play smash bros

and the wednesday trip to wherever, what time would that happen? if it’s after 5:30 i’m interested

If you guys are coming tomorrow to Windsor, I’ll show up and play you guys. I want to see how you guys play. Come soon before Joe leaves. Thanks amigos!!

Usually they run casual at approx 6. I guess I could wait around until then…maybe. :slight_smile: