Local BC Vancouver Tournament August 16th

Name: Adrian
Handle: Kuma Oni
Location: New Westminster

I’ll be there.

How many confirmed, Reach?

10 people have pre-registered so far, and 9 of them are confirmed.

Confirming my entry.

Woah your not Reach Keith. XD But thanks for helping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even though you didn’t wanna make a thread and thought that no one would care about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jonah -

Can you ask Christian that if we bring gaming equipment (monitor/ps3) will he waive the $10 registration fee?

Huh, you’re the one that said people on SRK wouldn’t care, lol. And you only made a thread cause Patrick said to. xD

Aweesome. ^^

Hey Patrick, I talked to Christian about this. Reason why is because at this rate he will have to turn people down because the amount of people he can have in the room is limited. And if he did that then more people would join and there would be too many people. But you will be guaranteed entry.

I’m not sure if you guys have already discussed this or not but are you allowing spectators in your tournament? My schedule may not allow me participate this time but I may be able to make it part of the way through. I’d love to watch if I could and maybe meet some more players since I haven’t been to a fighting game tournament since DoA2 in a Cali tourney years ago =o

Q: “Hi, can watchers come too, without paying extra?”

A: “Only if they enter and pay the $20 entry+venue/food fee, because we have a limited capacity on the number of people who can use the room. However, if there’s too many people we’ll have to turn them away (and of course refund the fee).”

From here: http://www.ddrfreak.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=134927&start=20

Would like to pre-register for me and my friend.

Name: Kenny
Alias: N/A
City: Vancouver

Name: Andy
Alias: Fakedragonboy
City: Vancouver

The question you should be asking is, “Is Dan coming?”

Unfortunately I’ll be moving on this day so I can’t make it.

Okay, I’ve added both of you to the list. I believe there’s 13 people now, so I’d say 3 more people can probably join, because we don’t want to overcrowd the arts room.

Is that the Kenny I hear thats really really good?

I believe so, yeah.

Isn’t Kenny from Richmond?

Anyways. Here’s my PRE-Registration:

Name: Patrick N
Alias: Nagoo81
City: Burnaby

FYI - I’m trying to secure one of those EVO monitors for myself, the ASUS VH236H. If I can get it by Sunday, I will try to bring it to the event, along with my PS3.

How small IS this place anyways? A 16 man tourney is really tiny.

added you, Patrick.

okay, I think we can accept two more people, but the tournament organizer said, “We might have to turn away people since we’re very close to the room limit, and of course conference attendees and people who bring equipment will be first priority, then it’s first come first served.”

Someone has to give this Kenny fellah some sorta challenge

Name: Orlando
Alias: DrFunkatronic / Ryu_311Funk
City: Abbotsford

Added you, Orlando. Hopefully Christian won’t have to turn anyone away because of the room restrictions. We can accept one more, I think. Where’s scrubydan at, anyways?!

Please for future notice: post all tournaments you’re planning on having on SRK. I’m interested in them and not in the in group of BC SF area, so please please please. :slight_smile:

That being said, I’m quite busy this weekend, so I definitely can’t make this.