Local BC Vancouver Tournament August 16th

Okay there is a local tourny coming up very soon with a pretty awesome 1st place prize so if you are interesting in going, here are the details.

Date: Sunday, August 16, 2009
Time: 7PM. Please arrive 15 minutes before. Games start at 7.
Location: Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby, BC (Arts Room)
Entry fee:$20 for those unregistered ($10 goes towards venue and food). YES, pop and chips etc will be provided.

Seeding: Random seeding
Format: Double elimination
Match format: Best two out of three rounds, best two out of three matches.
Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket Finals: Best two out of three rounds, best three out of five matches.
Finals: Best two out of three rounds, best four out of seven matches.


  • Loser can change character
  • Double blind character picks if requested by a player

1st - 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%

Pot = $10 times number of players

All console characters will be available. I will be bringing my PS3 and there will be a TV available. Feel free to bring your own controller if you like, but two PS3 controllers will be provided. The tournament will overall be kept very casual, and the console will be open for play all night in case players want to play money matches or whatnot.

For all those who can, BRING A TV AND/OR PS3! It will help us get through the tournament faster.

For anyone interested, you can pre-register here so I know who is definitely participating in advance, but I’ll be taking fees and registration on the day of the tournament.

If there are any questions, feel free to direct them my way or post it!

Also if you do not know where the location is still, then here is a map link for reference.


EDIT:Oh if you would like to pre-reg, please post the following info. And I would let the host of the tourny know that you are pre registering.




What information do you need to register?

Joysticks are allowed, correct?


No joysticks, real men are keyboard warriors.

Don’t hate because I like sticks, alright?!


That’s a shame.

london drugs tournament v2 right here

Haha, that’s why it’s such a shame.

Who ended up winning that tournament at LD, anyways?

I really hope that was some grade A sarcasm, I’m about to book off work for this.

Some Ryu user named Jeff! He frequents eSpot, apparently, but I’ve played him at CHQ before.

Jeff, huh…
Hm, i’ve never met a Jeff, but congrats to him regardless.

And really, were you being sarcastic about the controller/joystick thing?

If not, that’s a no-go for me.

Of course I was being sarcastic, haha.

And this is why sarcasm on the internet never succeeds.

I’ll talk to Reach tomorrow about registering.

You should talk to Christian (clim15@gmail.com) about registering, actually. The “For anyone interested, you can pre-register here so I know who is definitely participating in advance” bit in the original post is referring to this page: http://www.ddrfreak.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=134927

If you want, you can go to that page and make a DDRFreak account, then you can register yourself using this format:


woops I forgot to put what info you have to put. I edited it so it says now.

Name: Mike W.
Alias: geogaddi
City: Vancouver

I will try to book off my sunday first thing tomorrow. I’ll confirm.

Alright, i’ll pre-register right now.
If anything changes with my work schedule though, i’ll be sure to let you guys know.

Name: Jordan
Alias: Yummy
City: Burnaby

Okay, added both of you.