List of Ticks

…and Cheaps.

I’m looking for some information for myself with O.Dhalsim ticks, so I figured I’d share what I know, and we can all learn all the ticks. Some of these are well known, but there must be a place for the new players to start.

M Bison:
Standing strong
Standing short

T Hawk:
Low jab
Jump jab
Close forward

Jump jab
Low short

Standing strong

Jump jab
Jump forward
Low short

Low short

I’m too lazy right now, but there are a lot I’m forgetting, will add to the list. Please somebody have the OG Sim ticks. =)

Close standing strong for O Sim. Short slide as well.

Thanks, I doubt that he has a loop like new Sim, but maybe slide>noogie drill on their air reel, mp>grab would work. Will have to try it.

You mean noogietrap? I think it’s better with O sim.

Staning strong/noogie/standing strong/noogie repeat.

I didn’t think his walking speed was fast enough to get them back into close mp>throw range. Will have to give it a try, I’m completely new to Sim.

Meaty crouch strong with hawk

No he doesn’t, you just need to throw the standing strong a bit early.

O sims noogie trap dates back to SF2. The character has never fallen too far away.

I don’t play New Sim so I don’t know if old school noogie is better than the slide version, but Cole either doesn’t use O sim or only means slide noogie is better in his opinion.

However O sim noogie trap is hella hard to break and extremely good. Don’t take my word for it, trying is believing. As with anything in ST it does require some spacing and timing, but once down it is deadly.

Grab the enemy with noogie, when he begins to fall step forward a step or two and throw a early/meaty standing strong. What makes it so good is O sim has proximity attacks, so his standing strong will be the upwards chop regardless of stick position. You time it so the chop hits mid attack or tail end. (mix up between the two to throw off enemy timing) and then rethrow.

This process can be repeated alot and is very hard to break. You can also throw in a short slide for extra mixup.

Honestly it has to be one of the top 5 throw traps in the game. But as I said, you don’t need to take my word for it. Try it yourself and I think you will be surprised.

Now, you have me intrigued… I am going spend some time on that tonight… I let you know what I find. :wgrin:

I have to concur with the Stand Strong Noogie Trap. In Hyper Fighting, that was BY FAR my most reliable Noogie Trap. It shouldn’t be that much different in Super Turbo with O.Sim. Make sure you hit them with your arm pit. Seriously. When they flip out, walk up and hit Strong early enough so you hit them with 'Sim’s arm stretched WAY up. They you get hella frame advantage, are walking at them while they are blocking, and it looks a lot like after Ken makes you block the Air Hurricane Kick and he’s walking at you while you are blocking. You KNOW he’s gonna throw you, but there really is very little you can do about it.

I tried your trap last night. After spend a LONG time revewing it. I see where you are coming from.

I really don’t beleive it is as good as N.Sims Noogie trap.

I have to admit, it seems it is a good option for O.Sim. However, the timing is SO tight and precise that there is a lot that can go wrong. I spent hours revieiwing it and the frames.

If your a frame to early it whiffs.

If your a frame too late they get pushed back to far to throw.

But, it may be the best option for O.Sim. Is it better then short slide into throw? I don’t know.

It certainly is not the best option for N.Sim… but then again… you where not talking about N.sim.

Your point is well taken. I was off on my assuption. :sweat: Good post! :tup:

I think Shirts used the drill with OGSim as a tick, atleast against Jason Nelson (youtube). I don’t really need a tick trap.

The timing isn’t actually that tight. You have a decent size window to throw the standing strong and still initiate a grab. Perhaps you aren’t walking far enough into the opponent when they are falling?

Actually I found out what my problem was…

I was thinking the throw timing took place like regular tick throw. Very similar to the N.Sim slide trap, but that was where I was wrong.

The throws timing after the hit is much like blanka’s St. Strong> Bite. You have such a huge frame advantage from the strong, from ~ +5 to + 10 ( blanka’s is +7 to +12 ) that you can actually take a small step in b4 you throw (just like Blanka).

That was where I was making my mistake. I was trying to get the timing and spacing of the strong > noogie to hit like the slide>noogie, that is why first test was making me execute SO precisely.

That little itty bity step after the strong makes all the difference. Iy does make it easier.

If you don’t take it (at least in my testes), there is a high probability that the far st. Stong comes out b/c of the frame advantage, not to mention they are out of throw range…

Anyway, that is what I found out. Not sure if that is how you do the trap… strong> super small step> noggie> repeat.

But it works like you described. That is a good tick trap for O.Sim.

As I said before… Good post! :tup:

I can admit to when I am worng! :wink: I deleted my other posts… They where wrong ans just wasting space!

You’re right, a small step forward makes all the difference. The beauty of this trap is that you can throw out the strong so that you do not need to take a step forward to rethrow. That is your main mix up there. Add you it small slide>noogie and you have three different ways to throw off the reversal timing.

All in all it is a very strong throw trap IMO.


St. MK

I’m a little fuzzy on the details, so correct me if I’m wrong…

Doesnt Sim/Guile have one where he just yoga fire/sonic boom’s you in the corner to death… or am I completely wrong here?

Oh, and who can forget Honda’s c.jab -> Ochio throw
I think j. short -> Ochio throw works too

Zangief c. short (I think, or was it medium kick) -> SPD
does kneepress into SPD still work?

Oh, dont forget Fei’s chicken wing trap

Again, if I’m wrong, please correct me.

I can’t believe no one mentioned Balrog’s grab, walk under opponent, meaty cr forward to grab with strong of course. That way you get the additional range on his grab and if your timing is off you still get a st strong that will anti air people trying to jump out of your tick.

I also find crouch strong from Ryu or Ken after a crossup to be a decent tick set up, albeit a bit unconventional because of the frame advantage they get.

Well, airthrow did mention it, but you put it more into context JJJ.

N. Ken has one where you do the knee bash, then jump after the knee bash and j. short -> knee bash, repeat

Zangief has almost as many good ticks as he does normals. All of his normals with the exceptions of far standing forward, standing fierce, close standing jab, and crouching fierce fall somewhere in the good to awesome range for ticks.