Limited by Characters I Enjoy Playing

Yea, it’s that simple. Nearly everyone of the characters that benefits Spidey in some meaningful way is completely unenjoyable for me to play. Don’t believe me?

Doom - BFFs with Spidey. Dumb movement. Can never, ever connect anything with him as anchor online. Ever.
Haggar - Lariat is amazing anti-rushdown. I hate everything about Haggar, unfortunately.
Shuma-Gorath - One low-tier character is enough for me, thank you.
Sentinel - Drones and Spidey go together like peas and carrots, and yet the only time I do damage with Whackbot is when I get lucky on overzealous players.
Akuma - Short, stubby arms and under 800k life = sad Adriaan.
Storm - I haven’t given her much chance yet, but I don’t much like her combos and normals, they all feel a bit out of place and delayed, for some reason.

So what characters DO I like? Well, none that benefit Spider-Man.

**Taskmaster **- Slow arrows assist gets stuffed by Dr. Doom beam EVERY SINGLE TIME. Love Tasky to death, but can’t do much in the way of rushdown pressure with his assists.
**Viper **- Recently picked her up, and she’s fun to play, but impossible to do much with online. Box dash loops are hard enough offline, and lag ruins this character, even if I have a few awesome setups with her.
Wesker - Gunshot assist is neat, but DHC options are bad.
Dormammu - Works alright with Spider-Man, actually, but still not the anti-rushdown / beam battle assist I need.

If only Vega were in this game… I like characters with long-reaching normals and agility, even if it comes at the cost of durability. I’m not dropping Spider-Man, but my list of options feels limited when I play him.

Anyone care to point out some synergy that I’m not seeing? Or do I just need to learn to love characters that work with Parker?

Is this a joke?
Doom - I give you that one. But still why are you playing online?
Haggar - Any team that doesn’t have haggar on point is trash so using him for assist purposes is pretty dumb.
Shuma - you are playing matches not making a combo video also he sucks.
Sent - This isn’t Vanilla anymore. Yes its a decent neutral game assist but considering using sent drones requires you to actually play sent it’s not worth it anymore. Unless you are using a character that can abuse the drones to a ridiculous degree (Nova, Magneto, Zero, etc) there really is no point.
Akuma - Horrible assist for spiderman. Spiderman doesn’t have the left/right crossup ability to use this right. Also for lockdown anywhere but the corner he pushes characters too far, great character though.
Storm - lol no besides acting as a multi-purpose DHC she literally adds nothing. You are already gimping yourself by playing spiderman no point of shooting yourself in the foot further by playing an even worse character.

Characters you like…
Task - Horizontal arrows is good for covering your approach and trying to force block situations. It moves slow enough where it’s easy to follow and once it’s on screen you can easily create situations where the opponent has to deal with it. If you are getting blown up by better beam assists you need to learn how to counter call and protect your assist better. A good character btw…
Viper - A decent and unexplored character for spiderman. Works as a piss easy combo extender and if you throw her in the second slot she can pretty much guarantee kills off most random hits. Also why are you playing online? Also she’s actually a good character.
Wesker - Unblockable setups, easy extensions, safe DHC’s off a large majority of the cast, Good x-factor, works well with a large majority of the cast so synergy with your 3rd character won’t be a giant issue. Overall he’s a fine partner for spiderman but the problem is he will have to generally be relegated to the 3rd slot due to his poor damage.
Dorm - He is Spidermans best partner. End of discussion.

Why do you need an anti-rushdown assist? Spiderman is the most anti-rushdown character in the game besides firebrand. If you need to stop rushdown just throw out a DP and tell them to shut up.

Overall it sounds like you need a better understanding not only spiderman but of the game in general. Good combo’s does not equate to good synergy. You also need to realize that this is a 3v3 tag team fighter. You are not going to like every character you use. Either deal with it or use a team of 3 bad characters with no synergy.

Pretty much what he said with much emphasis on…

Spidey/Dorm/Task is a pretty solid team imo.

Not a joke, and when you play a game for fun and don’t really attend tournaments, your only outlet for play tends to be online, yes?

Additionally, this: [media=youtube]E-VGTKupUxE[/media]
I make content for UMvC3 using online matches, and unless you guys live with or close to others who are competitive, online is really my only option for video content with this web series. I’m really sick of the “why do you play online” argument, because local play is much, much harder to come by than a quick online opponent. It may not be the best testing ground, but it’s something.

I disagree COMPLETELY about Haggar teams. Haggar + drones or Haggar + any forward momentum assist can hang with the best of them.

Shuma is bad, I admitted that, but Mystic Ray is an excellent assist that prevents a lot of the dumb box dash pressure that Spider-Man can’t really respond to in time. Plus, THC always helps.

I disagree on the point about Sentinel. I think he’s a decent anchor, and in the right hands is a totally viable addition to any team. Those hands just aren’t mine. He has good 50-50s, an invincible air super, and a decent flight option, especially in XF3.

I’m sure Airborne would disagree with you in the Akuma assist potential for Spider-Man. It’s great lockdown, pushes towards the corner, and can be used for combo extensions in the corner. You may not get a lot of Web Throw conversions off of it due to the changes in Ultimate, but how exactly is this a bad addition to a Spider-Man team, or ANY team for that matter? Sure, Spidey can’t capitalize on it like Wolverine, but that doesn’t make it awful.

Storm has one of the best DHCs in the game for Spidey, and Whirlwind keeps opponents standing when it hits (not to mention it has a lot of projectile durability) which can allow for Web Throw conversions. I don’t like Storm, but I don’t think she’s as bad as you’re trying to make her out to be.

Taskmaster arrows allow for some interesting setups, but they lose to A LOT of projectiles in the game. Plasma Beam, Triple Arrow, and Disruptor all come out faster and typically beat out Taskmaster here, so it seems silly to consider them as a beam-battler. In my experiences, that just hasn’t been the case.

I love Viper, and I wish that I were better with her. I agree that she has a lot of synergy with Spidey (except she lacks a safe DHC option) and could help extend combos easily. A lack of horizontal/vertical control with her assists is troubling, however. Same concept applies to Wesker. Great anchor and easy combo setups, but contrary to what you’re saying, I’m not concerned with combo potential, I’m looking at synergy.

Also, I’m not seeing how Dormammu is Spidey’s best partner when Doom exists. Dark Hole is alright, but hardly a screen-dominating tool when compared to ANY of Doom’s assists. Stalking Flare is a good DHC, and Dark Hole can combo with Zip OTG, but I can do all of that and more with Missiles…

In response to your claims about Spidey being “the best” anti-rushdown character in the game, I’m just not seeing it. Vergil w/ swords? Haggar’s Lariat? Hell, even Repulsor Blast with Iron Man? Spider-Man can’t shut down rushdown, but he can run away from it for awhile. Whether you think that’s anti-rushdown or not is up to you, but I think there are far superior options in the game for locking down rushdown. I mean, come on, look at Morrigan. Spider Sting is great for certain scenarios, but even on block, canceling into Web Zip can get you in trouble against characters like Zero with long-reaching normals.

Either you guys know something I don’t, or I’m just a fraud.

Yes you are a fraud. Spiderman is more limited than most characters in which partners help him. You’re contradicting yourself by saying you want synergy and yet don’t wanna play his bff Doom. I’m sure a lot of spiderman players don’t wanna play doom either, but they suck it up for the synergy. I’m sure a lot of magneto players don’t wanna play sentinel either. If you just wanna play characters you like and have bad synergy then just move to socal, you’ll fit right in.

You are thinking too much inside of a box. As for Dormammu both him and Doom tie for Spidey’s best partners for the situations they can help create. It’s more than just combo extensions. As for other characters you listed such as Taskmaster and Viper they have strong synergy with Spidey that is there to be explored but like I said not many think outside the box when it comes to Spidey. For example if you are using Viper simply for combo extensions then you would do better with burning kick since Spidey can OTG on his own but burning kick will help create unblockable s outside of combos. If you need a somewhat decent anti air go with Seismo. The assist you pair up with Spidey really does dictate how strong or weak he will be in the neutral. Your job as the player is to identify that with your team and play to that teams strengths and weaknesses. Spidey missiles is not the same as Spidey beam. One is more mobility based while the other is straight up ground approach. Trying to use the beam in the air to approach from high is just bad considering Spideys not that fast to capitalize on it. Since you are playing for fun find what you like practice it and become your own master of your team

I blame it on Airborne… shrug

If online is really your only option then I suggest you drop spiderman for a character who doesn’t require the same amount of precision. If you are having trouble hitting dooms combo’s then confirming off random situations with spiderman will be much worse.

Go watch the wealth of Haggar players who run him on point and only on point. He’s an amazing point character and since they nerfed his lariat a mediocre assist.

Spiderman can respond to dumb box dashes in time like I said before throw out that DP. You probably don’t understand this because since you play online you are dealing with lag issues and you can’t properly react to ALOT of things. Shuma assist is DECENT at best but that would never warrant him being on a team.

You were complaining about Task losing to beams and Sent is 10x worse against them. Your argument literally makes no sense for sent. Task is better overall for everything you are complaining about.

Airborne has very little experience against live opponents so he may not be the best person to follow and I already pointed out why akuma assist is terrible for spiderman. Start using your head. What good is the lockdown if it pushes the opponent too far for you to properly do anything with it? At best you can extend your blockstring without getting a mixup. Useless pressure at best. Only characters with a strong left/right or high/low game can properly abuse it. Spiderman has none of those. If you are using it just for the extensions many characters do this better anyways.

Storm is just a terrible character. Like I said before yes she has a good DHC but many other characters can provide similar tools without gimping the team like she does.

I’ll reiterate. Learn how to call your assist properly and protect it.

If you were really looking at synergy beyond combo potential you would understand all the characters you are saying are “bad” for spiderman are actually much better then the ones you claimed are “good”. (With the exception of Doom)

Dorm - Chaotic flame is one of the highest damaging DHC’s in the game, stalking flare to make random MS attempts safe, darkhole/pillar creates easy mixups on incoming character with diagonal webthrows, after MS dorm gets 3 hands for free, combo extender, darkhole is a good stationary lockdown tool if you can space it properly (lets you get a free left/right mid-screen or high/low in corner), stalking flare/MS infinite, DHC’s both ways for good damage both ways, web ball allows Dorm tele mixups

Vergil with swords - Vergil players don’t want to waste meter for no reason. Remember swords cost meter and he can’t get any if he is only activating swords for defensive puproses
Lariat with Haggar - Blocking = dead haggar (block the super afterwards cause it WILL be coming)
Repulse - Blocking = Dead IM
Block spidersting? Free pressure/hit full screen

Running away from rushdown is shutting it down. Run-away and meet your opponent on your terms. Very few characters in the game can keep up with spidermans mobility. If that means avoiding your opponent for 20 seconds for one counter-hit then so be it. If this doesn’t sound appealing to you then spiderman might not be your character. You can’t punish DP’s without popping x-factor. Cancel into webzip and either fly away or fly into them and block.

I’ll play Doom if it comes down to it, but I was hoping that there was someone else who is able to fill his role adequately. It appears that no one has found that unanimously equivalent assist for those who’d prefer to mix it up. Never once did I say “I REFUSE TO PLAY THESE CHARACTERS”, I just said they weren’t fun and didn’t gel with me or my playstyle. I thought these boards were for discussion? :confused:

@xero_15 - That actually makes a lot of sense. I guess I have to decide what Spidey play I “default” to. I think I get too caught up in the way I should be playing when I pick certain assists and should just play the way I want/feels natural and pick assists that complement that style, rather than trying to constantly reinvent the way I play Spider-Man.

As for Viper, I’m stuck between her assists. Burning Kick is an overhead and has some potential, but I like the guaranteed damage I’ll get from Seismo at the end of my combos. Is it really a decent anti-air? I haven’t explored that option at all.

Dropping Spidey isn’t really an option for me, so I’ll just deal with dropped combos and raging every time my Web Throws don’t come out.

It’s a possibility that my reactions may be on point, but lag removes any semblance of DP punishes for my Spidey game. I just don’t like to constantly attribute my failures to lag, as I feel that may be a bit self-defeating, especially if the point is to get better at the game.

Task vs. beams and Sent vs. beams are both bad, agreed. However, I think a successful Task call vs. a successful Sentinel call offer two VERY different things. Successful Tasky assist call = maybe a combo or chip. Successful Sentinel call = combo, mixup potential, push towards the corner, combo extension, etc. I don’t like picking Sentinel for the very reason you mentioned: he gets consistently blown up by beam assist. Still, I think the payoff is greater for getting Sentinel in and out than it is for Taskmaster, especially if my goal is to get them in the corner and score a few overheads.

In response to Akuma again, I think the Tatsu assist is a good get off me assist, and if you’re quick about dashing forward, you can score a combo. It beats some flawed pressure, and can discourage hardcore rushdown. Good incoming character pressure, too, in my opinion. Again, combo extender in the corner as well, and it’s always nice to have Akuma in the back for XF3. Still, I do see your point about the lack of L/R capability for Spidey (but maybe cross-ups at mid-screen? Web Zip from the ground over them?), and that maybe there are other assist options out there that he can take more advantage of.

I have a feeling we both will never come to terms about Storm, so we’ll just leave that one out there. :slight_smile:

I never said Dormammu was a bad addition to a Spider-Man team, I just didn’t see why he was so great. Chaotic Flame is a great DHC option, but the majority of my super finishes are from MS. Still, as you mentioned, Stalking Flare is pretty great also, and I do love me some Dormammu. I’m having trouble knowing when to use Dark Hole, and I suppose I get a little overly cautious about trying to protect Dormammu, especially since I feel as if Web Ball always gets annihilated by everything else in the game. What is the Stalking Flare / MS infinite you’re referring to? I’ve never heard of it.

In response to the better anti-rushdown characters:

I know what you’re saying about the meter, but Vergil players will call swords whenever they want to start a mixup. It just so happens that swords are also the best answer to just about everything in the game, as far as rushdown is concerned. Maybe a better example would’ve been Vergil’s retarded normals that can punish pushblocked magic series with ease.

You make a good point about lariat, but again, I think it’s a good tool that makes me, at the very least, think twice about coming in with an attack. That’s all it takes for Haggar to gain steam and start piledriving you over and over again.

Last I checked, Spread was safe on block, so you can block Repulsor Blast and still not be able to punish. If you know how, please let me know, because Repulsor Blast shuts down my rushdown so hard it’s not even funny.

I tend to get grabbed out of Web Zip a LOT, so that may be why I’m so reserved about just blocking on the way down from my attack after a blocked Spider Sting. At the very least, I like to throw out an air H OS to keep me safe, but more often than not it just gets me killed.

Good stuff, though, this is helping me rethink how I approach the character. I needed the tough love.

In fact, if you guys wouldn’t mind analyzing my Spidey play and telling me what I’m doing wrong, that would definitely be appreciated. Always trying to improve. Just go to my YouTube channel and check out my vs. the World stuff:

The infinite he is referring to is the DHC from MS to Stalking Flare raw tag back to Spidey then repeat. I’m at work so I can’t comment how I want to but as for Storm the only thing she has with Spidey is the DHC/THC stuff. The fact that typhoon comes out slow and only travels 3/4 of the screen and pushes the opponent back way too far while having next to no hit stun really limits her synergy with him. That duo works well with a strong neutral but the way I play it is not ideal considering Storm/Doom is bad in the neutral department

I blame it on Airborne… shrug

Well, you know her better than I do, but after seeig what Fanatiq can do with Storm, I’m inclined to think she’s not all that bad.

She’s also backed by drones when he plays her. I’m probably gonna pick up Strange for that team instead of Doom or make a team that can actually benefit Storm but Storm/Doom-b is not a good pairing.

I blame it on Airborne… shrug

Does anyone know of any Spencer synergy? Or is that just hoping for too much?

All I know after webthrow or spiderbite(near wall), you could switch to spencer then otg wall bounce,
Timing with the super is possible with the right timing (MS to maneuver or arm)

Maximum Spider can connect with his supers? You’re kidding me! Hmmmmm.

It’s just timing, I could mainly get it off a webthrow not launch though.

Any chance you could throw together a video demonstrating this?

Sure, can’t do it now though kinda busy now ha, I’ll show you it though, have you seen the Spidey deadpool DHC? That works too someone posted that one.

Not a problem, and no, unfortunately I haven’t! That could make a difference…