Level 8 cpu killers?

hey peeps, anybody feel like letting others know about cheap tricks to beat the cpu on lvl 8 (or just the hardest level of play) with any fighter? any and all tactics are welcome. some might actually need it for some bosses.

ill start with RB2. the game doesn’t even need you to be sneaky as the ai is just good for honest fights compared to FF3 and RBFF1. also, do these tricks work against everybody? the ones im gonna mention work against mostly everybody in RB2 on lvl 8 play.

first note, not really a cheat but more of a timing and priority style shit. with characters that have invincibility on their dp’s walk and do the dp at the moment your hit. keep walking to your opponent but not close enough to be thrown and do a dop again as they stand up and wanna hit you.

second one, doing a jump B in id air without hitting anybody will keep the cpu in block formation. meaning you can throw or command throw or s/ppower throw them as you land. easy.

now for the character specified styles. of the top of my head, been some time again so i know i forgot some things.

Terry: do a burning knuckle in the corner and follow it up with the firekick as soon as they touch the ground again. juggle with the Bk again and the the FK again. keep on doing till they dead.

tung: in corner, hit them with a QCB+A, as they land on their feet do a standing C (2 hits), and cacnel it against to the QB+A move. keep repeating.

cheng: the his upper firebal (dp+A), and they will block high. you can hit them with the b-f+C move as they will keep on blocking it high. dash back after making them fall and repeat.

chonrei: do the super with the single blue firebal that grows larger when you release the buttons. make sure the super is just behind the cpu and release it without hitting the cpu. so just behind them. they will keep on blocking low as long as the supers active. meaning you get a free jump in combo, which can be fatal on 1 plane bg’s.

anybody else got some shit to share about other fighters or this one in particular. im out.

Iv’e been wanting to know for months If Top players can beat any game easily when On hardest level… Anyone wanna answer?

virtua fighter 4… computer never escapes low throws. moves that crumple = free low throw damage.

I’m not a top player by any means, but when I do actually play a game against the computer, I find it really fucking hard. Like in third strike, the computer plays in NO WAY like a real person. Or in Super Turbo, that AI is too strong for me. I rarely play against the computer though, I’m sure there are tricks for these games.

Ai is kinda dumb at the moment. In fighters for example, they will try to always block a projectile and not try to do a jump in so just do hadoukens from the edge of the screen back to back and the cpu will always block it even when they’re guard is about to be crushed. Playing the cpu doesn’t really make you better but I did learn a few tricks in CVS2 from them. Yamazaki for one has a really good lv.1 grab move that can’t be grabbed, hit, or anything like that to be avoided. I learned that from fighting a Yamazaki in training when he’d just roll and do a special and none of the things I did would stop it or cancel it. I did try it on high level people as well and they fell for it too.

CvS2’s AI is one of the better ones.

It’s not stupidly hard and doesn’t counter everything, but does make you work for your wins.

You can abuse roll/dodge though.

I found that if you knock the ai down in Cvs2, then throw a slow projectile they will never block it.

There’s already a thread about this:


The AI in CvS2 is kind of inconsistent. You have characters like Sagat & Ryu who will uppercut you everytime you press a button, or characters like Iori who roll & throw/super you everytime you press a button. On the other hand, you have characters like Ryo who always block every fireball and end up dieing of chip damage, or characters like Terry & Rock who are really predictable.
Every character loses horribly to RCs. A character like Sakura can easily destroy the CPU opponents (RC Fireball, RC Hurricane Kick, CC that does massive damage and always guard crushes).
The AI isn’t difficult to defeat but it can be pretty annoying sometimes.

From what I remember, Cammy had the hardest AI.

She just countered everything.

Try Zangief with P groove. I think he’s one of the hardest if not the hardest cpu. Parry into atomic buster all the time or just plain parry to grab.

Eh, I find it quite the opposite in Garou, Kof, ST and A3. They always jump on the first frame of knowing that you have done a projectile. Especially Garou.


The hardest thing about the AI is that they have uber hit priorities… you trade a lot less hits, get thrown when you come within range, and your dps become less effective than your normals.

ST (especially akuma) would be easy if they weren’t able to use paranormal hit priorities to basically punish and nullify attacks that are guaranteed hits on a human player.

3rd Strike is a joke on its hardest setting, especially with Q. Even if you’re not that good all you gotta do is run to the corner and then kara throw them into it, then capture deadly blow, and juggle them into a reset and grab them again.

Repeat until cpu no longer moves. Enjoy your double perfect and XS grade, all the while you snore through it. It’s become that easy sadly.

If non-fighting games count, I remember that Super Smash Bros. Melee had braindead AI on higher levels, especially Level 9. The AI will always, always, ALWAYS run up and try to grab you. Spotdodge/wavedash, beat the holy hell out of them, rinse and repeat until they’re four-stocked.

Speaking of crappy AI, MK2 was pretty much crap.

If you were shang tsung all you had to do was walk backwards and throw 3 fireballs, then when the AI tried to jump back to dodge, walk back and screen block them.

The AI would eat all 3 fireballs until they died – everytime.

This worked up until you got to Kintaro and then he’d do this ridiculous teleport smash jump on you.

That was a pretty cheap move, worse than Eyedol’s health regen stomp.


My memory isn’t too good about the original MK in the arcade, but if I remember right on the hardest mode you can get them into a sweep trap pretty easy and just keep sweeping over and over until they died.

If they happened to duck block you could just spam high punch over their head until they stood up and ate it.

This worked I believe up until Goro and shang tsung.

yeah this one works, been doing at times on my ps2. only problem with getting the perfects is the first hit. after you’ve thrown them once its easy. but does it also work on characters such as gouki and gill?

Art of Fighting for the SNES has a funny little trick for beating the a.i Hit the opponent with a jump kick and when they get up…walk backwards and do another jump kick. Repeat until you win.

In King of Fighters 2002 has some strange problem with Yamazaki’s a.i because he just does not understand that Whip’s HCB+a is an overhead. You can beat Yamazaki on any difficulty, with a perfect, every time, just by spamming Whip’s HCB+a.

Many of the quest mode opponents in Virtua Fighter 5 don’t even bother with oki, and when they knock you down they just stand there holding block thus giving you a free throw. If you want a laugh, see how far you can get just jumping at them and doing a throw when you land. I was dumbfounded that this worked on expert difficulty (not on the high ranked AI obviously). I hope the a.i gets a serious revamp for VF5:R.

Here’s what some pros can do to the CPU’s in ST.