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Thought i would start a leo thread any useful info please post here i will be adding some comprehensive vids of her juggles soon



these are four video links featuring what seems to be viable juggles, parry combos, wall cmbos etc. with a step by step breakdown of each hit afterwards. for people that already play the game please point out any errors in the commands thanks

You’re the one who made those vids, then? Much obliged. I appreciate it.

can any1 tell me about armor kings bounds

^^ wrong thread

I personally use df2, f2, b14~df, uf1, db22 b! BBP_dash b31 for my staples with leo.

I’m definitely going to give Leo a try.

I also wanna take her for a ride someday…\


Marvel style :wink:

i cant take credit for these vids i just found them on youtube

A quick question, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

WHat martial arts style in Leo?

Wasn’t it Bajiquan or something like that?

Yes, Leo uses Baji Quan (known as Hakkyokuken in Japan). Same style as Akira from VF5 I believe.

Does anyone know some good oki moves for Leo?

Uh, You can just pick one of her moves. Either its safe, Or it goes into stance lol. If it doesnt, You shouldnt be using that outside combos.

I was playing around with Leo yesterday, and I’m looking for some clarification. After her 3,2,4 during a juggle is it ~df,uf+1 or ~df~uf+1? Somehow it wasn’t working out for me.

You can just ahvb the motion. Either way it needs to end up at uf1.

How come nobody has Leo’s frame data yet?

I have several such moves. <3 Leo

Can someone supply Leo’s frame data?

Zaibatsu has it in the arcadia thread.

I’m loving this character. I haven’t quite got the iFC2, WS141 wall juice yet, but damn, is this bitch mad fun.

The df2, f2, b1,4,df~uf1, b2, 1+2 B! dash df1+2,1+2,hcf+2 juggle is a thing of beauty.

10 hits. I think the damage was around 90 or something. Beautiful.

^Use db2,2 to bound instead.