LED ball tops

Do anyone know anything about LED ball tops. A link would be excellent. Thanks.



what about aluminum ball tops?

Lizard Lick has aluminum bat tops but I’ve never seen aluminum ball tops for sale anywhere.

yeah i have the aluminum bat top and i am in love with the feel of the aluminum and how cold it is. makes ur hands not sweat so much. would be cool if there were aluminum ball tops though. :sweat:

aluminum ball tops
Arcadeshop - Arcade spare parts for amusement and vending machines

Seen this in action and i will say, i like. But i would like to use one that i can just have a solid color though. Guess i have to buy one and figure it out.

^ correct me if I’m wrong but, I think you would just have to switch out the led for a new one. Since the color changing effect is from the LED itself.

Will add hollow shafts soon for 9.95 Euro (inkl. VAT) inside EU and 8.36 Euro outside (without VAT). This should ease the work to build an own lit top. Why is it so expensive: To hollow out the shaft a quite thin and long borer is needed, which is breaking more often than usual.

Definitely not crazy about those colors.

They just don’t look right… Looks like metallic car paint!

I see they’re more expensive than even the meshballs!

Do you really demand an anodized aluminum alloy has to be cheaper than nylon?

They just look like NHTRAN cases to me, which is fine I think. And the price is good (IMHO).

Nope, I never said that and think you’re putting words into my mouth.

I do think that the more limited ball handles ARE overpriced… including the mesh balls which I have in about 6 different colors.

I think bubbletops are probably priced about right. Don’t have as many of those as I do meshballs but they do add a certain energy to the stick bases when they’re installed and catch bright light…

It doesn’t make sense that the meshballs cost $9 more than the regular ball handles but what are you gonna do? If you like 'em, you save up anyway and buy them.

BUT… I make very, very sure that I like the color options before I buy them! :rofl:

sorry to jack the thread but anyone know where to find the translucent battops? i keep finding balltops

i believe there are none in existence. the only one ive ever seen was the one purplearms made for his project gouken box, and he literally created a mold and made one. thas the only one ive seen ever, trust me ive been looking for one of those for awhile too :expressionless:

yeah. i am going through the thread now trying to find in the 22 pages where/how he made it lol. thanks too btw. i figure i might aswell try to see if i can find it first, then attempt XP.

interesting video, but I prefer one color(that could just be me). :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres an instructables on how:

Guitar Hero Hacks: Key Molding

Now make 2 :wink:

Sugar_Kane and Broken_English are the people to contact if you want translucent balltops (look in trading outlet)

He wants Bat Top.