LED ball tops

after i make mine XP. but if i hang of it, sure. or maybe that my be my thing is to make translucent molds…idk. lol. I was going to try for soldering services but i see Upas and Gummo got things on lock so no trespassing lol. thanks for the link bud

About the ball tops with LED in it, when you spin the ball top around, doesn’t the wire get caught up and wind up eventually tugg and affect gameplay or even snapping something off inside?

I havent gotten mine yet but in all the pics i have seen, i do not see the usual locking nut whatever on the bottom of the shaft. I only see a wire coming out. But that will be something i will let you know when i get mine.

thx mufasa2. . . let us know how it goes.

Anyone know how to get a one solid color. Preferably blue ?

You just use a 3mm Blue LED.

A bunch of vendors have hollow joystick handles, all you need is a resistor and an LED from Radioshack(or anywhere else for that matter, but 3mm is the right size). Remember some of the ball tops have solid metal plugs so you may need to drill them out and you need to be careful not to damage the threads. As far as the lock washer, I would think loctite would be better than a lock washer here, but that’s just my opinion.

Thinking on the wiring for a LED bubble top mod (light on activation).

I connect a 5vcc + resistor right on the LED and the stick switches close the gnd to the circuit, like the buttons, right? The principle is simple, but I’m actually lost on the best way to achieve this with a JLF connected to a Cthulhu.

Do I have to fork four wires from the LED’s cathode and solder each of them to a switch terminal on the stick or is there a cleaner way?