League of Fighters - Riven, Garen, and Warwick enter!

UPDATE: Announced Riven, Garen, and Warwick since the last update!
Riven/Garen: http://instaburst.net/blog/8/14/01/10/Happy-New-Year-Everyone
Warwick: http://instaburst.net/blog/9/14/02/19/Warwick-the-Blood-Hunter

Hey Shoryuken, I’d like to introduce a game that we’ve been making for almost a year now. We call it League of Fighters.

League of Fighters is a League of Legends fan project using the FM2K engine (My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, Pokemon Type Wild, Vanguard Princess) to bring LoL characters into a 2D fighting game.

The game’s mechanics are very similar to the LoL which makes for a really interesting fighting game. Each special attack has its own cooldown just like in the game! You can choose your own summoner spell when you select a character (we only show 3 in the trailer but we’re planning many more). We use simpler controls for the inputs for special attacks so it still feels good on anything from a keyboard to a stick.
Down the line we’ll even be adding an Assist system (similar to Marvel vs Capcom 1) where you can call your favorite champions for a gank to help you out! Even if a champion may not be exactly suitable for a fighter (like Kogmaw) they’ll still be able to make it in the game with this Call for Gank feature.

Groundbounces, Wallbounces, air combos and just long combos in general, the game is designed for the competitive fighter in mind. I love the FGC and the mantra I had while designing this game is “simple but deep.” A game that anyone can play even if they haven’t touched a fighter before, but with enough tech skill a competitive player could enjoy training mode for hours. I don’t think we’ve reached that point just yet but someday we may. And with balance patches + new champions being released every couple of months after the game’s release, hopefully it will keep the game fresh!

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the really big horizontal hitspark is kind of distracting

Looks a bit slow, but interesting. I always dig anime fighter combos. Can’t wait to see the Riven sprite – you better put her in the game.

Temporary artwork for hitsparks. I think those were like MvC2 hitsparks actually. We’re replacing them soon though.

Its free to play so sure why not?

Looking forward to it.

Looks nice so far

I cannot wait to see if Ryze is a playable character. that’s my nigga!

looking good so far so i’m definitely going to give this a shot when released

But will this one get a CnD letter, too ? :stuck_out_tongue:

probably not seeing as how riot’s game is built towards a somewhat mature audience while on the other hand, mlp was not

My nigga Nasus needs to get in

Nasus would be so sick

It looks good, but is it legal to use Riot’s art assets (specifically, the skill buttons)?

Liking where this is going. Sent an email about helping with anything and possible netplay support.

Not really digging the character proportions. IMO, the characters need to be bigger and normals should take up more space on the screen.

Also, isn’t MLP (or whatever the new one is called) already on the Z Engine instead?

MLP probably already is on the Z engine Id assume. If you get something for free, you’re gonna use it sooner or later.

Speaking of MLP, whoever the Project manager/Lead designer is should check with the LoL devs to make sure this is all good. You dont want to be the next ones to get that Fierce Cease and Desist in the mouth, and end up getting laughed at.

Annie is actually the small size of character in our game. Everyone else is bigger than her. Hard to tell because we don’t show off other characters yet but don’t worry it’ll be different.

Oh and the hitboxes are actually larger than they look. We haven’t animated the extensions on the hitboxes from the original art yet because we are still balancing how large we want them lol.

Fierce attacks should at least be able to threaten the space near the middle of the screen from the screen edge.

LoL has lolis? Why am I learning about this now?

Anyway, your not gonna patch crazy with this game like Riot is with their game will you?

Characters are different. Annie was designed to have a bit shorter range than some other characters but I actually do believe her fierce would accomplish what you’re talking about.

Haven’t decided yet. We intend to patch it often for new characters but how often those will include balance changes is something we haven’t decided yet.