"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread

Alright! Questions and forward thinking are very much encouraged. Let the games begin.


  • [media=youtube]9sw50d_09SY"[/media] vs DBC Cammy
  • [media=youtube]X7SHEwbF2Ck"[/media] vs Throw Joe Ryu



  • Chris Hu (Ryu) vs Jibbo (Gen) MM @ Seasons Beatings 4

  • [media=youtube]RwktIF_eIo8"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]b0IdpKBHlTM"[/media]

  • Advanced Gen Tutorial Playlist

  • [media=youtube]hh1DTZ8MqWc"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]cWNIQNI69Os"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]i2PwcrOb_WI"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]P5Vra8xIDVo"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]Eury3AKS6PM"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]A_WL5OfjOdI"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]Zg_K_SPKevM"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]51FphReZLkI"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]npBbFD2zeJI"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]gD42PcCzo8Q"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]lFetAQQf-zA"[/media]


Rahsaan/Evil Rahsaan:

  • [media=youtube]U2LcUPihp7s"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]BtleKhqn1Us"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]Lyavd4LjQ8s"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]uj5JmtUw5Bk"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]QRgcIg72dxY"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]ZwBWGZ7RcL4"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]NQF0py-v5bc"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]1oQGpgoCkNc"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]B6DDm0MaDMw"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]QZ1e18psd8I"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]XkajTkXZpX8"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]iJltNB8DCuA"[/media]
  • [media=youtube]Ycaja3r6EzM"[/media]


  • [media=youtube]0b7dU4FCqPs"]Triple Threat Tournament - Yeb [Gen] vs Marn [Vi[/media]

  • [media=youtube]jmYOUh7aNqM"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]K2nULxn6WGQ"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]Hir5LcTiSUg"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]SfChVR4GY8o"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]giIhBoPSO-E"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]TArCH6sQMtQ"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]xpz8oIikycg"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]M4s9Oj-3vRo"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]RMZKTYLVuz0"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]3x4Ta0uCThk"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]w9cIyQQmhMk"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]RjpqtP8B8WI"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]LNZH5vVwMgE"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]yN6XPfJrkGo"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]ZwldfS9jnVk"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]7_1gKaXl0z0"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]HCaKmr_niNM"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]GYS4xYBvsi8"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]3HnujEStNwk"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]O09c9REzp44"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]2mMPCuu5ij8"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]iKs4g8JdFsM"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]FLynZd-krnw"[/media]

  • [media=youtube]6XaxPGYL8mY"[/media]

This post is for offline videos only!

Reserved for online vids.

Online Vids:

Hnefi (PC)

Reserved for misc

reserved just in case. :cool:

good shit hamounta

Very nice Jibbo.

I got me an my two friends playing offline matches with each other.

It’s me trying to learn the Sim match + me getting very owned by my friend/2v2 Partner CP.

Maybe I’ll get more matches where I’m winning -_-

wins are nice and all for morale, but losses imo teach a lot more so long as you don’t scrub out.

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.

I try to take everything I can from getting beat :stuck_out_tongue:

On the theme of showing videos of us far less awesome players than Yeb and Jibbo in the hopes of getting some tips of how to improve, I’ve started uploading some of my matches.

All my videos are of online matches on the PC. I’ll try to upload only stuff where one player doesn’t totally dominate the other, unless it’s a ragequit for people to point and laugh at.

My videos can be found at www.youtube.com/TheHnefi. Right now, I’d like to comments and suggestions for how I can improve my Sagat matchup; see [media=youtube]6ksSSWd3mZk[/media] for a video of me vs Sagat.

No yeb WcW vids or am I blind?

Obviously blind. :cool:

I’ll be putting new vid posts and/or new videos on top of the previous ones with a space in between.

Edit: I just had an idea. How about every week we choose two videos specifically to critique/discuss? Something like that would be great I’d think.

Aww shit. No more staring at the sun for me I guess :crybaby:

Wait, it could’ve been all dat masturbatin too?!? But it’s never been easier with all the porn tube sites now! Fuck it, I’d rather stay blind if i can even still just listen to all the porny goodness. Someone give me a piano and a reason to sing blues ffs

EDIT: you should put up your tutorial vids.

Very cool idea.

digs in pockets for his 2 cents

OK, so which vid are we critiquing first?

Great work versus Daigo Jibbo. Great work!

Jibbo, we already had this damn talk,but other than that, goood fuckin shit against #1 in the world boss, you played well, and i saw what you were triyng to do the whole match even tho most people wouldnt catch it. keep it up

… :sad:

Watching the video… Yeah I played pretty bad against Daigo. Sucks. I’ll do better next time.

Let’s discuss that video though. Even though Daigo never fought the match he played it better than any other ryu player I’ve ever fought. Which is unsurprising… I think the more Ryu fights Gen, the worse Ryu gets. That and not to mention who this Ryu player is.

Daigo is constantly option selecting in some way.

Jibbo I swear you could have won. Never seen a closer match.

Was you missing all of those combos you nervous, or was it Ryu’s weird hit animation?

Absolutely excellent watch. Thanks for posting the Daigo match.

I think we can all see you had your opportunity to win. I am very happy that you were able to lands some of your monster links on him, which I am sure had to be an eye opener to eve him. I noticed you did mantis j MK cross up s MP a few times. Because of Ryu’s weird hit box I am wondering if it might be a good idea to switch crane after the s MP, c MP xx roll for the block string and +1 frame and position?

BTW, game 3 round 1, heartbreaker.