Law and his Sous-chef [Team thread]

Yay, someone else gets it! This made my day, glad I came in here.

This game is about resets. And Law is awesome at both setting them up (kicks!) and taking advantage of them (crossup mk!).

I’m playing two Law teams, Law/Hugo and Law/Julia. As you said, the first time Law touches his opponent, he should walk away with about 300 damage and most of a full bar thanks to whatever the freeze punch is called. The second time, combo into kicks tag cancel (2nd hit for Hugo, 1st hit for Julia) and go for crossup Hugo splash or crossup Julia mk. As far as I can tell, Hugo’s is just an ambiguous crossup, but Julia’s is actually a Street Fighter 4 style hard-to-blockable (ie unblockable unless you time pressing the correct direction on one precise frame). Hugo immediately does splash cr mp xx lp clap, cr mp xx ex lariat, tag cancel into Law for ambiguous jump mk into death (300 dmg from first touch + 300 again for combo into Hugo + Hugo for 400 + Law for 300; take out either the first or last depending on amount of meter you start with). Julia immediately does red orchid chain toward+mk mp toward+p xx ex tiger cadc party crasher, link toward+mk mp toward +p, if you still have bar tag cancel into Law crossup mk/high/low where any successful hit kills the opponent.

I think the two teams are both good to keep around. Hugo is more of a simple character who seems like he’s already getting figured out in some matchups, but who’ll probably still be useful in other matchups. Julia is more complicated and imo probably has a higher ceiling, but for the purposes of these teams is great because she’s much better than Hugo at starting non-knockdown combos (Hugo basically needs splash or close-ish range cr mp, not very common anymore). So I wanna keep playing both. Hugo’s splash is merely ambiguous whereas Julia’s crossup mk can be an unblockable. Both have to spend meter to get damaging results, but Hugo’s sets up a tag cancel into a stronger Law mixup more easily than Julia’s does, whereas Julia is just better than Hugo at starting a non-knockdown combo if she doesn’t have enough meter to immediately tag cancel back to Law.

Anyway, that’s what I’m working on at the moment. I like Law.

Law is Raw

I’ve been using Law/Ken. It’s a decent pairing. They take about 400-450 damage off of any chain spending one bar, which will basically be regained once you finish the combo.

Figured out a nice Pandora combo for 715 damage with the lv.3 pandora gem. Good thing about it, apart from nice damage, is that you can hit it with a full health ken.

You need two and a half bars, and more or less be all the way across the screen. Basically jump in with ken using fierce, then fierce into roundhouse hurricane, cross cancel, jumpin roundhouse, standing fierce into ex shaolin kicks, activate pandora, fierce into super. i’m sure you can get more damage off of it but that’s what I’ve gotten for now.

Of course, a more practical, but less damaging way, is to set it up is by hitconforming into a ex hurriance with ken or just by hitconfirming’s law ex shaolinkicks.


Law/King anyone?

I’m running two kung fu masters !!

Law/Rufus seems to work for now !!

Law/Ibuki (team Kung Fu Ninja)

Ibuki has great antiair, good, easy tag-in damage (s.HK -jc- fj.HK, HP Raida), can charge a full super after MP FFR tag cancel, can get close easily with Sazan, easy BnB, has a traditional ninja outfit

Messing with some Law & Nina pandora gems and pandora combos…


ive been trying to find a character to use with law,
im very much a noob with sf and find laws combos to be the most reliable for me,
but i just cant seem to get a grasp on any other character,
can anyone suggest a character that plays similar to law?(good range, fast movement)

or would choosing a character similar to law just limit my options?

Law/Rufus is freaking ridiculous. Usually anywhere midscreen you can corner carry your opponent for one meter.

Using Law / Yoshimitsu. Can end a combo with Yoshi which keeps the opponent on the ground to switch into either a full BnB with Law, or have Law come in for a short combo into MP. Fist of Fury Rush whatever its called, switch cancel, and charge up a free super with Yoshi.

Trying out Law/Julia for the first time. I’m impressed at the damage the two can build off each other. 500 tag cancelling both ways for only one meter, that’s just amazing to me.

Or you could go for a throw reset off of Fury Fist. Switch cancel Hugo in on the first hit, forward dash to get them out of range of Law’s punches, and hit them with the ultra throw. You can end it with a super for a 700 damage reset off of 3 bars.

My friend uses Bob and we play online together. There’s some great synergy there with Law on point because Bob gets high damage juggles off of Law’s switch cancels. (fury fist bnb into shaolin kicks > switch cancel Bob > j.HP, c.HP, headbutt > follow up > belly)

Also because Bob has a good anti-air and zoning game and playing Law pretty much conditions your opponent to feel safer while jumping in. Switching to Bob in the middle of the game immediately forces your opponent to rethink their strategy. Sounds obvious, I know, but with this combo most opponents will have trouble making the transition.

Law and Julia actually make a fantastic pair.
In addition to their tag combos boasting some amazing synergy, they both have some pretty brain-dead simple cancels into their respective ultras or team ultras.

I have a couple of questions, what would you say Law’s role is on a team and is there any other characters that best compliment that role?

IMO sfxt law can take on non dive kick, non projectile characters well. You just need to be cautious for armor moves.

He’s definitely great to tag in and finish the job too.

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Law’s role to me is basically being better than the rest of the cast in footsies, and building a ton of meter when you do connect. He is also a very strong and easy to use combo-ender for just about any other character in the game. I feel like he handles fireball characters fine, and dive kicks are certainly rough, but beatable. His anti-airs exist but are all very situational and scary to use sometimes. I find myself blocking and also back-dashing a little more than I’d like sometimes. Thankfully, he has one of the best back-dashes… I use Law on point to feel the opponent out. More or less any clean hit on the ground will usually get you enough meter to tag cancel for big damage. Depends on who your other character is though.

Juri and Heihachi definitely compliment him very well. They cover his weaknesses and have some of the best combo synergy with him that I know of. He works well with almost anyone though, you just want to try to avoid having the same weaknesses on both characters.

I just made this team a couple days ago. I also run Akuma/Law. They have pretty good synergy together. Akuma helps Law get in. I just love those Fury Fist combos. Still need work on my Akuma though. I was online earlier, and the only people I had problems with are Hugos and a few Vegas. The Vegas were doing random stuff I couldn’t do anything. I was getting frustrated with those random Vegas.

PANDA CHUN!! Law uses all our meter.

So I started running Law/Nina almost purely on accident recently… WTF, is there anyone Law doesn’t work well with? :rofl: I swear he makes anyone/everyone better.

Still running my Juri/Law team as well, they work so well together… though I’m actually considering putting Law on point on that team now. He just flat-out pokes better than she does.

My conclusion: Law works well with psycho/crazy chicks.

That’s my first team since day -5. But I am not using them anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have some good hit confirms together but I don’t think their tag damage is too good. They do great individually though.