Law and his Sous-chef [Team thread]

Obviously Paul is a good match, but who else? Do you guys have any suggestions?

If you do, please explain why :slight_smile:

Law and Juri

I was dabbling with Law/Kazuya, but now I think I have to have Sagat in my team. If it’s Sagat and Kaz or Sagat and Law I’m yet to figure out. I think I’ll run both as alternates but I think the inclusion of an SF character is handy.

Reason is Sagat (or anybody chucking plasma) is going to build you a shit ton of meter, plus against a rush down team I feel you really need a GTF move like Tiger Uppercut/SRK and Law as far as I’ve played doesnt have anything solid.

I’m still really raw at this stage but having a zoner and someone who can get past zoning , seems a handy set up. Especially because I think a lot of people will run a grappler.

Cammy x Law

at first I thought she wouldn’t work out but laws shaolin kicks make way for spin knuckle combos which add up

Ryu Law seems to be really solid.

I’ve been playing Hugo / Law, but I think Hugo makes any team better.


These kind of combos are just way too much fun and so simple.

Law and Akuma make a pretty good team. Plus you can combo into raging demon :D. And yes on an unsafe hard tag this is easily done. Actually got it off like 3 times last night haha.


I use Juri and Law together. They do about 1/4th to 1/3rd damage together in one bar.

I play “Lawbel” (Abel & Law)

I feel like they go really well together. I go for Shaolin Kicks when I have meter to Switch cancel to Abel so I can either do a step kick combo or just plain Elbow into Falling Sky. If I have two meters I can tag in Abel and go for an Cr.fp into EX Shoulder Charge, Jf.fp, land and then St.fp into Falling Sky for 368 damage. (Combo starts off from Cr.jab, St.jab,

Or I could get a bit more damage if I did a Mp FFR for the ground bounce.

Max damage I can do for now is 509 (without gems)

The combo is basically the same as above except you’d do Jf.rh, St.rh, instead of the jabs into the

So basically the full combo is:

(Law) Jf.rh, St.rh - xx Mp FFR - Cr.fp xx SSK (Tag Abel) Cr.fp xx EX SC - Jf.fp (land) St.fp xx Falling Sky

I can also get in some good combos from switch cancelling Abels St.fp after a Step Kick (You have time to hit St.rh with Law to to maximize damage)

I use Abel on point as his footsies are great, he can launch from a mile off too. He can really open the opponent up and he does great damage off simple combos.

Gem Build (Abel)

For Abel I have two Immense Power gems and one Onslaught gem.

First Power gem activates off a launcher (By Abel) because i’ll usually be switch cancelling back to Abel during the combo anyway where I can make finish the combo off for nice damage then be able to capitalize on the mixup following the combo for more damage than usual.

Second Power gem activates when I connect 3 special moves (every hit of Abels CoD counts as a special so I activate off of one combo and can capitalize off that mixup!)

The Meter gem is the same as the Second Power gem so I can build more meter for Law.

Gem Build (Law)

For Law I have two Immense Power gems and an Onslaught gem

First Power gem activates of a launcher (By Law) so when I bring him back in he can hopefully get some good damage! I think i’ll be changing this gem though.

Second Power gem activates of a launch again (but by Abel this time) so I can make the most of my combo then hopefully capitalize off a mistake or a high low mixup once i’ve carried them to the corner with a Dragon Flight combo.

The Meter gem activates when I hit 3 Special moves (usually a bnb consisting of FFR, Dragon Knuckle xx Dragon’s Flight)

And that’s it for now!

Juri to defend the Law :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ryu ken sagat can get full super charge off the hcf lp or mp version, cammy can get full super off of the mp version, raven can as well, none of the grapplers can get a charge super i still have to do the rest of the cast. but as of right now the shotos sagat and cammy are the best bet and its how u play what are ur bad matchups with law and how to counter that with ur partner

Yea when cammy gets in her pressure game is pretty stupid I use law to annoy people in the corner and look for hit confirms

Law and Hwoarang have amazing synergy: Both can easy cancel off for huge damaging combos.

Here are a few things i have tested:
I run Hwoarang on point; off footsies you can OS Hunting Hawk of or cr.lp if you get a knock down you can safe jump or bait a roll. Other options stance cancel is to opponents face is safe. Dive-kick is also a good option but needs more testing.

Any combo off Hunting Hawk can be easy cancel to law for launcher or if you wanna go fancy jump hk to cr.hp cancel stance - legendary dragon.

With law you can cancel shaolin kicks to dive-kick / mixups / hunting hawk.
Fury fist rush lp+hp can be canceled to or to Hunting Hawk.

Also their combined ultra (forget the sfxt lingo) is soo cool all kicks baby :wink:

P.S - I like steve also but can’t find good ways to cancel and make them work, if anyone has ideas of law and steve i am all ears :slight_smile:

With hugo you can tagcancel after the first hit of shaolin kicks for ambigious bodyslam reset. So let’s say you play Law as point and had one bnb in before the setup (law ffr bnb generates almost one full bar of meter), you hitconfirm to shaolin kicks and go for the reset. If the opponent blocks wrong you win the round.

Hugo on point with two meters. You get bodyslam in you go cMP xx slap cMP xx EX slap. Tag cancel on second hit and you get another ambigious crossup reset with Law jMK. Go for the dmg HK, cMP, cMP xx FFR bnb.

Thats so much damage your opponent will throw his stick to the wall (if he’s not already dead) so you can finish him with a few jabs or just tag Hugo back in and wait for timer to end

edit: I should also point out that if done correctly they both beat reversal srks, tested on ryu. Didn’t beat EX srk tho, don’t think it’s safe jumpable because 3 frames?

Law and Asuka. Asuka has some trouble getting in, Law compliments that, and she adds good damage to shaolin spin kick combos.

OK so what exactly can he get with Paul. Been trying to make them work.

I’m using Law and Heihachi, not sure about the order though. Anyone else running this team/any suggestions for order?

Yea, i was thinking of this team today. I haven’t tried it but they both will work for sure. I personally would put Heihachi on point since he can reflect fireballs and parry stuff after a ground bounce or dp you call law for mad damage. This is all theory crafting, haven’t tested anything.

So far I’ve found Guile to be a great match. Guile himself is really good in this game. For extra lameness, just get in a quick high damaging combo with Law then tag in Guile and lame it out.

Law and Kaz are good. Kaz is another character who can get a full charged super off Laws LP fury fist rush.
im playing law ryu for the time being. Ryu isnt great for combos with law but they can do decent damage together

Personally, I think Law goes good with practically anyone. He can combo off virtually any of his moves and cross cancel (Is that the right one?) into anyone who can follow up for good damage.

I’ve been testing out Law/Asuka lately and off a jump in I can get to 500+ damage with Asuka with only 1 meter. I’m pretty sure most of the cast can do this too.

Law is also especially useful with the wall bounce he provides. Idk if any of you have seen the video on the general that shows how useful a wall bounce can be with pandora, and Law has a safe one at that.