Laura Video Thread

Want to see some good examples of top players using Laura? Want to post your own matches for critique and advice from fellow Forum members? This is the thread for you.

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I’ll start it off with beta footage.

Put together some early combos, resets and the like

Nice vid, Im thinking of using her or chun

So I don’t look like a jackass, how do post videos and not links?

When everything your opponent does is a mistake, BUTANS 4 DAYZ!

I missed a few combos into elbow here and there, but better confirmation will come with time. All 2LKs into L Bolt were supposed to be 5LK but my execution was sadly not on point.

So I take it you like using mk…a lot.

I actually made a video today. I wanna get better with Laura.

Lmao that pressure… just remember its -1 on block…

Practiced with my friend
Yes, I know I jump too much
I’m working on it lol

Played some matches online with some friends in my area.

I have been playing mostly offline. Local tournaments and events.

However got a chance to play online this weekend. Weekend Warrior. It was fun. Loving Laura please let me know what you guys think I should improve on. I know I must maximize damage when I punish. AA game is pretty decent which gets me the knockdown. Really liking the character coming from a previous Makoto/E.Ryu main.

Day One Online Ranked. Excuse the Mic echo got it fixed for day two.

Day Two Online Ranked. Higher Bitrate, Fixed Mic.

This is me vsing a VERY strong Karin.

Believe me… this dude is known as the second best SF player in Australia…

Either way I gave him hell with my Laura and just wanted critics and praise.

What do you guys think? What can I improve on?

Video is private.

Sorry bro now give it a go

I played him as well, he’s a good karin

Yeah haha he def is strong which is why I went nuts and did things he didnt expect.

Have you run into shang yet?

Mmm no, I don’t think so

Got a double perfect on a Vega… Probably the first and last time it happens:

Woah, that MK abuse at the end. My takeaway from that video was that MP,cr.MP(CH),LPElbow string you did on wake-up. I should try something like that more often.