Laura Q&A Thread: Lightning Round

Thank you, didnt see they were talking about the same move.

Yeah, extra frame because you cant tech it and extra damage. Being untechable is huge

Thanks, the range is just so bad though… Im sitting in training mode with it right now and the difference between LK, HK and normal throw is barely noticeable.

Also you get really got post hit setups from her command grab, don’t forget that fact.

So what are good options for wake ups or getting out of pressure? She has no DP or ex pinwheel, so I don’t know what to do. Ex Bolt Charge does not seem to work lol.

A few questions.

  1. All 3 her command throws are the same frame (6f) startup but have different recovery. So which throw should i use in and out of setup?
  2. when should i use her command throw?
  3. Is the command throw every “free”

Generally I use her command throw after throwing a meaty LP bolt on a knockdown (though I think you may have to walk forward if you’re not using the LK grab…). If they block it, you get a throw, if they don’t block it you can go into a MP -> MP bolt charge -> target combo chain.

The big deal here is that it’s untechable, and the range and damage. Remember it gets stronger in V-Trigger, too.

The recovery is lower on the lighter versions, but the range is bigger. I’d say to use the lighter versions if you’re a little further out, though it’s hard to judge.

I don’t know what you mean by “free” here.

What i mean by free is the throw cant be escaped. ie: SRKed or jumped out of.

To do that you need some sort of setup to force your opponent to be blocking instead of jumping out or mashing SRK. Cr. MP gives you +2 on block. The hitbox data on whether it has invincibility on startup frames is a little weird, so I’m not actually sure whether you can “beat” the SRK with just that (probably not). I generally just go for a meaty bolt setup after knockdown such that if they block, the blockstun animation is long enough to let you get the command grab in before they can do anything.

I am not good at this game, only playing for like 3 days, so I’d like to have some thoughts on a few points. I mean I plow through a lot of 0 LP Ryus and Kens online but yeah, this does not mean anything.

  • I played a bit in training mode with normals into b+VS and to me LP cancelled into that move looks really strong. It’s the fastest and furthest. I am the kind of guy go right into overhead though it is probably not that smart to do it often, maybe cancelling into clap is better?

  • Speaking of the online Ryus and Kens, could it be that we out-poke them? cr.MK seem to have a lot of range, cr.HK has more and st.HK goes even further than that. I don’t think I ever run into a poke because they would either eat a first or sit there blocking (but like I said, all rookies for now (including me)). Ryu’s HK looks like it has a lot of range but also is awfully high.

  • I kind of think Laura’s CA sucks. For me I can only see punishes where I could apply it. Seems hard to hit confirm / combo into. Also probably a better idea to burn that meter on ex claps and ex charges.

  • After an aa.MP I really want to straight up go into f+HP,HP,HP Charge. This might not be the best idea if they see it coming and block, but damn, this looks like it would be meaty and her TC as quick punish is just so fast and reliable. There was no chance for me to test this out because 0 LP opponents don’t even jump in right. A better idea to dash under and go for Throw / Command Throw / cr.MK,LP Charge?

  • I don’t really utilize VTrigger as much as I probably should. Judging by VFrames I don’t really get much buffs except a slightly stronger Volty Line, CA and better dashes. But I wonder how you guys use VTrigger. Does anyone really go for MP,MK,VT,combo? I can only see this working after a jump in. Maybe I should do this more. An LP twice up close sets up a cross up, a single one sets up a cross up used after LP Charge. I usually cancel HK or f+HP and go for VT,cr.HP,LP charge. MP charge when I feel risky. I feel like I waste a lot of potential here.

  • My whole game plan is based around cr.MK,LP Charge which works for now. I’d like to have a way to beat DPs when my LP Charge hit and I am +2. Throw should beat all versions but LPDP, I guess I have to go back into the lab. Is b+vs a viable option when they block cr.MK,LP Charge? How about neutral jump MK? Or backdash? Is it a good idea to do an occasional cr.MK,MP Charge to see if I can catch them off guard when I have trained them to always block the LP one?

  • I have been looking at possible links and block strings Laura has and was not able to find much that is useful as far as links go. One block string I thought was interesting was LP/LK,MP,cr.HP. I noticed that when I do it after an LP Charge that the MP misses, however I am not sure if that is even a bad thing. MP has a lot of active frames and when they push buttons it will likely get stuffed. Whiffing a normal will likely make them want to push buttons and they probably end up eating the cr.HP cancelled into whatever. It is probably smart to just stick to 2 buttons block strings right? Like MP or LK into cr.HP. What do you guys do?

Meaty bolt is -1 though, command grab is absolutely NOT guaranteed there

The best tick throw I think is 5LK, as they can’t jab out of it, have to jump

Can you guys help me with anti-airs? I’m having a lot of trouble with jump ins. Is h.bolt really the only option?

St mp bro

I can vouch for this. It won’t work at certain angles though, so she’s sorta free to cross ups and the like. s.MK can kinda work too at the right distances, but s.MP usually gets the job done.

Jump back lk is also very good for a deep crossup

8MP is also great, the hit box on that is great lol. The hit box doesn’t have a hurt box attached to it.

Some questions, probably been answered before somewhere, so sorry if so.

  1. Which command throw is the go-to and why? Are they mostly the same? Oki differences, range differences?

  2. What’s the core stuff to go for after a blocked jump-in? Besides jump-in > instant command grab or st.MP hit-confirm.

  3. What are some BnB oki setups after … command grab, LP Bolt, and MP Bolt > K ender? I think LP Bolt is pretty self-explanatory but if anyone with experience has anything unique there that’d be awesome.

Thank you for the input and help. I might switch to Laura here, especially since I’m seeing some of my old pals from the Makoto boards on here.

Command Grabs/ HP bolt
sHK (catch quick getup) > sMK (move forward + timing) > sMP or command grab (sMP hits delayed wakeup meaty, comboing into cMP)

LP Bolt
sLK / normal grab (OS HP bolt)

MP Bolt > K
step forward sHK to catch quick rise > time meaty sMP / command grab (sMP has 5 active frames, it’s quite easy to just time it)

MP Bolt > P
sHP xx MP fireball (won’t combo on crush counter, but should give you continued pressure) > time meaty sMP / command grab

After MP Bolt~P, a s.HP will land meaty allowing you to combo into c.MP

Are you in the corner doing this? I’m not close enough for s.HP to hit midscreen.
Edit: I can only get it to connect if the cpu is set to crouch. Is that what you are doing?

LK sunset is the go-to unless you’re basically in your opponent’s face, since LK has the longest range. All three do the same amount of stun (200), and you’re basically trading 20 damage for a better guarantee that it’ll hit. LK sunset’s throw range is bigger than Laura’s standard throw range btw, it’s pretty big. It does less damage, (150 versus 170 for HK), but I think the range is worth it by a lot.

After a blocked jump-in, I don’t have any ideas other than what you’re suggesting.

I’m not sure what kind of setups you’re looking for, but on knockdowns like MP bolt -> K ender I tend to v skill dash to close the distance and LP bolt (or just EX bolt if you have the meter) if they aren’t quickrising, and then command grab if they block it or go for MP/HP hitconfirms if it does hit. Works most of the time, though you don’t want to do it against DP mashers.