Laura Q&A Thread: Lightning Round

Ask questions here about Laura and members will try their absolute best to answer them. SF5 here for many years to come!

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What can I use the 6HP for? I couldn’t get it to combo into anything, and it looks so slow that it seems like anyone can interrupt it, especially fireball people. I end up approaching people with M/EX bolt charge, V skill, jump-ins, but never with 6HP.

Is it + on block like 5HP or something?

It is a target combo. 6HP > 5HP. Very unsafe on bkoxk bur if your good at hit confirming, let it rip lol. You can do HP bolt charge after the launch.

In Beta 4 6HP is +3 or +4 on hit You can link a 5LP. On counter hit you can link 5MP.
Starts in 19 frame and only active for two. I sometimes used it when I had a fireball up leading the the way and i rarely did it raw.

6HP is either -1 or- 2 on block.

5HP is not plus on block. It is at most -2

MP and Ex bolt charge are extremely unsafe. I wouldn’t do it unless you’re ending it in a combo. Ex for reacting to fireball or normals will a lot of recovery.

Approach with LP bolt charge (-2]instead. The opponent can’t really punish you hard for it unless they have like super.

Oh whoops, you’re right. I misread the beta 4 changes - it’s fairly + on hit, not on block.

And yeah, EX bolt charge is horrible on block, but works great against fireball people or long normals/specials. Decent if your opponent pushes buttons too much.

Gonna try that target combo and LP bolt charge more next week.

Pretty sure you can hit confirm f.HP > f.HP too. I thought it wasn’t possible at first but i practiced it a bit and it seems doable.

You can also do 6hp xx vtrigger, 2hp xx whatever. It combos on hit and frame traps 3 frame jabs on block

I try not to use LP Bolt Charge as a pressure tool. Being -2 on block means you have to guess. Throw? Normal? Invincible reversal? Super? YOU give them the reins if they block it. Instead, I try to fish for cr.MK in neutral and confirm into LP Bolt Charge. At max distance you can throw out a MP fireball after a blocked cr.MK and they can’t poke you out of it, it also causes proximity guard and puts them in a situation where they are forced to react or just sit and block, so it puts you in a pretty advantageous position. I also fish for CH st.MK in footsies, because you can reaction cancel into V-skill dash and maintain pressure with either st.MP, st.LK or cr.MP.

My go-to block string up close is st.LK, st.MP, cr.MP. They’re all + on block, combo into the next button on Counter Hit and you can react to go into any ender you want to. Did I mention it also spaces you far enough out so you can counter-poke or whiff punish with cr.MK? It puts you in the absolute best spot for that button. Laura is a frame trap monster. So her block strings make her super dangerous. Especially since her st.LK keeps her in command throw range, which will eventually force people to want to backdash or jump, which gives you a free st.MP.

That’s pretty much how I played her during the last beta.
If they block a lp elbow, you’re basically frame trapping yourself

That’s how I play her pretty much exclusively. I feel like Viscant hit the nail on the head. She’s going to be super footsie-heavy. You need to make the most of her tools to get in, then stay in once you’re there. People discredit her st.MK but I think it’s a great footsie normal, especially when you catch counter hits and use her V-skill dash to get in. You’re + enough to do some serious damage.

I’ve been swept from max distance before. It works if your opponents isn’t expecting it because by the time they hit a button it will be to late. If they are expecting it you are gonna get hit or they will jump over it and punish you.

Substitute that for max range 2MP now they can’t do shit because 2MP has more block stun. I’d you do it right you won’t be negative.

I agree with everything else.

From the last frame data she is only plus with v-skill dash if it is a counter hit with 5MP

As far as block strings go, I’d say st.LK > st.LK > cr.HP is what I found the most success with.
st.LK is +3 on block, and st.LK > st.LK is confirmable into LP.Bolt, which is +2 so that keeps the mixup going in your favor. On block, st.LK > cr.HP is a 4f gap, which, I believe in this game, would out-prioritize 4f lights?
cr.HP is also her farthest range, safest normal, does beefy damage, I think it Crush Counters(?), etc.

The only disadvantage to this is that you’re not getting any chip damage from st.LK x 2.

Or just delay throw escape, and see what they have a habit of doing in that situation.

She seems like VF character to me. Close range elbow-or-throw mixup. You gotta be ok with playing on both sides of that 2-choice.

@d0s please ask your questions in the Laura Q&A thread.
LP has the most range and does the least ammount of damage.

HP has the least range and does mostb damage.

All of them do the same ammount of stun

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is there any difference between short forward and roundhouse versions?

Can anyone breakdown the different strengths of her command throw? As in jab, strong, fierce, and EX

The post above you does just that. Light has the most range and least damage, heavy is flipped. EX does max range and damage. 150,60,70,80 are damage on each.

Im confused about her command grab atm(or maybe just C.G. in general in this game) its 6 frames? And normal throw is 5, with most light normals being 3-4. So what is the point of using a command grab?
Just so they cannot tech? What confuses me is how small the range is and the damage compared to normal throw makes me think “why risk it?”