Laura Match-Ups Thread: Quench your thirst here

T****his is where you find out how to approach each match.
Who gives Laura a hard time
Who Laura beats easily. I will update the thread when players give match knowledge.
KUDOS @rXp for providing all Frame Data and Hitboxes

Alex N/A


Balrog (Boxer) N/A


Vs Birdie TBD 5-5 IMO


Ex bolt charge can punish Birdie’s chain on block from max distance.
Birdie Frame data (when available) : Here

Vs Cammy TBD


Vs Chun Li TBD


Vs Dhalshim TBD


Dhalsim can’t raw telport for free against Laura. 5MP shuts it down



Guile N/A


Ibuki N/A


Juri N/A

Vs Karin TBD


Vs Ken TBD


Vs M.Bison (Dictator) TBD


Vs Nash TBD


Vs Necalli TBD


Vs Rashid TBD


Vs R.Mika TBD


Vs Ryu TBD


Vs Vega (claw) TBD


Urien N/A


Vs Zangief TBD


I know its early but I’ve been getting blown up by Nash slow sonic boom setups. Slow boom>sonic sythe covers jump over/uppercut, just blocking you eat chip and pressure. if you jump over you eat antiair if you neutral jump he can dash in and anti air. im not the best so im probably missing a option thats right there but id figure id ask

I would say throw your own fireball, the fierce one. Slow sonic boom has slow start up. Laura’s fireball goes almost half the screen. If Nash is full screen away I doubt he can do anything because Laura recovers fast. Of course be smart about it (Super in deck)

If you’re mid screen I say throw an ex fireball on reactions to a slow sonic boom , can push him back and it will nullify three of his booms.

Yo I’m mostly a Guilty Gear player that has decided to jump onto the SFV train, I’m no top player but I’m not complete garbage at SF. Planning on playing Laura when the game drops and I played her, Ken, Rashid, and Nash throughout the betas.

Having only played the betas though, how do you guys think the Dhalism match up will turn out? In my eyes-


  • Dhalism can’t just randomly teleport on Laura as he can against other characters in the game. Her standing MP with it’s hitbox being basically right above her, I never had a problem stuffing Dhalism’s that did raw teleport, plus it restands the opponent and leaves Laura in a somewhat favorable range for her.
  • Her fireball basically provides a shield for her to move forward. (However his st.hp still goes under the fireball)
  • Other than teleport he has no escape options so he has to hold whatever you do to him.
  • One of the few characters to be truly terrified of when they get momentum and with the lack of defensive options compared to SFIV good Laura’s will run trains on those that aren’t prepared.


  • Dhalism has no reason to EVER approach Laura and try to fight her at her range, I know that’s his archetype and all but getting will be 3/4’s the battle and then hopefully getting the read each time you knock him down. The neutral is definitely not in her favor.
  • She may have a armored move but even then Laura’s defense is still bad, Really punishable on block and only hits horizontally and even if Dhalism just jumps out you move pretty far and have to get in all over again.
  • Like I said in the first con staying on top of Dhalism will be very difficult especially since Laura relies on the RPS and SF is no GG, the mixups are definitely much more tame in comparison. As you progress the players defense will get better and it will be much harder to open people up so soon enough into v-skill stops being reliable.
  • Her normals don’t exactly serve multiple purposes like other characters. They’ve got their use and that’s it.

Verdict: I’m nowhere near good enough to give a ratio on this match up but to me this match will be.

  1. Both players full-screen chucking fireballs at each other till someone decides to go in.
  2. Whoever gets the knockdown first wins.

***Laura Vs The Turbulent Wind (Rashid)***: I will admit when it comes to this match-up, this will be coming from the perspective of someone who didn’t play too many Rashid’s but rather I played him myself so I somewhat know what to look for.


  • Rashid’s horizontal kick (QCB+K) is unsafe if blocked (Unless powered up by his V-Trigger) and that goes for the running version as well, a lot of people didn’t punish him for it during the beta’s, the EX version may side swap but depending on spacing you can still punish him.
  • His only reversal is EX Spinning Mixer and V-Reversal so if he lacks meter just go in on him.
  • Anything Rashid does out of his Run/Dash is not instant, there is some delay involved. He can’t run up and hit buttons the only instant things are his Run Eagle Kick and Spinning Mixer, and below that in terms of speed is jump and throw.
  • Laura’s st.MP is a really good anti-air, not really because of priority but because you don’t have to think about it, you can just hit the button. When Rashid starts going nuts with the jumps just anti-air.
  • One thing I really wanna get off my chest about this character, While he is the closest thing Rashid is NOT EL FUERTE, I played him in SFIV and got pretty far online with him (I was was at one point 18th in America with him believe it or not) and these characters are nothing alike. Rashid is far safer and has better buttons but he’s just mobile that is all, do not be scared of him like you would a really good El-Fuerte.
  • You should not use your fireball to necessarily hit Rashid, rather just keep it out to limit his options, I play Chipp in GG (You can sense a theme here) and there’s nothing worse than knowing that your character has mobility and now has a part of the screen cut off from them. The mental damage takes a toll. Plus with the fireball out Rashid can’t just randomly Eagle Dive anymore.
  • Also like Chipp Rashid has a wall dive in different directions but when I played him I couldn’t find an offense for it, maybe that’s changed but you’ll have to check the Rashid forums for that.


  • With that being said like Laura, Rashid is a momentum monster and if he knocks you down he is one of the few characters with some semblance of oki, Rashid can meaty medium or roundhouse fireball if you don’t tech and while I don’t know how much I know he’s plus for certain. Other than maybe two others I didn’t see other Rashids doing this but that’ll change.
  • Catching him will be annoying, have patience.
  • You’ve gotta block versus him, those meaty fireballs I mentioned hit twice so it’ll blow up her only somewhat good reversal, so hold dat.
  • I kind of feel like in terms of footsie both characters are even, they’re not the best at it. So footsies are pretty honest (as of beta 3&4)
  • His V-Reversal moves him behind and away from his opponent.
  • For real though, block, you have no other choice. Tech the throws and block the overheads.
  • His V-Trigger can really get the mind games going because IMO better Rashid’s will not just go for overhead three times, they will walk back and forth and do whatever to fake you out and open you up. If you’re blocking it guess right, and if not get away from the tornado.

Play patiently, bait him with some fireballs so he tries to eagle dive you during the start-up and knock him down. Don’t be intimidated by all the jumping, block when you have to, when he’s got no meter go ham with the RPS.

Laura vs The Red Cyclone (Da GIEF)

For this post in particular I didn’t play a lot of Gief’s but I kind of feel down the long run this could be good for Laura or even at best. (

+The neutral I feel is in Laura’s favor, Gief can’t do very much to contest you if the both of you have got some space in-between each other. If Laura gets out a fireball then grief has to block, v-skill (and even if you get hit by v-skill it’s severe diminishing returns for grief since the gray life he could POTENTIALLY LOSE depending how much armor he wastes against a RESET DESIGNED CHARACTER is too much), jump, or back-off and as we’ve discussed before Laura has the god st.MP so jumping is out of the question for him. Laura’s buttons aren’t the best but she can keep Gief at bay very well. Sorry this one doesn’t have as much knowledge as the other one but I really feel like Laura controls the neutral.

  • With his spinning lariat being worse than before and no invul on regular SPD Gief players this time around are really gonna have to respect their opponents options and luckily Laura has a ton to pressure with.
  • None of Giefs moves hit twice so while Laura’s reversal still isn’t great, it’s better than other match-ups here.


-Giief is still a grappler so once he’s in you’ve now gotta play the RPS game like he did you.
-Also since Gief is a grappler you can’t just end your strings in slightly unsafe things, you will get SPD’

Honestly this post should just kinda be a starting point and I’m sure better players will have something to say overtime.

Laura vs MJ (Birdie)

Better get used to fighting this character…


  • … You’re not Sean?
  • All jokes aside, so far from what I’ve seen you knock him down and do Laura things, the problem I have with writing this match-up is that.


  • Honestly this feels like you’re playing a better version of your own character.
  • Birdie also has a, great anti-air, EX moving command grab, slow moving projectile, and a power up V-Trigger.
  • Birdies normals are some of the best in the game, day 1 buttons will be OP, they reach so far and are so safe.
  • At least early on in the game his damage output is better than yours on average, there are Laura combo videos of her doing really sick stuff so time will tell.

Verdict: He does what you do and is better plus he’s quite easy compared to Laura, as of now this one will be a struggle. Just don’t pop an ulcer week 1 when Birdies are just out-poking you all game.

Laura vs Mrs. Parker (R.Mika)


  • Mika’s jumps are higher compared to other characters so more time to anti-air her.
  • Fireball keeps Mika from getting in and causing havoc (not sure isn she can slide under it)
  • If Mika tries to run off and use her V-Skill you can punish her with a throw or jump over the microphone toss and punish her.
  • Mika’s normals much like Laura have a specific purpose and not much room for versatility.


  • Watch out for roundhouse during neutral, that button will probably beat you out of most things if Mika got the read.
  • I don’t know a lot about her V-Trigger but it’s an assist with variable timings so it can’t be good for you.
  • Compared to the other grapplers Mika’s love to tick-throw especially after jump-ins when you’re expecting another normal so watch out.
  • Mika has more health than you and hits harder than you, so when it comes too the RPS game she can take some licks.
  • Like Laura and Birdie her anti-air is the god and unfortunately like Mika Laura has a floaty jump so don’t just go dumb with the jumping.
  • Don’t let her get in

Verdict: You’ve got the advantage until she gets in, play smart and safe. Be careful with fireballs because that roundhouse will hit you like a train if you get caught in start-up.

Some ways to blow up Ryus mp, mp confirms.

Nash has such gargantuan holes in his strings, if he’s predictable he can’t do anything. If I get some free time I’ll muster up a video.

eh, fuck a video. I started a write up instead.

Nash strings

LP, MP TC …[details=Spoiler]
st.MP punishes on block.

xx LP Sonic Boom
can be interrupted with st.LP, cr.HP punishes on block.

xx MP Sonic Boom
can be interrupted with cr.MP, cr.MP punishes on block.

xx HP Sonic Boom
can be interrupted with st.HP (crush counter), unpunishable on block.

xx EX Sonic Boom
is a true blockstring. Unpunishable on block, with or without followup.

xx LK Sonic Scythe
is a true blockstring, cr.HP punishes on block.

xx MK Sonic Scythe
can be interrupted with st.LP, st.HP punishes on block.

xx HK Sonic Scythe
can be interrupted and punished with st.HP.

xx EX Sonic Scythe
is a true blockstring, punishable with whatever. It’s not invincible so you won’t get a CC combo.

xx LK Moonsault Slash
can be interrupted with st.LP, only punishable if done point blank. He’ll fly over you and you can smack him in the back with a cr.HP.

xx MK Moonsault Slash
can’t really be interrupted but will always fly over you from LP, MP TC.

xx HK Moonsault Slash
same as MK.

xx EX Moonsault Slash
can be interrupted with whatever, unpunishable on block.

xx LP Tragedy Assault
can be interrupted with st.MP, punishable by st.HP on block. If you’re the sickest shit, you can interrupt with HP Bolt Charge.

xx MP Tragedy Assault
same as LP.

xx HP Tragedy Assault
can be interrupted and punished with st.HP (CC on interrupt obviously).

xx EX Tragedy Assault
is a true blockstring. Punishable by st.HP on block.

basically, it’s very safe to attempt to interrupt the followup with a st.LP. If he doesn’t cancel, your jab will punish, if he cancels you’ll either get a CH which combos to cr.MP, or his cancel is a true blockstring so your jab won’t come out and you can then punish accordingly. If he’s very predictable you can go for the riskier interrupts.

I’ll edit the post with more shit when time allows.

Laura vs Hilda “De Rochefort” Kanzuki (Karin)

This post will be updated later since I haven’t fought many Karins, but for now.

  • Watch out for full screen overhead, it was a favorite in the betas. ( During beta 3 I could crush counter Karins flying overhead with Ken’s cr.HP and get a combo, not sure if that still applies now but if so might be something to look into.)
  • St. MK from Karin is a great poke for her to throw out in footsies.
  • The overhead into slide is punishable on block and the throw follow-up only hits standing so I’m not sure what they’re for since down block just solves the problem?
  • Her anti-airs don’t seem to be the best but every character can anti-air in this game, if you jump in her cr.HP range it will get you good.
  • Honestly I’ve probably delt with V-Trigger Karin 4 times so I don’t know too much. All I know is she has rekka into side swap and backlash

Laura vs Grandpa Bison (M.Bison)

Post will be updated later, fought many Bison’s in beta 3&4 but never really figured him out.

+He is Makoto tier slow when it comes to walk speed, if you get him trapped he will have a hard time escaping. (Bison’s dash only crosses up in V-Trigger so he can’t dash toward you to escape the corner.)

CONS: “so far”
-Bison will push st.MK and you will get annoyed by it, don’t get too frustrated by this button.
-With this character in particular you do not want to press buttons against because that st.HK will come for dat ass and get a crush counter into damage. If your gonna mash out make you are confident Bison isn’t gonna meaty you. (Also from what I’ve seen when Bison players anti-air you they tended to hit st.HK as you came down so once again really be careful about pressing buttons.)

  • V-Trigger turns Bison into a anime character for a couple seconds, his specials moves are more ambiguous, better damage, can cancel into each other, and he gets a Slayer/Azrael teleport dash that can cross up(but no where near as good as theirs). Really when he does this you are just weathering a storm, watch out for things like dash-throw or cross-up dash in the corner.

Laura vs Ryu’s Bizarre Adventure (Necalli)

Necalli is kind of hard to talk about since he’s pretty bland really (so early into the game) but I’ll try nevertheless. You should treat him like the shotos in terms of match up except this one has a command grab.


  • He doesn’t reach very far and he can’t spam his few long range options, one must be charged and the other is a read at best.
  • Command grab is slower compared to others
  • Like Laura, Necalli is playing the RPS game however he has far less ambiguity than she does. Frame traps and conditioning are his MO.
  • His charge move doesn’t hit quite full screen.


  • What Necalli lacks in specialty he gains in good quality, the character is very solid with his tools.
  • Has the most invincible DP in the game so you will face more risks in this match-up than others. (But hey if you get the read blow him up for it, that’s basically SFV in a nutshell.)
  • V-Trigger Necalli turns his solid game into a great game, his life becomes much easier.
  • Hits harder and lasts longer than you do.
  • His normals aren’t very special but cr.MK is very shoto like in that it has good range.

Verdict: With Necalli your gonna be playing the player more than the actual character. Fireball can keep him out but his charge move can beat your start up. You can both anti-air each other very well and mix-up each other. Both have power up V-Triggers. I know it sounds like I gave a breakdown on Necalli more than how Laura fights him but he just isn’t that special lol. It will be a chess match between you and your opponent.

Looking back at some of my posts I can see the quality started to fizzle out towards the end, as I get better fighting the other characters I will continue to update these match-ups but these or not the “end all be all” strategies I’d love for other people to give their own thoughts. I’m just another guy with a PS4 :smiley:

I do definitely stand by the Dhalism and Rashid posts though.

From what I’ve gathered so far it looks like Chun-Li may be a problem matchup. b+HP is very difficult to deal with and she just beats Laura pretty hard in neutral. I’m having a real hard time with it.

Yeah that’s the feeling I’ve gotten so far, the moment she gets out kikoken and starts walking behind it I feel trapped. Laura’s fireball is to slow and she has no regular armored move. If you jump Chun will anti-air you, I think unpredictability will go a long way in this match-up.

Gief feels like a pushover when you knock him down.

Man I cant believe how much I was not utilizing QCF+HP. Makes Bison and Dhalsim fights so much easier…

I know what you mean. During the beta I’d mostly ignored it, but dat hitbox:

How so? I haven’t had the opportunity to fight many of either of those characters and in the beta I felt like I was always getting hit out of qcf+HP so I reserved it only as a combo ender.

Whenever I used the move it was always at the top of the opponents jump, anything lower and that gives them more time to hit you out of it. It’s kind of like an air-throw, if you know they’ll jump you’ll probably hit.