Laura Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Laura, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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Olá amigos,

I have just picked up Laura and am taking her as my main chicken for now. She is really fun and can do shocking damage with some 0 meter combos.

I have about 300 Hours on SFIV but the game systems in this game seemed to have changed a lot, and I would play fraud characters in that game (heavy on mixups).
Playing her now she seems like a footsie character where you pressure with block strings and frame traps until the press a button.
Limited escapes and her specials are easily punished on whiff (even light elbow) so I rarely like to hit the ground when vitality is so low in this game.

Looking for some advice on how to play her, Let me know what I am wrong about and what I should focus on to improve my play. Her Sunset Wheel seems next to impossible to land on a human player and Double Slap doesn’t seem to work whatsoever for me, whenever I try using it I end up eating dirt.


I used to play Ken/Duddley in SF 3rd strike and it feels to me that Laura is like Duddley (ok a footsie Duddley).

Like you I feel that the sunset wheel is hard, if not impossible to land on a human I tried a couple of time and no luck too online.

She seems to be really at a disadvantage in terms of priority (if you do the EX bolt charge for example it’s slow to come out and you bite the dust :confused: ) and you need a lot of anticipation if you want to land the V-skill.

I guess I need more training too but with humans :wink:

I’d really like to learn how to play her properly, but I have -50 clue. I have the same issues as the other two, but worse. I easily get blown up.

how about we do some training session online (I’m usually free late at night around 11pm)

EDIT: Never mind. Question was asked in another thread. Sorry.

How do you guys deal with pressure? I’m having trouble with rushdown Nash/Vega/Cammy players. They always seem to be pressing buttons and it feels like anything that I’m trying to use is being countered by random normals.

Same problem here. I’ve landed her command grab once in 10 matches… wtf. People are turbo mashing jab in this game. Any advice on wake up or anti air? Her st mp getsstuffed

5MP will not get stuff, it us pretty solid, but don’t do it for cross ups

So don’t command grab them, go for frame traps or counter hits.

I had a lot of success with her command grab offline against respectful players, I use her V-skill dash into command grab all day.

I definitely need to learn this game better. Bad sf4 habits bleeding through. I just can’t get past getting beat out of all my moves with jabs

Her command grab is great, you must be using it in all the wrong places if you cannot land it at all. The post hit situation it gives you is also fantastic, probably the best of the command grabs in the game?

If you can’t land grab, you probably aren’t frame trapping properly, try 5LK 5MP or 5MP 2MP

First time here in a while, having a hard time figuring out what the numbers in front of the punches and kicks mean. What’s a 2MP vs a 5MP?

2MP is d.MP or cr.MP, 5 is neutral so just MP.

Hi, noob here. How exactly do you frame trap with that? Both 5 and 2MP push the opponent far out of her throw range. And which version of the command grab would you use in this case?
As for me, I found that a good way to land the command grab is to cancel cr.MP into f+MP+MK during pressure strings.

After trying Karin, and get salt and salt and a little more of salty im gonna try laura, any recommendations?

Any good pokes for laura that you guys have for the neutral game?

A lot of other characters have longer block strings and can keep throwing them out in succession which makes you feel like you are being pressured down, then they will add in frame traps (blockstring except between two of the attacks you are not in block-stun so when you press a button you start the animation and end up eating the next attack). So learn their frametraps (when not to press buttons) and blockstrings. I find that a lot of frametrap sequences usually have the downside of having some open frames themselves and make them vulnerable to retaliation. Laura at least have very unsafe frame-traps…

So yea vs high pressure characters you simply must eat a lot of their pressure until you find the opening in their sequences, and it can get frustrating because pressing even a 2f startup button can lead into them comboing your face if its during a frametrap. There are a couple of mechanics that help you get back into a neutral starting position:

Tap backwards as you hit the ground -> rollback out of meaty attacks which continue pressure
Tap forwards+3P as you block -> uses 1 bar of V-Gauge to counter and removes 50% of your stun meter (slowish startup, only activate on medium, heavy)

Hey guys. New here (to the site, not SF series). I’ve been playing since AE(with Evil Ryu), then i switched to Hugo. I’ve decided to pick up Laura. I love grappler characters which is of course why I’m here. I had Zangief but after a couple days of playing my local scene(shoutout to Arcade Legacy), the Zangief MU are harder than I thought. I’m hoping Laura can help fill those gaps with out me completely switching my play style.

My first question I need help with is does Laura have any block strings? Is there a way I can set up training mode to practice them?

I was also told that a frame trap is a move that ends in positive frames and I can continue with a five frame gap. I under frames a bit but not the full concept.

You should leave less than a five frame gap usually, that’s too much. 2 frame gap will beat basically anything but a reversal, 3 is good too.