Last Blade 2 tournament

I think the last one we had was during the summer of 2007. I’m thinking of having another one. For one thing, this should keep lb2 alive, and also maybe some veterans might come back.

Rules are the following, PLEASE READ!!!

You will play a set of 3 matches, and those who win the first 2 match will be the winner.

Rounds: 5
Health: default
Time: default
Characters: Unawakened Kaede is allowed. Boss and the special code morphing character are banned.
Mode: You may change your modes from opponent to opponent. Ex mode is allowed.

All infinites are NOT allowed.
Moriya’s AC glitch is allowed only **once **in a combo.

Upon violation of any of the above rules, that match will not count (not just the round), and you must replay the match.
Any match hampered by game-disrupting bugs (bugs that will either disable the players from continuing the round which the game occured in, or ones that disrupt the game time for more than 3 seconds) must be replayed.

Stages NOT allowed, for lag reasons:

If you want to sign up for the tournament, please post here with:

  1. your Kaillera alias
  2. your availability during the week with hours listed
  3. method of contact

Mame32K 0.64 will be used for all matches.
Kaillera p2p is highly recommanded, but it is not necessary since I know that some people desync during p2p play.

If there are a lot of objections or better suggestions, these rules are prone to change.
I will start organizing the tournament sheet once I get 12 people to sign up.
I, myself, will not be participating, but anyone else (noobs, veterans, and the oh so meager number of mediocre players) can join.

Mushishi can probably provide good advices on the match-up list

NOTE: I’ve taken out the character selection rule

**Player list:

  • Mushishi Ginko
  • Setsuna (out, replaced by Susejmai)
  • Izule
  • Muukuu
  • s4ndm4n21
  • Reason
  • WilMaster
  • Stafos
  • EvilSamurai
  • JuNo
  • Keo-Bas
  • RushedDown (out, replaced by NightWing)
  • NightWing
  • Susejmai**


Ok, the tourney has started.
The matches will be coordinated between the players. Once a match is finished, the players will post on this forum the winners and the losers (including the number of matches won, and the corresponding characters played)

For example:
Winner ABC
round 1: ABC: S. Moriya, CDE: P. Kaede
round 2: ABC: S. Moriya, CDE: S. Shigen
round 3: ABC: S. Moriya, CDE: P. Kaede

For the loser bracket, there will be 1 match where 3 players will be involved. All three players will play each other, so that’s 3 matches total. (e.g. A vs B, B vs C, and A vs C) The player in the end who has the most **rounds **won wins the match.

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE from one of my post on page 3:
OK, regarding the character changing rule. Originally, I had the players pick out the characters before the matches started. Then Mushishi said it’s not a good idea, then I took it out. My fault is that I never clarified further about the character selection rule. So any interpretation could be valid.
Personally, I think people should stick to one character throughout the entire tourney, but I guess a lot of people object to that.

OK, let me make it official now: based on the opinions of the board, you can ONLY switch character after a match, if you LOSE the previous match. Same with modes, you can ONLY switch modes after a match, if you LOSE the previous match.

I haven’t even looked at these forums in almost a week and look I find. Anyway, I guess you can count me in. I have a few opinions regarding the proposed rules which I’ll address below.

Kaillera alias: Mushishi Ginko
Availability: Weekend evenings, Weekdays 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM (Eastern).
Method of contact: PM and MSN approaching a match (I’ll give my MSN via PM)

  1. Regarding character selection, doesn’t it make more sense to simply pick a main character and allow a character change in the event of a loss? After all, you can only change once at maximum. I’m not sure how tournaments of this type are normally run, but it seems excessively rigid to determine your choice for each match ahead of time. I think it makes sense to allow players to adjust to their opponent’s tactics after a loss. [Addressed]

  2. Regarding the “morphing dolls” ban, Are you talking about Akari’s morphing special or the character select code that forces mirror matches? I see no problem in allowing the former. I agree that the mirror match code breaks the match making process, and should be banned. [Clarified]

  3. I think we should make p2p mandatory, and settle on a standard client build. The p2p client has a achieved a level of maturity such that there’s really no excuse NOT to use it for a tournament. (1 vote for Nov 01 client)

  4. Considering the amount of lag caused by some stages I think we should agree on a standard stage, or create a list of banned stages. [Addressed]

Thanks for trying to organize this. You should play…

I would really love to see any or all of the following players take part in the tournament…


Kaillera alias: Izule
Availability: Almost everyday normaly from 1pm to 12am (pacific)
Method of contact:
msn : izule@live
xfire : izule


Kaillera alias: Muukuu
Availability: Almost every evening (pacific)
Method of contact:


Kaillera alias: Setsuna
Availability: Weekends - anytime (eastern)
Method of contact:
msn :
e-mail :

A question about the tournament format…

Will it be single or double elimination? Personally, I like the idea of a double elimination tournament where the winner of the losers bracket plays in the final. The catch is the losers bracket winner needs to win 2 consecutive sets. This way players still have something to play for even if they lose. It’s also a good because it allows for a greater possibility of competitive matches between newer players. What do you think? I recognize the fact that this type of tournament would be more work to organize.


Kaillera alias: s4ndm4n21
Availability: Weekends - any time, Weekdays - 7-10 pm (Eastern)
Method of contact: msn/email -

Awesome, I haven’t seen you online in a long time. Things are starting to get interesting. You belong on my player wish list in my first post, but alas I have a bad memory.


Kaillera alias: Reason
Availability: mostly 6pm–2am during the weekend (pacific)
Method of contact:

:wink: Ye I’ve been pretty busy for a while, just hopped on mame for the first time in ages today and was instantly told about this tourny. Gonna have to get back into the swing of things, I’m rusty as hell. Hope theres a good turnout to give me some incentive.

Also you forgot Key[ITA] in your list, he’s in the top 5 for shur.

I never played him, but if you know how to contact him… One thing I’ve noticed about this game is rust sets in quickly, and it’s difficult to shake off.

Sign me up cap’n

Most evenings
aim- WiLMaster001
msn- Pm me for it

but wtf at Moriya AC glitch being banned? its central to his game…

In response to the special code morphing… If there isn’t a rule stating that you can’t use a different character after each match, why is Hagure banned? He has nothing going for him that picking the opponent’s character doesn’t, besides a nicer name. Hell, I can use everybody, in any mode if I really want, so it’s not like he’s a disadvantage. :stuck_out_tongue:

SN: Stafos
Time: Specify any time, I can avoid sleep for up to three days. :stuck_out_tongue:
Contact: Any of my respective IMs. :stuck_out_tongue:

My money’s on Mushishi for now unless Geeze or Bobo comes in. I haven’t seen Bobo on kaillera in ages, though (not that I’ve been on much myself), and lalla only comes on very infrequently.
I completely forgot that tool SwordStrength existed.

kk so its time for me to do a little whining about the rules. I think the no moriya AC glitch rule should be removed because although it gives moriya a lot more potential its still difficult to use well and can easily be turned against him if its used predictably. It’s really just another tool for him to use like any characters specials that has its ups and downs (maybe a few less downs then ups but shhh) and it makes for more interesting matches imo. Also although it may be a glitch (although im still not entirely convinced it is), it does suit moriyas style of being fast and having quick recovery and is really quite similar to his qcb+A/B/C move being able to hav its recovery shortened. ALSO its allowed in the A-CHO tournys and everyone knows the japanese are always rite :P. Oh and :’( WAH WAH WAH WAH :’(. kk im done.

>_< geez man dont juss slip this into one of ur old posts, this is a very very wise and important opinion… you shouldn’t be so quiet about it. Allow me to help you out. HEY EVERYONE LOOK SOMEONE ELSE THINKS THE MORIYA RULE SHOULD BE REMOVED!!! :smiley:

I don’t know what happened to Geeze. He played like every day then suddenly he disappeared. Bobo and lalla are around. I’ve played them several times recently. I remember SwordStrength being a bit arrogant. I think I’d beat him now. Either way I’d like to find out.

I wonder who he’ll be playing. lol

As annoying as I find it to play against someone who’s properly using Moriya’s AC glitch, I think we should allow it. Also, I don’t see the point in banning Power Zantetsu if we’re going to allow him on Speed and EX. They’re only marginally less broken. We should ban him outright or ban any broken techniques. I think high pings can be more “game breaking” than anything. That’s why I suggested we make p2p mandatory. Unfortunately, some people DO consistently desync.

It’s banned because it would, providing the loser changed his character, allow for a character change in the event of a win. Thereby nullifying the loser’s ability to adjust to the winner’s tactics. This is one of the very few things I think should be banned. Also, mirror matches are boring… haha

OK, as a result of constant objection to Moriya’s AC glitch. I’ve made a slight change to this rule. Check it out.

From what I know, Geeze was studying in a pre-college program in Canada when he was on. So it may be possible that he finished it and is busy with college. Another possibility is that he might not like Canada anymore and moved back to China.