Lariat! The Zangief Wish-list thread

The only change i would really like with him is giving him a better focus attack/FADC

And definitely they need to make his running bear grab like the one in HDR.

Id like his new Ultra to be anti-air.

EX Lariat please.
I want EX Lariat to have infinite armor, and to do some type of auto grab if the opponent blocks it, oh and this would only use up half of an EX stock of course.

Lariat needs to be nerfed so that Gief is more vulnerable to low strikes.

He is vulnerable to low strikes.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account of large characters that get hit regardless.

But Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and a whole lot more have no problem stuffing his Lariat.

I say the Lariat is fine as it is, leave it.

lariat shouldent be able to hit a crouching opponent whether they attack or not.

This. He’s too easy to play with for the Scrubs. That + input delay = disaster.

His lariet needs to be duckable for one, its anoying to have to wait til 3rd rotation to punish that shit point blank. Bring back his d+mk in the air, and his second ultra should be his Aerial Russian Slam.

His needs to be better like older games.

Also df+mk and df+rh, with the return of his normal sweep.

ya i would love to see air ultra and/or air command throw… (too much?)

Turn the loser-bar down. 600 for an unblockable gtfo pls.

Also, spamiat shouldn’t have priority over an ultra. Don’t reward spam.

god i hope this is a joke lol

kinda slow are we?

My wish for Gief is that he gets to be a real boy. >.>

Or that he finds a cure for that nasty virus that turns his hand green.

Nerf that Lariat to hell. There’s no way it should hit a crouching opponent doing a low move, especially one along the ground.

No more invincibility on the feet while using it either. Also give it more recovery.

Everything else is fine with Zangief.

Gee, I main Gief and I don’t even ask for an EX Lariat. Scrubs will spam the shit out of it. No fun to play against a Gief that spams Lariat all match long man. Leave his Lariat alone no doubt. but yeah, definitely make his RBG faster cuz omg I don’t ever and I mean EVER use it. Though it just comes out from time to time. His RBG seems to be a joke to me. comes out too slow I thought. Also his S.HP. . . wtf is up with that?? I never use it either. Would it be too much for him to get a combo linking into an ultra or super? Hehehe cuz It would be very nice to have that. Just like most of the characters, cept a few who also needs to have their ultras and supers linkable.

This. If this happens, I will cry manly tears of joy.

  • balrog gets hit when he tries to sweep lariat because although he moves his head down, his hitbox moves up enough to get clunked. this is stupid; either fix the animation or fix his hitbox.

  • lariat should not beat honda’s ultra.

in short: zangief should wear a motorcycle helmet so that people can’t attack his overly-sensitive mohawk.

Recovery is fine, it’s never had bad recovery. But it hitting crouchers is so retarded.

Gief doesnt need any changes. You guys are complaining about lariats but people BARELY USE THEM at high level play. Lariat is what Gief needs to stop people from spamming pokes like people did in the old games.

The only thing that needs to happen is the console chars should get better at dealing with Gief (except Seth, who needs to get worse) and Sagat needs to get worse overall.

Giefs lower body during lariat needs to **only **have invulnerability to fireballs.