lariat spam

I got my first rage quit today and it felt awesome (maybe after the 5th or 6th it would suck but the 1st is very pleasing)

after i dominated his fei long with my gief.
he decided to go gief. i went to balrog

either hes a scrub or was just trying to mock me because he lariat spammed.

so after having expirienced the lariat spam i learned from a quick 3 round match how to beat it safely. if geif is approaching you while using the lariat you can hit him with as the lariat is ending (only when its ending, since it beats and you can even say the same for heatbutt. wait until the animation is ending. and as far as im concerned both headbutt and lariat trade off so not a big loss if you headbutt too early.

if he’s turtling, waiting for you to dash in so he can stuff it with the lariat, (which is more common) you can do a L.dash upper that wont reach him so it forces it out. then go into the

i just want to know what are some things you guys do to overcome the lariat spam.

walk up to him use normals to poke away, i use jumping attacks to aim for his head.

from what i remember if gief lariats on wake up u can jump back fierce will hit him. If you time it right (i cant) ex Upper will hit gief good and proper after 1-2 spins. (not sure on this one as i cant do it but its here in the faq’s somewhere). im sure some better rog’s will post and help you more. have a dig around in the match up thread.

ex dash upper always beats lariat

you can free jumpin his lariats if he spams them.

otherwise just keep the right distance and punish them. It takes a bit of practice to learn the sweet spot.

Not always, just most of the time :slight_smile: problem with that is if you don’t connect with a c.lp—>combo,after the EX upper, you will eat an SPD.

EX headbutt beats it always. Also far S.lp will knock him out of lariat. Most normals will hit as long as you time it after his 2nd rotation, c.HK, s.HK, c.FP…actually, c.FP beats it clean no matter what rotation from about sweep distance. Dash punch is great too as long as you time it to hit at the end of the lariat. Still, lariats can be super annoying to deal with especially in lag.

ex upper beats lariat during its ending frames.

as for lariat spamming, wait for lariat to end and dash straight, st.HK, cr.HK or ex upper.

also, sneak in a few walk in throws since giefs rarely tech throws because they rely heavily on SPD reversals.

after knocking down a gief, dash straight or tap and stay within throw range. as hes about to wake up, jump back fierce will punish his green hand reversal, lariat, or SPD reversal. after he learns to block jump back fierce, mix it up with walk in throw.

u want to have gief in the corner because cr. FP, headbutt, and rapid standing jabs can zone him in the corner.

if hes turtling EX OH Smash him. Unless you are half way across the screen only 1 lariat hit will hit you.

EX Upper works probably 90% of the time… a note of caution… taking 2 Lariat hits because of that 10% REALLY sucks.

I slow play the hell out of this match.

If you aim your jumps properly you can beat out his lariats if hes using them as AA. I think j.hp will beat almost everything except a Green Hand

As said above, jump back fierce is your friend

I got raped in this matchup yesterday, it was annoying. Kept making dumbass mistakes.

Funny thing was, he was turtling while I had the life lead. We sat there staring at eachother for about 45 seconds before he realized.

yea, it seems like patience is what beats the lariat. i found myself rushing into it too much or i mess up my timing. but timing is what its all about.

The smart giefs will crouch til the last second to lariat when you’re jumping forward hp. I’ve been hit by it plenty of times getting bad habits from scrub Giefs

Happens to me a lot =(

What I like to do is I try to test if they do the late lariat. If they dont know how to time the lariet, Ill jump hp all day. If they do last min lariats, I would try to bait it with a empty jump in and ultra after blocking the lariat.

EX-Upper has always worked for me. Although the followup has sometimes failed badly :wink:
EX-OH Smash is too slow, even at close range. When I’ve tried that, it is either SPD or Lariat.

I like to do a lot of EX-uppers and EX-dashes then jump back fierce punch. After jumping back, usually the gief player is trying to catch me with his own jump-in or a green hand, but I’ll be headbutting him in that case.

Your j.hp should almost whiff if he just stays crouched. Im aiming for Lariat hands expecting him to AA Lariat. I will never jump in and go for the head unless im playing like an ass. On block you can be SPD’d out of almost all followups.

We are playing the same giefs! give EX OH Smash another try. There is no way you should be eating 2 Lariat hits unless they are guess spaming Lariat. You can be SPD’d but if they are turtling (which is when i said i use EX OH) im confident they arnt good enough to pull this off lol

That’s assuming he’s twitchy and does a (really late) lariat. A good gief will just block high and reversal SPD/Ultra you.

Ex-dashes can be reversal spd’d on block for free

I do a lot of j.fierce, and c.rh to deal with lariat spam. will work after 2nd rotation. I seldomly try dash punches, and when I do it’s usually a dash sweep.

The problem I have is dealing with giefs who apply a lot of wakeup pressure.

Oh that is true. Normal LP dash punch from the right distance is safe right?

It’s risky. IMO. The spacing would be very unforgiving to avoid eating a reversal jab SPD

ex rush uppercut and ex rush low uppercut (the armor break) are completely safe on block from SPD, but you can get owned by a reversal super, ultra, or double german suplex.

s.lp> is your friend!

Can someone show a video example of EX Upper not beating lariat? I have tried in training mode using both Zangief and Balrog (recording EX Upper and lariat, respectively) and EX Upper worked every single time. I’ve never had it not work for me in a match, and the times where I thought I got beat, I’m pretty sure I accidentally used the EX Drill punch.