Ladies, Fighting Games, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T

In all of my years of gaming and studying the martial arts, I’ve encountered many an opponent and few I would call worthy. What really got me thinking was the fact that the vast majority of the individuals that I consider to be worthy opponents to me just happen to be women, and that lead to me taking into account that outside of those few, I haven’t met many ladies that are as passionate and dedicated to fighting games as much as others, and those that do fit the mold, I noticed are subjected to mad objectification, and that, as a man, pisses me off to no end. I just wanted to get a feel for how many of you have encountered and played against any women in fighting games and how your experience(s) played out at the time. If possible, I’d like to help influence the female portion of the gaming populous to become exposed to and embrace fighting games, and I encourage my fellow peeps @ SRK to do the same.

Hit up the board with your thoughts and experiences and keep it respectful! Peace.

This is going to be better than tonight’s episode of Boardwalk Empire.

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Oh God, are you serious?!

SJW attacks.

#GamerGate spreads to SRK.

When I was at Defend the North, I fought Sherry Jenix in casuals.

Last round last game I stunned her, threw off the mask and claw and finished the match.

It felt good man even if she is a bad player.

I’m laughing so fucking hard. Oh fuck, this bait is hilarious.

This is so good. I’m a little bit jealous that I didn’t come up with it, but if this is sincere I’m just glad that I’ll never be that much of a bitch.

OK, so the fact that I’m just asking for other people’s experiences and bringing up a topic that sparked my interest is dismissed as a troll thread.

Sounds legit.

Oh this thread…


When I was a kid I thought I was good because I could press kick really fast with chunree. Does this count?

It doesn’t help that you started the thread pretty much saying we treat women like shit.

You’ve also only been here two months. Earn your wings, son. Until then, shut the fuck up and observe.

There are random GG threads, in this site, that are dedicated to giving up props to good opponents. Instead of using any of those, you choose to open this thread in the wrong section. So…which part of this should we be taking seriously: the one where you’re lazy or the one where you’re illiterate?

Do you want the part where the GD women wreck you for making shitty threads? I mean, they could, but they’re all too busy not wasting their time on dumb shit like this; hence the men take care of it. Never mind the fact that one could imply that your posts talks about fighting women. Now, how the fuck is it that the only worthy opponent’s you’ve faced are only women? If you really do Martial Arts, you should definitely fighting people with dicks. Unless those types of people are your bad match ups. Then you would naturally transition into a tit puncher then try to play it off as them being the only respectable opponents.

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

I think you missed the part where I said the **majority of worthy opponents I’ve face in games happen to be women. Ergo, I have faced many men and some of them I consider worthy opponents, as well. You getting bent out of shape about my statement seems to stem from a misunderstanding on one of our parts. If it happens to come from my end, my bad. Otherwise, chill out with the assumptions.

That means you’re a man who lives out his tit punching fantasies through video games. This means that you want to be a tit puncher but you refuse to be honest about it, or that video games help contain your tit punching urges. Therefore potential violence against women is prevented by playing against women in games and punching them in the tit.

So all in all, video games prevent misogyny. SJWs blown the fuck out again!

Exactly where in the post did I accuse anyone here of misogyny? I was referring to what I have seen in a general sense. Did I not make that clear? Chill with the assumptions, bruh. Besides, I’d rather “earn my wings” by speaking my mind. Feel me?

Have you ever wanted to fart so bad and so hard but were afraid that if you do, you would shit your pants? That’s how this topic is to me.

On a lighter note, I’m buying pizza tonight.

I do not, and never will, “feel you.”

You also said this

which is why no one gives a fuck about your opinion anymore.

So, my opinion is inert because I expressed my concern with the objectification of female gamers within the fighting game community?

Logic is just falling from the sky.

I like when men were insulted constantly and still even to this day in gaming, no one talks respect. Where was this respect when men were being called losers/nerds/virgins/racial slurs/ignored by females? “I’m not some loser who plays video games all day. I got a woman.” Check around for the rage mail people get in gaming. Go wonder about your damn respect then. But of course, when women are affected, NOW it’s an issue. It wasn’t an issue when some pre-teen in middle class US was calling some white kid a sand neggar was it?

We need to talk about women and respect? Get women into fighting games? IIRC didn’t fights break out over throwing people in ST back in the arcade days in the US? People getting stabbed and such? But we need to be nicer because it’s girls. If women want to get into fighting games, they can. No one is stopping them. Everyone knows they can just lie about sexual harassment and cry misogynist to get their way. The irony of objectification is that when men are objectified, no one cares. Gotta love that respect.