Korean TV SF4 tournament series: TUHON 2009 season 1 (etc. Tekken6 started!)

This thread is for the new Korean SF4 tournament series that just started, much like the Tekken Crash series you might have watched/heard about but for SF4.

It’s called NStarGame ??2009 (pronounced Too-Hohn) SF IV Season 1, and 16 players compete in a single elimination tournament over the next few weeks. The top finishers will receive cash prizes and also play in a 4v4 exhibition match against the Japanese team consisting of Mago, Kyabetsu, Momochi, and Kindebu.

Here’s the official page on NStarGame


The Top 16 matches are listed below in order.

Game 1 - M.Lizard (Viper) vs Infiltration (Akuma)
Game 2 - BIGDANMUL (Claw) vs violat (Zangief)
Game 3 - sicksup (Blanka) vs Janet (Boxer)
Game 4 - Poongko (Ryu) vs Radeku (Guile)
Game 5 - YeRam Appa (Zangief) vs ZzangMoo (Zangief)
Game 6 - FS AIKU (Akuma) vs RealRAIz (Rufus)
Game 7 - zerstin (Honda) vs NeverSurrender (Seth)
Game 8 - LAUGH (Ryu) vs Maeil Ooyu (Rufus)

Here’s the top 8 bracket.

Game 1 - M.Lizard (Viper) vs violat (Zangief)
Game 2 - Janet (Boxer) vs Poongko (Ryu)
Game 3 - Zzangmoo (Zangief) vs RealRAIz (Rufus)
Game 4 - zerstin (Honda) vs LAUGH (Ryu)

The top 4 bracket.

Game 1 - M.Lizard (Viper) vs Poongko (Ryu)
Game 2 - RealRAIz (Rufus) vs LAUGH (Ryu)

So after Episode 4, we now have the grand finals and the 3rd place match as shown below.

3rd place match - M.Lizard (Viper) vs LAUGH (Ryu)
Grand finals - Poongko (Ryu) vs RealRAIz (Rufus)

Top 16 matches is 3/5 rounds single game, top 8 is 2/3 rounds 2/3 games, and top 4 and above are 3/5 rounds 2/3 games.

Korea vs Japan exhibition showdown featured 2 formats. The first set features 4 matches based on the entry order each team decided beforehand. So it goes like this.

A vs A
B vs B
C vs C
D vs D

Then the second set is a survivor team battle, so the winner stays and the loser gets eliminated until the entire team is eliminated.

Third place and grand finals were 3/5 rounds and 2/3 games.

Episode Links

Episode 1
EP1 Part1
EP1 Part2
YouTube version (thanks, showgun)

HD direct feed of the matches
Game1 (M.Lizard vs Infiltration)
Game2 (BIGDANMUL vs violat)
Game3 (sickup vs Janet)(
Game4 (Radeku vs Poongko)

Episode 2

EP2 Part1
EP2 Part2
YouTube version (thanks showgun!)

HD direct feed of the matches
Game 5 (YeRam Appa vs Zzangmoo)
Game 6 (FS AIKU vs RealRAIz)
Game 7 (zerstin vs NeverSurrender)
Game 8 (LAUGH vs Maeil Ooyu)

Episode 3

EP3 Part1
EP3 Part2
YouTube version (thanks to showgun as always!)

HD direct feed of the matches
Top8 Match1 [M.Lizard vs violat] Game1
Top8 Match1 [M.Lizard vs violat] Game2
Top8 Match2 [Janet vs Poongko] Game1
Top8 Match2 [Janet vs Poongko] Game2
Top8 Match2 [Janet vs Poongko] Game3
Top8 Match3 [Zzangmoo vs RealRAIz] Game1
Top8 Match3 [Zzangmoo vs RealRAIz] Game2
Top8 Match4 [zerstin vs LAUGH] Game1
Top8 Match4 [zerstin vs LAUGH] Game2
Top8 Match4 [zerstin vs LAUGH] Game3

Episode 4

EP4 Part1
EP4 Part2
YouTube version (thank you showgun!)

HD direct feed of the matches
Top4 Match1 [M.Lizard vs Poongko] Game1
Top4 Match1 [M.Lizard vs Poongko] Game2
Top4 Match1 [M.Lizard vs Poongko] Game3
Top4 Match2 [RealRAIz vs LAUGH] Game1
Top4 Match2 [RealRAIz vs LAUGH] Game2
Top4 Match2 [RealRAIz vs LAUGH] Game3

Episode 5

EP5 Part1
EP5 Part2
YouTube version (thank you showgun!)

HD direct feed of the matches
Set1 Match1 [LAUGH vs Kindebu]
Set1 Match2 [RealRAIz vs Momochi]
Set1 Match3 [Poongko vs Kyabetsu]
Set1 Match4 [Infiltration vs Mago] (missing HD direct feed)
Set2 Match1 [Poongko vs Kyabetsu]
Set2 Match2 [LAUGH vs Kyabetsu]
Set2 Match3 [RealRAIz vs Kyabetsu]
Set2 Match4 [Infiltration vs Kyabetsu]
Set2 Match5 [Infiltration vs Kindebu]

Episode 6 OUT!

EP6 Part1
EP6 Part2
YouTube version (much thanks to showgun!)

HD direct feed of the matches
Third Place Match Game1
Third Place Match Game2
Third Place Match Game3
Grand Finals Game1
Grand Finals Game2

ETC Videos
TV Trailer ver 2
Korea vs Japan TV trailer

I’ll update with more related videos and future episodes as they become available.

Thank you Laugh !

dam havent seen poongko vids in the longest, gonna check them out right now, btw great thread

Infiltration is sick indeed. Been watching him play for a few months now.


btw, Laugh, i really enjoy watching your matches.


Awesome stuff! Loving this!

That is freaking awesome! I loved Tekken Crash

Thanks, Laugh. This looks awesome.

haha poongko was like “meh… a walk in the park…”

Much appreciated Laugh, I’ve been hoping that South Korea would do a SF4 tourney on TV. Thanks again and I’ll definitely keep watching.

It was weird hearing Kamelot on a Korean tv show.

How were the players chosen for the show?

Thanks for the videos, Laugh.

he looks good

i still dont think hes momochi calibur though. Cant wait to see the sf korean tournament. Is the stream of vids working for anyone else?

^ Works fine for me.

Thanks for the heads-up, almost forgot about this. It’s good to see some comp from Korea.

And lol @ Poongko’s smirk after he nailed that flash. He just couldn’t help himself.

Korea is the capital of esports and it’s great they finally have a dedicated SFIV season. Hope it becomes as big as Starcraft.

this link worked a lot better for me

LOL/WTF @ Violat’s mask

Infiltration is sick.
i remember him before tougeki.
His big sesssion versus poongko was nice
Nice to see korea back in business

Thanks Laugh

Korea is probably around SoCal’s level. not quite EC but probably around SoCal.

laugh, it’s not aired live is it? If so, how long before is everything recorded?

And good luck in the tournament!

EDIT: I know a lot of people are having issues viewing the videos, including a lot of my friends, so I’m currently in the process of uploading it to YouTube. If you have any problems with it and wouldn’t like me to, I’ll take them down.

EDIT2: Finished uploading the full episode to YouTube. It’s split into 6 parts, but I made sure not to split the match footage so I kept them continuous in one video. Here’s the playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=0FCE03C4B89B5C87