Korean sticks [web: stick.pe.kr], experience?

Any experience with it? Recommendations? I currently use modded Saulabi 4K.


Are these Crown buttons ? This looks like an incredible deal. I don’t like the Saulabi button layout, but damn; for this price I wouldn’t mind.

those aren’t crown buttons. they’re fake, but they’re still pretty good. i dunno how long they last cause i immediately replaced the buttons on mine, but the sticks are really worth the price. the PCBs don’t work with my xbox converters, though. (i find it unusual that they have “Saulabi” written on them, by the way.)

my stick was a Myoungshin with blue switches and a larger actuator, i think. not sure if that’s the best, but it’s still great.

Probably. Hard to tell from the photo but looks like they’re the crap model though, and not the good stuff.

What’s the difference between those two besides one being a snap-in and the other a screw-in ?

Edit: Thanks everyone.

Totally different microswitches, quite obvious if you compare the pictures.

They’re not even crown. the surface of the buttons on the stick.pe.kr stick is very rough.

The stick doesn’t have Crown buttons.

laugh (yes, it’s an username) is an expert for Korean sticks.

I recently got the PS3-compatible stick.pe.kr arcade stick with the fanta stick and faux wood covering (there’s one without the fanta stick for about $2 less). In US dollars it comes to about $35-37. Of course, shipping is the real cost factor. http://www.stick.pe.kr/shop/item.php?it_id=54

Not to be confused with the fanta-less http://www.stick.pe.kr/shop/item.php?it_id=44

The case is very light and can be played on the lap no problems. The buttons are not exactly rough, but are not glass smooth either. Kind of velvety, soft plastic. I like them. They function well. A bit hollow feeling but I see no reason to replace the stock buttons unless they die on you or you’re picky and have a big issue with their feel. The stick is wired with a 1.5m long USB cable. Works perfectly with the PS3. They make other versions for PC and PS2, so order the right one.

The Myoungshin Fanta stick itself is OK but not great for all things. Smooth bat top with the characteristic clicking and mild rubbery resistance. However, I ran into some problems with hitting diagonals reliably. For rolling motions, the stick is great. In SF3, I was doing Ryu’s fireballs, dp, and supers on reaction. In Tekken, I was having an easy time with Kazuya’s electric uppercut no problems because I’m rolling into the d/f from d. But, I have problems hitting Kazuya’s d/b+3 low kick even 50% of the time on the 1P side.

Also, I also noticed quite a bit of deadzone - at least 20-30 degrees of deflection before a direction registered. This sucks if you want to do fast double motions, such as Tekken’s back-dash cancel b,b,d/b,b,b,d/b…

I’ve ordered a Taeyoung fanta stick from Laugh because of these issues. I’m reading on these forums that the Saulabi company is inconsistent in the quality of the fanta sticks used. I’m hoping the Taeyoung is a lot tighter and more accurate on diagonals.

One thing that might annoy you is how loud the thing is. The fanta stick clicks with each cardinal input. The buttons are hollow-sounding. The wood used is a very light particle board that doesn’t dampen anything, so it gets pretty loud if you’re reallying getting into it. My wife once came downstairs to complain how loud the thing was. :arazz:

If you order one of these from Laugh, I strongly recommend ordering another fanta stick with it.

Fantas function just like Happ Supers, as in instead of a large actuator hitting the microswitches the shaft hits a tab that then hits the microswitch. This requires a very exact degree for hitting a diagonal since the shaft pretty much has to hit the very end of both tabs. You can bend the tabs towards for the shaft for better diagonals.

Some Myoungshins, such as the ones used in Saulabis, use crappier microswitches than what you would get from laugh which have a latter engagement point and use a larger actuator to make up for it. They also aren’t as springy as the good microswitches, which is why some times double-taps don’t come out as well.

So what would be the best way to get a high quality Korean stick? Buy a Saulabi and mod it with a TaeYoung Fanta and new buttons?

I would change the PCB out as well. Pretty much all you would want is the Saulabi case.

Is that why you were at France during that time? You went to UT8? Did you meet KNEE?!

Also, what if I get a Korean stick, with Cherry switches? Would that be the best stick in the world then/How would that work out?

Let me know about the cherry switches then please. I know knee is in the army, which explains the lack of DR lately and how he doesn’t even have a single T6 match yet. Plus reading other fans comments.
OH sheeet that is hotness. How come you don’t play more tekken then? I know most korean fobs don’t play SF or capcom games since there is no scene over there. I gotta “Encourage” them to play CVS2 and even then they only pick the SNK guys.
How do you know the tekken guys so well? You must be pretty involved in both countries scenes then, cause I know you got a rep over here as well. You gotta tell me about your history one day…

By the way, are you fob or second generation, and where you staying in Korea? Seoul?

What microswitches are used in TaeYoung Fantas and how do they compare with the ones currently used in the fat actuator Myoungshins? I had a Saulabi stick a few years ago (when they came with the good Myoungshin Fantas with Gersung switches) and liked it (I used it almost exclusively for MAME games though as I was not big into fighters then). I eventually threw it away when the buttons stopped working. Dumb move on my part. I did not know you could mod sticks back then.

Wow, I would love to order one of the sticks from the website, anyway I can order it and have it shipped here?

Any help X_X !?

I suggest to contact laugh here on SRK.

I use MyoungShin in my Saulabi and I feel very good with it. I admit that you must get used to d/f d/b motion, but it’s not hard if you’re ambitious enough ^^ And I love how it gets back to neutral position very fast, compared to Japanese (Sanwa) stick on HRAP. I don’t seem to have any problems with backdash canceling etc. so far. One must get used to his stick ^^

I wouldn’t preffer Korean sticks for Street Fighter games with double motions etc.

I got the Naki ultimate arcade stick, are the dimensions the same as the “for powerful game” set up?

I’m interested in modding this thing up.

When I gave Laugh some measurements of the deadzone, he confirmed that my Myoungshin was a poorer example. Perhaps you got a better Myoungshin in yours. My diagonal problems are such that the same motion gets me different moves, even when done at the same angle and speed as best as I can reproduce. It’s like playing the Russian roullette (do I get a standing jab, gut punch, or sitting jab?).

Thanks for the info/heads up…