Korean gunman opens fire at a college in Oakland because students mocked him for his bad english


apparently most of the victims were of korean descent.

i swear when asian lose it they lose it big time.

Damn, gunmen are going bonkers. Like calm down whodie.

Am I the only one who thinks gun laws are completely retarded?

i wouldnt blame the laws, guns are just far too easy to get in america and nothings ever going to change that.

They must have all been wearing hoodies.

Am I right to assume that the Mr. Martin in one of the comments under that link is Trayvon Martin and dare I ask why Martin’s incident is or how related to this?

Nah, Asians have nothing on white people.

Until you find a way to outlaw crazy, there will be the occasional nutjob freakout killing spree.

Never change.

When is angelpalm free?

The laws are meaningless. Even if it’s not a gun, someone who wants to kill someone can just get a kitchen knife and start stabbing people. People need to take responsibility for their actions.

I only read a small part of the article, any mention on why he did it (and if it’s confirmed that it was really him?

I wouldn’t gloss over it like that man, there is definitely something to be said about the ease, accessibility, and killing potential of guns, but this case here is more an incident of “if were all agreed that we want to live in a free society, part of the risk is that this shit will happen now and then”

not all killers need guns, read up on some serial killers

This expands the conversation considerably imo. In this case, dude was probably ‘crazy’. I could see him going on a stabquest if he didn’t decide to start blasting people-- thing with guns is, they make it considerably easier for otherwise ‘regular’ people to do some shit they might regret a few seconds later. None of this should imply that I’m advocating one thing or the other gun control wise, but as far as the act of killing people goes-- ignoring the variables guns introduce to the game is naive.Where lots of gun-control advocates lose people is right around here imo, failing to acknowledge that some people are just flat out unstable and liable to kill regardless; but on the other side of the line we can’t ignore the idea that the proliferation of instruments designed to kill might well lead to more of that~

Why did he even do it??? whats up with these crazy incidents happening as of late? Is it something in the air or something?


I don’t see anything in the articles about his bad English, racists.

Why focus on the fact that he’s Asian and not on the fact that it’s a Christian school? What narrative are you trying to build here, racists?

Why not “when Christians lose it, they lose it bad?” Huh, racists?

I like how God protected this woman, but didn’t protect the seven other guys that got peaced out during a regular day at school. Maybe those seven people supported gay marriage, that is why God smote them via crazy gun dude.

Why’s it always gotta be an Asian that did this or a Christian that did this or a woman that did this or etc.? Why can’t it just be some crazy dude that’s unaffiliated with the stereotyped perceived interests of his race or creed or gender, and that he’s just crazy by himself?


It’s the Daily Mail. I assume any use of “bad English” in this context is purely for ironic purposes.

Crazy dude A was Korean. Crazy dude B was a fundie. Crazy dude C had a talking dog. Crazy dude D was totally screwed over by the Beatles breaking up.

So as long as you don’t hang around with anyone who fits any of those descriptions, this will never happen to you.

Dont act like a hood, dont get shot like one!

I am racist against Koreans so I don’t hang out with them anyway. No school shootings for me!

Yeah yeah. Truth is, Asians can pretty much walk into most places and situations and people wouldn’t bat an eye. I can think of a few ethnic groups who don’t have that luxury.

Seriously, what’s the worst stereotypes asians have? “Oh my god I’m getting sick and tired of people assuming I’m a hard worker and good at math!” Oh the horror.

Care to elaborate on which laws? California is pretty communist with their gun laws compared to other states too.