Kolin Official Balance Changes & Suggestions

Discuss here Kolin balance changes you would like her to have, perhaps a few buffs here and there. We can also use this thread to discuss the official Capcom changes they might throw at us down the road

might aswell yell at a cloud

the only thing i would like is for either st. mp to link to st. hp WITHOUT JAB…or…for cr. mk to link into something. even if its just ex parabellum.

perhaps st mk(knee) has a better hitbox and can link into st. hp but sincerely st. mp has the reach she needs.

thats all she needs. one or the other.

She could use a better neutral game

St.mk’s hitbox should be expanded forward, j.mp to be able to juggle without the use of ex meter, maybe variety on some of her ex moves on what can be strike inv/throw inv. I don’t know if kolin would be broken if ex vanity was both strike and throw inv. She is giving up space when she uses the move on defense.

they probably want us to use stand lk’s range in the situations where st.mk doesnt reach. and she really doesnt need natural medium to heavy or jab to medium links… i already think the frame advantage on cr.mp is generous enough for damaging combos. i’m fine with the way her wakeup game works as is, a lot of characters have to respect the throw too. i’m just happy i have any kind of invul option. for a character with such comeback potential from smart v trigger usage, even more ways to get into ex parabellum is unnecessary and i get why there’s no cancel on that mk aside from v trigger. it’s okay for characters to have limits… and not to be rude but anyone not abusing that 9f stand hp to stuff pokes and whiff punish and then hit confirming it into hp or ex parabellum is turning their back on a lot of her potential. settling for the st.lk link after that doesnt even work at max range is training wheels shit

i changed my mind about st. mp linking into st. hp without jab because i wasnt thinking about st. mp can link into parabellum. since at the time i wrote it i was just mashing hp after hp to get parabellum(im on stick not pad) so i never did qcf motions for it. now im more conscious of tossing qcf parabellum in the mix.
so scratch that.
as for cr. mk linking i wasnt aware of it being able to link into vtrigger. which is nice but i think there are lots of characters that can link long distance pokes into something. specifically Karin cr. mk into tenko. but whatever.

what i wanna know if its still possible to do a sweep or low attack after ex parabellum in the corner. no matter how hard i try it doesnt seem possible anymore. but then i see majorboy doing it but im unsure if the matches i have seen him doing are pre or post patch.

I want Kolin’s ice ball attack not to disappear. Once she releases it in the air. EX Ice Ball should come out slightly faster as well. A slight increase speed to Inside Slash would be cool as well

Generally speaking if the opponent is already in the corner when Kolin hits him/her with the last portion of EX Parabellum (the launcher) it won’t connect. If they are slightly outside the corner at that point in the combo it should work. The sweet spot is about the length of a character’s health bar. If they are closer to the corner then the length of the bar when you connect EX Parabellum it won’t work and you need to use a standing button.

Is she playing exactly the same?

These are just a few ideas that I’m playing around with right now. Feel free to throw whatever opinions you have and throw your own ideas into the mix.
Back H.Kick

  • Cancellable on hit
  • Juggles the opponent higher on crush counter
  • This is meant to give Back H.Kick a purpose when you hit with it. Outside of cancelling into V.Trigger, you don’t really get anything off of hitting with it, which would be fine if it was just meant to be a footsie tool, but in that case why give it the ability to crush counter?

Jumping M.Kick

  • Now can cross-up
  • I have no idea why this isn’t a thing. I think another cross-up option would help quite a bit. Jump L.Kick isn’t terrible, but can be unreliable sometimes. I mean I’d take this or a better hitbox on Jump L.Kick since they were more than happy to give the same to Urien.


  • Block advantage increased from -4 to -2
  • Something small to give Kolin players reward for proper spacing. Since it’s still minus on block, it will still be your opponent’s turn, but at least you can be safe. Also, since your spending meter for it, I don’t think this is too much


  • Start-up decreased from 50/53/52 to 46/49/48
  • I feel like the Snowball has too much start-up to it. I mean it seems to only really find use on knockdown. I think a slightly faster start-up would help give the move more utility overall


  • Any attack using ice will put the opponent in the ice state
  • While in the ice state, opponent’s dash speed is increased by 2 frames and walk speed is decreased by .5 frames
  • While in Frozen stun, the damage scaling is slightly lower than the scaling in stun combos
  • This is to give her V.Trigger more of a punch to it. A problem a few characters have is that their V.Triggers are a little too simplistic in what they do. Considering that when you hit with her V.Trigger, it changes the opponent’s character model, I wanted that to do something outside of turning them blue. The less strict damage scaling was to give the frozen stun state something more to it than “being stunned, but your frozen”.

Not sure about b.HK. I agree that it’s a weird button and its CC properties don’t bring much to the table (except V-Gauge gain) but I’m not sure if making it cancellable would be the solution. Especially as Capcom doesn’t really want long range buttons to be cancellable into anything other than V-Trigger or CA. Higher juggle means it might be possible to follow-up with EX Parabellum or LK Vanity Punch, so that might be a good trade-off for it remaining non-cancellable.

Indifferent about jumping MK. Jumping LK is okay and jumping HK is totally obnoxious. I don’t think she needs another jumping button but I wouldn’t say no.

EX Parabellum is too good to be safe on block. Plus it’s rather easy to find ways to confirm into it so I’d disagree here.

For hailstorm I think they should leave frame data intact but reduce the formation time of the fireball so that it can’t be nullified as easily by hitting her during start-up.

About V-Trigger I disagree completely, I think it’s working great as it is now. Increasing dash speed for frozen opponents in this game will make some dashes borderline stupid (Balrog, Ed, Nash). I like the idea but it would just be a pain in the ass for both Kolin and her opponent if V-Trigger had those properties.

Yeah Uriens B.HL doesn’t do much either so I’m fine with Kolin’s the way it is.

Fair enough, also the frame data I provided for hailstorm is the time it takes for the fireball to form, not the actual slash. Plus, increasing a person’s dash speed was meant to slow them down(it’s the way the FAT app lists it as), However, that might be a bit much for a 2 bar V-Trigger. Thinking back on it, I guess if the game mechanics were changed around a bit, then that would buff her without really changing her too much. As for Back H.Kick, I’d settle for enough of a juggle to combo into LK.Vanity Punch or L and/or Ex Parabellum.

Vanity step needs throw invincibility.

They need to help her deal with projectiles

I think her damage output needs a small boost.

Yeah I agree, she could use more punch

I would like to see every version of Vanity Step be fireball invincible as soon as Kolin starts her turn.

She should get a new mix up from EX Parabellum, or be able to combo into itself from her sweep cancel.

I want her EX counter to cover all angles. I’ll gladly sacrifice some of the damage.

I don’t give fuck let me cancel muh sweep on block CC muh sweeeeep!!!