KOFXII - Mature Thread

Name: Mature
Fighting Style: Speed based attack + Orochi style
B-day: April.28th (She should be 30yo now)
Nationality: Unknown
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Measurement: B88. W57. H87
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Playing with Machinery stuff, Sculpture (especially making Doll)
Favour Sport: Snow boarding
Favour Food: Chicken
Best Attribute: Her leg
Dislike: Pigeon, Chizuru Family

Special Moves:
Despair: dp + Punch ~ Punch
Metal Massacre: qcb + Kick

Desperation Move:
Heaven’s Gate: qcb, hcf+Kick

The funny thing is Oscar actually used her in the National tournament lol.

really? I heard that they were using both arcades and ps3s for the tournament. did the arcade versions have elizabeth and mature as well, and even more importantly, are those the only moves she has?

I actually got to use her a lot during the Tournament and here is the juicy detail.

Mature is teh SEX!!!

She is an awesome as hell character, great at rushing and reach.

First of all, she only has 2 special moves, but those special moves have high priority and great recovery.

dp+Punch makes her leap forward into the air, pressing Punch again makes her strike.

qcb+Kick is fast and great recovery, kinda like Iori’s qcb+Kick.

And here are some combos

cr.B, cr,B, st.B, qcb+B
standing D, CD, dp+C~C
cr. C, CD, dp+C~C ( but this one requires a little timing on the last C )

crouching C (or st.D), CD, Super (HELL YEAH!!!)

CC combo:
D, CD, dp+A~A, dp+A~A, dp+A~A, Super :tup:

Damn only two moves. She’s always got some great normals though. At least the news is positive.

Oh yeah, she is a great character, one of my new favorite characters, I will main her.

I was the one who did her combo into Super and the CC combo looping the dp+A~A, I could her the crowd in awe when I did those combos :bgrin:

vids nukka

I posted these on the main KOF thread but they’re of interest in this thread too I imagine.

My character in Saints Row 2. Look familiar?

:rolleyes: Oh brother, you just couldn’t wait to show this off after you did this in live. :wgrin:

It’s true. Haha.

You can play as a female char in saints row 2? I’m suddenly interested.

Yup. There’s quite a bit of customization available if you can find all the clothing stores and stuff. *(Some of the stores, like the one that has g-strings, corsets and hooker boots, are hidden in an underground mall that isn’t on the map) *:tup:

So just two moves, huh? Basically completely different from her older versions, then? No more Whip Throw. How will I work without the WHIP THROW!?

I can’t wait for this game. Mature was hands down on my team when I found out she was in.

CC i found with Mature:

CC, cr.D, qcb+B, dp+A~A(x2), super

did around 50% i beleive

also i beleive her super has invicibility on it. I was able to beat cr.D’s and my buddy was able to use it as an anti-air.

Thanks to Phoenix Azure for posting

It was slow as shit and near-useless in the previous games (unlike Vice’s which is pretty good). Wouldn’t use it in this one, either, if it had the same speed.

the orochi column took some steroids or something when she does her Press super since 98. wooo.

Going to try her some more later tonight, Damn Work!!!

The CC I use is CC, CD dp+c (a little delayed), dp+a (x2), CD, super (or another dp if meterless). FUCKTON OF DAMAGE

I could swear she has springs in her ass.