KOF'98 or KOF'02?

your opinion please.

I say get both…so you can appreciate the games and help promote SNK.

Why do you have to choose just curious?

Its life or death.

KOF98’ the presentation is just so much better.

I like the gameplay more. None of that stupid ‘MAX Mode’ bullshit.
Also you don’t get command grabbed out of supers as much.

I would go with kof 02, faster gameplay, and more stuff you can do. :tup:

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And KOF '98 it is.

you cant make me choose

Where’s the nethier option? :confused:

Where’s the other option?I wanna vote for Killer Instinct instead.

'02 because it has Angel…she’s my favorite KOF girl, next to Mai & May Lee.

98 is good looking but have a too old system/engine
less deepness than 2002 but overall better graphics
for me it’s too much ground game, poke and dammn CD all the time

2002 have a really deep engine but poor graphics
it’s really difficult to get annoyed playing it once you reach an high level (doing BC combos and stuff)
yes, i can play 2k2 even 72 hours straight

since gameplay and fun are my main parameters in judging any game

2002 > 98

but both are great games


yes, another thing i forgot is this…
2k2’s characters are deeper than 98’s

but overall the great difference in deepness is in the BC system…that can turn annoying characters to play into combo machine

Wait wasn’t '02 the one where you had to pick 4 characters and the 4th was your striker and everyone had an alternate striker.Like if you picked Jhun as your 4th charcater, you could potentially have Jae Hoon as your striker.

you said it, and i totally agree. i probably wouldnt play 2k2 without bc

nope. that is 2k (which btw is my second favorite next to 2k2, but nobody plays it).

that was 2000/2001

in fact, as already said
2002 is mainly played because of BC deepness
just look around the whole 80% of flashy combovideos are done with BC stuffs

2k is a really good game…the problem there is the striker system (same problem in 2001) that completely mess up the whole balance
both have easy 100% : b&b call striker that raise from ground b&b and repeat until you have stocks

also striker stocks can be acquired by taunting making a gauge one to switch in striker

What maxmode bullshit? Kof98 also has maxmode. I don’t understand why people hate the kof2k2 max mode so much…except that the ones who complain about it generally don’t seem able to combo. That, and they can’t see it being useful outside of doing combos, in which it actually is.

I don’t see why command grabs out of supers is an issue…you shouldn’t really be using supers in either game unless the opponent is struggling to recover from some move anyway.

I don’t think you can say kof2k2’s cahracters are deeper than 98’s. The majority of 2k2 characters are butchered compared to their 98 counterparts. Just look at Benimaru, Terry, Takuma, etc. Also 98 Robert > 2k2 Robert (although my favourite version of Robert is kof2000, TOO good).

Saying kof2k2 is played for BC deepness is pretty misleading. I do like some combo depth in my games (to give me something to practice…so that difficult to do things are rewarding if you practice them). However, that doesn’t correspond to gameplay depth.

One thing I really like about 98 is that anti-airs seem to have more priority there…it’s actually very easy to dp+C with Iori against Chris’s jump CD without trading hits.

'98, simply for the fact that it’s not only easier on the eyes and ears, but it truly plays better, and has stood the test of time a LOT better than KOF2K2 ever will.

Test of time? Not sure how you can rate that when kof98 is 4 years older…and kof2k2 is still played often in many countries around the world, moreso than 98. YOu can find tons of tournaments in 2007 from countries like Mexico, Peru (and other south american countries), nevermind the asian ones.

they are played differently…imho we can’t talk about butchering

i disagree on benimaru especially because in 2k2 he have the qcbB d,u B followup supercancellable when in 98 not and he was stuck only to a qcfB
what other changes?

takuma was an annoying fireballer in 98 now have some nice pressing/guard crush strings

i can continue with other examples such as yashiro, leona, choi,
just look at the whole roster, 98 don’t have deep charas as maylee or angel

and BC amplify everything
a single overhead can lead to a nice damaging BC combo (kim, vice, takuma and so on) so you have to be more careful once under pressing

but just think at some 98 character as they are plus BC combos…
it’s clear and easy to understand that someone got nerfed to balance the game

it depends
just look at matchvids

strong players land damage (BCs, supercancels) EACH time they can
and the game around is deep too…a lot of strategies involve bait for your opponent to fall into your BC combos

yes, i surely know that BC isn’t everything but surely it give to the 98 gameplay a lot of more deepness

in 2002 they rebalanced some character (some other got nerfed but who cares)
iori dropped from god tier status to a simple well rounded

But making qcf+K d u+K supercancellable isn’t relevant to the gameplay. It just increases his combo options. You can’t use that supercancel in a strategic manner, whatever you supercancel into will get punished if they blocked. The gameplay depth of kof98 benimaru is way higher than kof2k2. Better pokes, qcf+P is more useful, command grab supers and a good anti-air.

Actually I wish he had the fireballs from 98 and the hcb+K kicks from 2k2. I don’t really like his 98 running throw that much.

Yashiro is the same…except he acquired a buggy combo that increases his combo depth, but his gameplay depth isn’t much better. I agree with Leona though, maybe Choi.

Edit: Strong players land BC combos each time they can, because it’s the best way to do damage…doesn’t exactly mean the game is deeper, it’s just that the players do what they have to in order to win.

uhm…ok for this
but watch out…
98 is all about ground game and benimaru there have a strong one
2002 engine is far different from ground game only obviously his gameplay changed consequently

this is what i was talking about
think of a takuma that can fireball like athena and land damage from everything low B (few frames and cancellable into everything), overhead (fourth fastest of the game only 16 frame for him same as kim’s), crossup (both air B and air D ), and easy knockdown/knockaway (hcb B/D), quick CD
obviously for balance purpose he can’t keep a fireball in 2002

if you don’t use a stock to land a qcf*2+P DM you can jump and hit to make the opponent land on foot for any mixup (roll to ground crossup, wait and throw, low combo, jumpin etc etc) and he got a major boost in this string in neowave where he can crossup with air C easily (and add heat mode to land tons of damage)

he can supercancel out of his hcfC qcfC followup, this add depth to him 'cause opponent have to watch out to not get caught in this almost half lifebar damage

choi is basically the same, the major change is the lack of the fwdA but this boost both pressing and combo ability


isn’t the damage as it that give deepness
but the mean to land that damage surely do

strong player bait you into overhead/crossup/lows then BC and combo
plus once you’r yellow flash is active you can go for nasty setup (there were a vid showing some of them i have to find it)
quick example: K9999 close standing D (blocked) quick BC (or down BC to a low B to come out) downB downD qcfA etc etc

this is deepness imho