KOF2K2: Back in SA

Since we’ve got 2002 back, I wanted to make a thread that could get everyone refreshed in the ways of the MAX and all that good stuff. Feel free to post combos, tidbits, and any other interesting things that may help others.

I don’t think that we have 2k2 back…we have Gene back :smiley: those three mexican brothers are really good also, their chris…is insane! Also if anyone has any new strats to beat them POST!!! Also is Daimon played the same as in 2k3, I had a hard time playing him, does he have a combo like s.D ::MAX:: (run foward) s.D SDM?

Lets not forget that we have Edgar back Too!!!

I’ve found that using the jumping light attacks work best against anybody who likes to jump. Those brothers tend to attack with D in the air, so just use a j.A or j.B to out prioritize them. Also, don’t rely to much on stuffing them since they have good defense using the c.B’s. Just know the characters that you are using and their attack ranges and you should be fine.

Daimon plays pretty close to the same as in 2003. The only difference is the timing of the throwing. Don’t try to throw after they come off the ground. Instead, throw in a light hit or two before going for the throw. His s.D and c.D still have the same priority, but I found out that a crouching or jumping A will beat it most of the time.

He doesn’t have alot of orthodox MAX combos. The only I’ve ever done is C-> MAX -> run in, C -> normal or (DM) Command throw. All the other ones i’ve seen use df+C -> MAX -> df+C as a launcher, then they go into the HSDM after 5 or 6 juggle hits.

Kim in corner:
close C, activate max mode, run up to C, 214 C, cancel to 214 B, cancel into 236236 B/D, charge 2,8 B/D for the 4-hit anti-air. Lots of damage.

Anyone know how to do the Kyo one that involves 236C to a 63214 B in MAX mode?

yah the kyo combo is not versus match combo. it’s CD, when their in the air, HCB Bx QCF Cx HCB Bx QCF C. and so on, I don’t think you can do it in the corner, and you don’t have to run forward as Kyos HCB B moves him foward.

I didn’t even know that a new 2K2 thread existed…:confused:

Well, I can’t contribute any major combos since I’m not really a combo person, but I can give a couple of strats for anyone who’s interested…heh heh.


Umm all us mexicans are gods at kof. GODS I TELL YOU! Btw a good match against chris is someone fast. try iori or angel if your good with her. Also if your trying orochi chris do c.b c.a c.C max run c.b c.b c.a d/f B (if they are a big character you can do hcf D into DP C then the dm) qcb hcf A.

Can anyone tell me if this kIm max combo would connect…

Max > c.A > c.B > d.d D > qcb D > qcb P > qcb P > qcb P > Msdm

i got the part w/ the san gekis to worK

Some strats on Ralf, Choi, and Leona, mainly Leona. Choi I know that his pokes and cross-ups pressure very well, I know that Leona can do a lot of damage, but Ralf I don’t know what is his main style. Some combos for them would be nice.

Try c.B c.A instead. c.A does more stun.


Something for Kyo players:

In versus matches, when jumping in, use either B or C. These have good priority for people on the ground. I found that his j.D is a great air-to-air attack. Also, a versus friendly corner MAX combo that I use is:

MAX -> Either f+B or df+D (cancel 1st hit) -> qcf+C -> qcf+A -> qcf+A -> hcb+B -> (S.Cancel) qcb,hcf+AC (release ealry) -> qcf+A -> hcb+A -> hcb+B

It should end up being a 9-hit juggle combo that does about 60-65% damage that uses up 3 super bars.

Fuckin truth! Go to anywhere in mexico and play a 7 year old mexican. You WILL get your ass handed to you. Also on that kyo combo. Try s.b s.a d/f D max on first hit small jump down C (that knock down attack) run s.C f.B qcf A qcf A hcb B (catch them before they land)qcf A hcb B (repeat until you have a bit of power left then on the last hcb cancel into sdm or dm either way they are gonna die ^_^) There you go. A deadly kyo combo.

Thnx bash

I am not gonna make my K’ the so called “leader” of my play in 2k2, i am gonna use him more just to get good damage in on players before i bring out my “Max mode” guy, which is Kim.
Cuz pretty much all you can do in 2k2 w/ K’ is poke and keep away game. And while being assisted by Joe, Robert, or Kula, i will have all the power stocks for Kim to use!

K’ can do more than that. Ill put in some stuff later.


Just saying her name brings back the memories of before 2K2 left.

Some strats:

  • Leona is fast, so her speed will help you get out of tight spots. When in her Riot mode (Up, down, up, down, up, down), she becomes the fastest character in the game…

  • Poking with Leona is good, but not like 2K3. Leona is meant to be an aggressive person, but she has the pokes and charged Moon slasher to give her some breathing room. Use Moon slasher as a finisher for two crouching light hits…

  • Standing D (2 hit) can link into either her Rebel Spark DM (HDM while in Riot Mode), or you can do her forward B and then her V-Slasher.

  • Learn her moves’ priorities. She can be snuffed out of her Moon slasher if hit low; her earring bomb can be blocked low; etc…

  • Leona is good anywhere on your character order. She can build up super well, and she can use supers well.

  • V-Slasher: V-Slasher gets a comment all its own because it is so powerful and hard to get out of. The speed on it takes people by surprise, and if you can pull it off right when you jump off the ground, it is really quick and requires a fast reaction time to get out of…

Well, these are some small strats on her. I’ll get into specifics later on…

My lunch is getting cold. :smiley:


Ok k’.
He has good pokes and strings like c.b c.a qcf C up D (etcetc from there.) Advice. Fake shit alot. Like fake CD into say hcb D BUT! theres more you can fake that too just hit them with the first hcb D then do it again, and you can cancel it into a super. See k’s really useful!

Mexicans rock people at this game! but anyways I know everyone says Rugal isn’t pickable on arcade but whilst I was in Mex I was playing some little kids who picked Rugal and I was like WTF, now I was thinking this was probably a bootleg version with a DC inside the cabinet but when I went to the char select screen Rugal wasn’t in his usual spot, right next to Yashiro in the black space, he was right next to Iori and he was visible, fuck those little kids owned all in that arcade till I decided to pick Rugal lol. I’ll see if I can find that pic I took of the screen.

Clark- s.C (1 hit) f.B, hcf C, dd C, qcf C.

naw i heard theres a code for picking him.