KoF XIII wishlist thread


I wish it was going to be a refined and perfected KOF XI.


Tits. That’s what KOF XIII needs.

I wish for good online play…oh wait we are talking about SNK here :shake:.

Edit: I think having a few more characters and stages is a must. Maybe throw techs would be a good thing to add. I was never a fan of C+D counters from 98/2k2 since most people tend to abuse them. Even though yes you can bait and punish them, but I think with the parry system they have now, it has the risk/reward factor there. They should keep the clash system also but I haven’t heard complaints about it yet. SNK just needs to market their games better now and have good online play. It’s almost 2010 and they still can’t figure out how to make a good netcode? We just have to wait and see.

I just hope the game comes out period and SNK starts thinking about their target markets and what they can do to please both the hardcore and bring in new players.

The ability to break to the skies halfway through a match to shoot down band after band of enemy aircraft.

I wish for the originally planned cast of KOFXII, tweak the gameplay so its still the same but a little closer to older KOF’s(hard to explain)

Bring back the team-mates standing on the stage waiting their turn.

Bring back old character/team specific themes and stages instead of generic fighting music, like Ikari teams Rumbling on the City/WWIII, the music in KOF was one of the main reasons I really enjoyed the series

The graphics are perfect, keep with this style.

Fat lady stage needs to be dropped

Arena stage needs to be redone, it looks cool but kind of weird that there’s only two of you fighting in the middle of a HUGE football field sized arena… I’d rather have it like Chizuru’s stage in kof96, with stuff going on in the background.

NEEDS TO BE RELEASED WHEN IT IS FINISHED, NOT BEFORE. release more awesome ports of older games to scrape in cash if they have to, I’m sick of people whining about it being an unfinished game while I’m sitting here happily learning combos and playing friends.

Go back to stocking supers

CC needs to be refined, possibly either;

  • Power it up and make it a once a round thing
  • Slow down the charge rate
  • Make it consume super stocks (ala A-Groove, V-ism) rather than another bar on the screen

Character intros with other characters (Ralf+Clark, Andy+Mai etc)

Mary, Angel, Maylee, Xiangfei, Yamazaki, Vanessa, Mai, King, Yuri, Maxima, K’, Loch Ness, Billy Kane, Vice, Kasumi, Ryuuhaku, Santa Claus, Luna Himeki.

Have the girls tops rip off like in 95 when you finish them with a special.

More skin showing on female characters.

wow! your sarcasm is so cool!

agree and no other things to say, KoF XII is a HUGE step back from KoF XI.

License the celshading tech that they used in the PS3 Naruto game.

Use 3D celshaded models that have a similar art style to 2002UM’s character select art.

Make the gameplay similar to 98UM. Maybe retain the CD charge mechanic from KOF12.

Add the characters from 2002UM. Maybe retain some KOF12 versions of the characters.

Use GGPO or similar rollback netcode.

After the arcade release, release it for PC, PS3 and 360, and make every version of the game able to play each other online.

Hmm, heck, SNK probably doesnt have a lot of inhouse 3D staff. They should just hire CyberConnect2 to develop it, and SNK just maintains gameplay/design/story/balance control.

  1. Cellshading would ruin KOF, I love the pixel art they’ve done for XII, I’ve never seen character sprites that detailed.
  2. Gameplay is semi-fine in XII, unless you’re stuck in the past… XII has very smooth controls, some systems need tweaking though.
  3. GGPO for sure, I never play online though, but everyone is praising GGPO as the gods work so I agree to be popular.
  4. Play each other? Has that even been done before/possible in FG’s?
  5. If SNK does not make it, it’ll just be like KOF EX plus alpha. Nobody wants that.

Wtf… last I checked NO other game has been able to accomplish this. The closest this has even been achieved was with PC and 360 and that’s only because MS was okay with it. I hope you were being sarcastic about this and the 3D cellshading.

Shrug. The process they’re using for kof12 is just too time consuming, they’ve shot themselves in the foot to achieve sprites that already look outdated. It will take them forever to build up the sort of cast we expect in a KOF, and the sprites will look 15 years old by then… but they cant draw new characters at a better res, since they’re stuck with the existing sprites now. If they stick with this path, SNK will most likely sink again.

Every person I’ve spoken to are unimpressed with KOF12’s sprites. The only people that like them are diehard KOF / oldschool 2D fans who are so used to looking at neo-geo graphics that they’ve learned to love lowres dot art. SNK is not going to win over any new fans this way.

Celshading tech has just recently started to look pretty good, so I think its a good time to go 3D. 3D is much more scalable and you can reuse things more easily. (eg. lets say later on hardware improves and you can use higher poly models and higher res textures. You can still keep all the animations you did, and use them on the new models, etc. Saves a lot of work, which is important in a series with a large cast like KOF) You also get cutscenes for free.

Sure, 2D has some things that cant be reproduced in 3D, but 3D has lots of nice effects that cant be done in 2D, as well. And ultimately, gameplay > graphics, right? So you’re not allowed to complain about 3D as long as the gameplay is the same :stuck_out_tongue:

But theres no way that SNK will do this, so rest assured we can look forward to pixelated KOF12 sprites for 13 :slight_smile:

All platform online interoperability is theoretically possible, the main hurdle is whether sony/ms let you do it. I’ll ask next week at work (I’m a games dev) whether MS has formal requirements that you must use xbox live. I know that you can do your own thing on Sony, since they dont provide any network stuff for you anyways.

As for that KOF EX plus alpha comment, well heck, even if they took that PS3 Naruto game, threw in the KOF characters, and stole the game mechanics from 98, it would result in a far more professional and modern looking product than anything SNKP has done in the past few years. Cyberconnect2 is a lot more proficient at next gen stuff than SNK at the moment.

I wouldn’t mind an SF4 look. There’s purists of course, but I thought the look of SF4 was great.

Not much to add what you guys have all ready said:

maybe 10-12 new characters including Oswald, Yamazaki, etc. More stages. An actual story. A boss. Remove two button throws. Keep the Clash System. More Super bars. Improve on underdeveloped characters that were obvious rushed (Clark). Remove parries, this isn’t Third Strike, they slow down the gameplay. Keep it balanced.

I can’t think of anything really ‘new’ gameplay wise to add. Then again, what brand new mechanic can you add to current fighting games that haven’t been done before and aren’t broken?

The two big problems that happened to XII were: Sinking 10 million into old school/new school sprites as opposed to going 2.5D. And mashing together too many things from other fighting games that doesn’t please new or old players. When you have short hops, parries, focus attacks, clashes, custom combos, and the gameplay is still slow, there’s something wrong. Fighting games are largely a spectator event, the game needs to look exciting.

Also, kinda lol … doesnt KOF12 have EVEN MORE oldschool gameplay than 98?

After all, they added clash, CD charge and CCs, but they took away Advance/Extra/(Ultimate), multiple stocks, SDMs, and half the moves from every character.

I can understand the people that want a new game to play like kof11 instead of 98/02, but it’s an interesting point of view to want it to play like 12 instead of all of those.
(except for smoothness of controls, feel, etc. I’m talking the game mechanics here)

Explaination of points is good

I myself, couldn’t stand the XI gameplay compared to 2k2, tagging and cancels from specials into supers into supers made it feel more like a party game like mvc2 than a serious fighter in my opinion. But this is a wishlist thread, so I’m not going to argue any more

I stick with my wishlist though.

Leona is already in, so I don’t really have much care about anything else

just about everything I wanted to say has been said already.

  1. new stages

2.returning to stocking supers

3.Seven to eight more characters(K’, Maxima, Kula, Mai, Blue Mary, Vanessa, Shingo, Oswald, Yamazaki)

4.I argee with Orchan about maybe remixing old themes like Esaka Forever or Cool Jam or KD-0084.

5.Gameplay should be smooth yet great.

That’s basically what I want. If they do this along with other people said earlier, KOF XIII should be a great game

Remove clashes, CC’s being activated if you “parry” an attack, CCs doing less damage and being harder to execute overall (2k2 style was fine), add the corner dizzy they wanted to add in at first, slow short jumping and speed a bit down (it was fine in the build previous to the final one), put in the unfinished characters plus a few more fan favourites (Mai, K’) and a few obscure ones (Karnov’s and World Heroes characters, they have the rights so why not use them?), make grabs 0f again, add some more moves to the cast (mature having a projectile back again for example), more strategic variety (everyone is an all out rushdown character pretty much), traditional special bar style, maybe super cancels too, more DMs per character and SDMs.

For the console versions add a shitton of stuff for casuals (story mode, artwork, extras, trials, etc.) because that makes a huge difference in sales, plus a good netcode is a MUST, I don’t understand how SNK hasn’t learned a bit of basic marketing in all these years, FFS.

I think they were going in the right direction but they fucked up big time.

dude kof is good but why does kofs sprites look so old? the most realistic 2D KoF is 12… but kof is still a awesome game…