KOF XIII/UMvC3 in Okinawa, JP?

Might as well try this again.

Anyone on the island who plays these games? Practically no one I’ve spoken to plays fighting games, and the only games I can ever find being played in town are ones I don’t particularly like (VF, Tekken).

I’d probably play in arcades more, but I’m a pretty stubborn pad stalwart (not to mention I don’t think there’s any Climax cabs in Oki, not to mention UMvC3 is console-only). So if there’s anyone in the Chatan/Camp Foster area, please make yourself known.

Hello, Ive been lurking on these forums for about a year or two. Decided to register to reply to your post.
The AF is PCSing me to Okinawa around December. I am pretty much garbage when it comes to fighting games but moving to Japan and the release of Persona 4 Arena has gotten me interested in learning. I am pretty competitive but in other genres like FPS and RTS. I do watch the FGC community alot though like Live Streams, EVO and MLG.

I am up to play anything. I suck though and the only fighting game that I was able to understand is Soul Calibur.
Ive got P4A, Soul Calibur V, Blazblue, KOF XIII, SS4IV:AE, UMVC3. I have two dual modded arcade sticks and I still have my Dreamcast with two arcade sticks too.

Cool stuff man, I’ll still be around then. I’m not all that great myself, hah. I like KOF XIII the most, but I’ve been trying out P4U (or P4A, w/e) and it’s pretty fun too. I play on PS3, but I can play on X-Box 360 too since I have that adapter for my pad as well.

I am on the PSN network, pretty sure the connection from Okinawa to the states suck but my PSN is NeurotX. My XBL is NeurotX too.

Random question, I know all games on the PS3 (except P4A/U) are region free. Do you mainly get connected to Japanese players in Okinawa?
How about XBL?

Depends. Games like SSF4 don’t have the ability to actually pick between regions, just “your region” (in my case, USA) or All Regions.

So then basically in that game I’d have to fish around through the ranked and lobbies for JP players. But I usually had okay connections with em, assuming that
the connection in the barracks wasn’t being stupidly bad. (The internet on-base isn’t very good at all.)

SCV definitely had the best online matchmaking I’ve seen, with the ability to - wait for it - actually PICK what region you wanted your potential player pool to come out of in lobbies. It’s unfortunate I’m just not much of a 3d fighter fan.

I was in Okinawa for a few years until 2009. I heard Sega on 58 closed down. I’m planning a trip there, anyone mind telling me what remaining arcades I should check out on island? With SF, Tekken and hopefully KoF13?

You can find Tekken pretty much everywhere. SF and KOF XIII don’t seem to be very popular however at any arcade that I’ve been to.

Sega is still open in American Village. As for UMvC3 I haven’t been able to find anyone else who plays it seriously enough for constant offline competition. I’ll be back next weekend so I’ll be running it again with some friends and hopefully be streaming soon.

Where are you at?

I’m still deployed.

Yeah, but where are you based when you return?

I meant Sega Hi-Tech, across the street from Kadena/Lester/Foster. Anyway thx for the info.

Ah yeah that’s gone cuz I never heard of it :lol: sorry.

Also I’m back from deployment now

Seriously though, if anyone’s ever down for matches, message me and let’s work some stuff out. (What with this stupid liberty policy and all, can’t even go to Kadena without a libo-buddy…)

sup i been here like a yr and it sux cant’t find nobody play fighting games i wanna start this new yr of playing of umvc3 and other fighting games.i pretty rusty now snice i haven’t play a good awhile but im interesting of going to this evo hosting this yr in la vegas and would like peeps help train.if u still there hit me up.btw im work between courtney and kinser .let me kno wat sup.

Yeah, still around though I PCS in March. What console do you play on, and when’s a good time for you?

I’m on leave right now but there is a group of players I know that are also trying to learn marvel. We are all air force though

I blame Airborne… :lol:o_O shrug

I’m on ps3 psn is maxwell61587 and I’m free all day after 1100 today.if u wanna exchange info that would be Kool and xero15 u kno players holla them also to me

Ill be back next week so we can get some games in I’m also contemplating hitting up EVO since I’ll be PCS’ing around that time

I blame Airborne… :lol:o_O shrug

Lol Kool Kool that wat sup we do indeed then we should plans about Evo also