KOF XIII/UMvC3 in Okinawa, JP?

Here my e-mail address maxwell61587@gmail.com ya wanna hit me up…my cell phone is not working for now

Sup peeps…im on kadena…umvc3 is my main gam but ill play any fighter

Man, we need to set up some kind of meet up. It’d be way easier without the damn libo rules though…

Nice matches today Max, I’m so rusty at Marvel :frowning:

Yea airlancer nice gameplay I think I more rusty than u r lol.but yea we need to find a setup or meetup.where u base at again airlancer.

Sup man join the crew wat ur console u Play on

Camp Foster. And Psy plays on Xbox.

Ill be back next weekend. If everyone can get to kadena Ill host a gathering

I blame Airborne… :lol:o_O shrug

Sup if u back this weekends should host a gather this weekends I don’t mind at all really want get back to gaming btw I can make some good food while gaming is on also .lol

Well there is the wired bean by the kadena lemon lot … Big tvs and consoles we could use…and spider-man guy…intertaining stuff u make

Kool then will see wat sup this weekends again

I’m back just got in last night. I have a new laptop so I’m going to start streaming now. I am going to host this weekend probably Saturday. For those who are needing a place to stay I have an extra room and a couch. I have two tvs one Xbox and one ps3 so if anyone wants to bring tvs and consoles cool. I have marvel and sfxt for both consoles and everything else is on Xbox but I mostly main marvel but always up for learning more games. Pizza Hut is right down the street so everyone could chip in to get pizza. Let me know how many people are interested and who may need a place to crash so I can accommodate

I blame it on Airborne… shrug

Xero where do u live?

Kadena in Bazely Towers

Hey xero15 Will see wat sup but yea I pretty much down for it.me and air lancer did pretty good online but still rusty in marvel but I down to learn and to play fighter games for the weekends and get back on track.

Cool let me know. I’m just excited that there seems to be a marvel scene on island now

I blame it on Airborne… shrug

If I can get someone to sign out with me, I’ll definitely try to get in on the action.

Sup I might able sign out with u if u cool with it and wat good still on playing games over ur crib on weekends or tomorrow evening of there no plans xero

Actually, that’d work just fine. I’m of course assuming that you’ve got a base-issued ID and all that kinda jazz.

Beasly towers …i think thats right down the block from where i am. But im definetly down to play

I think Chris Creecy (Magneto X) and I are going to play tonight if anyone is interested. Hit me up on PM for my number but as for tomorrow any time after 2 is good. Gives me time to clean up some.