Kof xii custom te/se (sf4) fight stick tamplets

OK guys since I have not heard anything about madcatz or any other company in the US releasing any official KOF XII fight stick. I am planning to mod my SF4 SE stick and turn it into a KOF XII fight stick :cool: but i have no photoshop skills what so ever :wasted:

I have been looking in the other threads and all they have is SF4 and some anime tamples. Since there is so much hype about the console release why don’t people start making KOF XII tamples!!!

I’m modding my HRAP3 to be an SNK specific stick. If you have some idea of what you want, I can help a bit. Unfortunately, I can only work on graphics Monday-Friday since that’s when I have access to Photoshop. I cannot commit to anything too big or involved as I have to do this between other projects at work and things are very busy for me at the moment.

My design

Nice design, i like the retro style. Thanks for offering help i will start my project next week so no hurry.

If you need an image, the high res wallpapers off of the 98’UM bonus disc for xii would make good for a stick bg




mine is on the way

the answer

I have lots of snk art work I can send you a file via megaupload or msn

Thanks, I’m looking for some of the new KOF XII art preferetly on hi-res.

Yeah, I bought the Madcatz TE specifically to do a light mod, and get rid of anything SF. I’m currently in the process of drawing and photoshopping my own design. I’ll post my progress in a bit.


cool looking forward to seen your work.

OMG thank you for making this thread, I am also making a stick and would like some KOF art on it, preferably with vanessa. I know this isn’t really a request thread but the Request thread is full of requests that probably won’t get finished for a while

im getting this stick of mine built right now with a wallpaper my friend building it and another making a kof skin. I’ll link you some pics once its done

you have never seen this yet?

Nasty :wasted:

can anybody show me a thread or tell me how to edit the look of my stick iv got the sf4 1

iv been told its easy to edit

If you are rocking the TE it is very easy to edit, you can download templates, photoshop a design, print it out, and swap it out.

The SE is a bit more complex, but seemingly painless.

Anyways here is the start to my KOF stick design…


Anyone guess who my favorite char is? I’ll update my process as I go on…

^ Very nice, hey does anyone know a site that is full of good KOF fanart?

Good KOF fanart is hard to come by. Believe me I know. :confused:

But that’s not to say that there is no good KOF fan art around. Try www.deviantart.com and search KOF.

There is one really talented dude who does some interpretations of the characters, and calls it KOF: Redux.

Custom artwork update.

Hey guys,

So I’m 50% near completion of my Madcatz TE, I’ve ordered some new buttons and ball as well, and I will be ordering shortly from Art a nice clean print and plexi.

For now the art is at least done, I’ll post with updates once my order is filled! :smiley:


P.S. Elisabeth rules!

mind sharing the snkp logo ive had a hard time gettin a decent one

nice template btw

Not at all…

This is an Illustrator file, it can be opened in Photoshop you just have to indicate the size, and DPI and voila!


I have never really played KOF in the Arcade. i’ve always been more of a casual player. Since I plan on playing KOF12 in the arcade, I want my joystick to be as accurate as possible. I currently have a square gate installed in my stick. Do the KOF cabinets use a square or octo gate?