KOF XII - Andy Bogard thread

Andy Bogard
Fighting Style: Koppou (Basic knowledge of Shiranui Ninjitsu)
Birthday: 16th August
Nationality: America
Blood Type: A
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Fav. Food: Natto spaghetti
Best Sport: Short track
Important Things: Photo of him and his master in his training days
Hated Things: Dogs

Kakaekomi: close, b or f + A + C

Hirate Uchi: f + A

Hishoken: qcf + P
Shoryuudan: dp + P
Zaneiken: db~f + P
Kuuhadan: hcf + K
Breaking: Kuuhadan, B + D

Choureppadan:qcb,hcf + K

just gonna repost this from the main thread

I played a lot of Andy today. He is way better than I thought! Really solid character.

Someone asked if his DP is invincible against low attacks. Yes, it is. Throw it out there if you’re absolutely sure they’re going to attack.

A Zaneiken seems safe on block. C version, probably not. Both versions knock down on hit.

Breaking his hcf+K is fun! I don’t think he’s at frame advantage after block though. Still, it lets you go on fun pressure strings, and if they don’t press any buttons after you Break the hcf+K, you can potentially walk up and throw them. If they push a button though the throw will whiff… I guess if you anticipate them poking back after that you can DP or b+CD…

If you hit them out of the air with a hcf+K Break, you can usually juggle standing C. Whenever I tried DP it whiffed… might need to hit them really high up… definitely doesn’t work when hitting them on the ground.

[optional jumping attack], crouching C -> CD, C Zaneiken (works anywhere on screen)
Crouching B, crouching A -> f+A, Hishoken / Shoryudan / Choreppadan (possible to get three light attacks before the f+A too. I was doing stuff like crouching A, crouching A, standing A, f+A)

Best corner combo (without meter) - Jumping D, standing/crouching C -> CD xx hcf+D, dp+C.
This combo does a lot of damage, but it’s a little weird - the hcf+D is supposed to get 5 hits. If it only gets 4 hits, juggling with the DP doesn’t seem to be possible. As far as I can figure out, you have a better chance of getting all 5 hits if you wait a little bit after the CD instead of buffering it immediately. Do it too fast and you’ll only get 4 hits, and no followup seems possible. His hcf+D is weird because it has a really steep vertical arc, it’s like the only practical thing it should ever be used for is this combo…

Andy has a standing B -> standing D chain (Ross later informed me that Chin has this exact same chain), but you can’t buffer anything off the standing D. Why??

his qcb+P is always a projectile. He’s basically 94 Andy but with the ability to break cancel his hcf+K.

Thank god they did that. Makes that move MUCH more useful.

When exactly do you apply the breaking. I tried doing his Kuuhahan breaks and they never came out. Whats the timing on it.

Which is similar to how he was in Fatal Fury 2/Special. I always like that style way more and having a brake move now makes it even better.

It’s shame he doesn’t say “heineken” (like the beer) when he shoulder barges anymore.

Hows his semi-standing overhead?

Was doing some testing today.

If you cancel his hcf+k and the opponent blocks it he’s unsafe. :frowning:

plus elbow will come out if you do 2b into f+a since i’m sometimes holding back-down. To avoid elbow rush coming out unintentionally do the same as for example Takuma in 98/2001 - hold down B after pressing it and release it after F+A that will stop the elbow coming out. Same as it stopped Takumas fireball coming out after doing a fireball motion for the forward A after tapping down b’s and then holding the b.

Can you still use the qcb,f+K shortcut to do Choureppadan?

i’ll try that next time I get to play, that shortcut probably won’t work in 12 though. It would be good since after the F+A it would cut down on errors.

I’m not feeling on using Andy so much anymore. :frowning: looking on kensou.

sorry what i ment was, is it like the orb that stays in hand for 4/5 hits like in the 02/04 games?

It seems when that Jon player was using Andy’s HCF+kick cancel, it was safe…his opponents couldn’t even cr. jab him afterwards. Not only that, he was able to recover fast enough to Shoryudan dragon punch after too! Maybe you have to do it with weak kick instead of strong kick? Andy ownz!!!

Both versions are 1-hit full-screen projectiles.

You mean in his projectile in 98.

right thanks for that

no you can’t do shortcut ini this game
andy C -->CD --> DM can’t hit opponent except in the corner

Basically, press B+D immediately; he shouldn’t have left the ground otherwise it’s too late (obviously hehe).

I like to do d.B, d.A, neutral, f+A or d.b, s.A, f+A (instead of db.B, db.A, f+A). Jon likes to do df+B, df+A, f+A. I never liked the “sticky” method as we used to refer to it on the kofmailing list as–personally I never liked that method but to each and his own.

Can anyone confirm if Andy’s Kuhadan break (HCF + B+D) safe on block? Jon seems to use it quite a bit and so far, I haven’t seen anyone punish him for it.

tried it right next to an opponent and asked him to tap down b’s and they got me, unless my eyes were deceiving me at the time. Can’t remember if it was in a combo though, that could be it.

Is there like some sort of execution trick for getting the elbow in combos consistently? I’ve been having an issue with it getting the elbow after the f+A. To the point where I’ve replaced it with the fireball or the Shoryudan. But the fireball doesn’t knock down and the uppercut does poor damage compared to the elbow.