KOF XI for PS2: Arcade or Arranged mode

I know I’m already gonna regret startin this

easily Arcade 4 me. I honestly see nothin’ really broken in this game to make Arranged Mode balanced. Sides ppl are always complain about not arcade perfection soo …lol.

The games creators didn’t put an arrange mode in for no reason. It fixes things that were broken in the original game, mostly toning down the top tier and slowing down a lot of things. I won’t go into detail because there is already alot of info in other threads. It also adds a several characters if you allow the home characters to be played in arrange mode tournaments.

To me, Arrange mode is like KOF XI Reload. Numerous fixes everywhere + several more characters. It’s a whole new game.

I don’t care if certain characters are “nerfed” down or “beefed” up. That’s all just personal bias for a character. I only care about playing a fun, balanced, competitive game that has the KOF feel that I like. To me, arrange mode seems more to my liking.

Additionally, I have never played KOF XI in the arcade, and probably never will for any length of time. I believe 90% of the people in America playing this game are probably in the same condition. So it’s not like we are trying to preserve a format to practice with for arcade play. To me, the console game is the game that I will be playing, and if I ever go to a tournament for the game, it will probably be on console.

You can call me a scrub who doesn’t know anything since I haven’t ever had much comp outside a few friends and mexicans at my local arcade (which sadly closed last year before they could get this game). I don’t care. All I know is that to ignore arrange mode is basically saying fuck you to the people who go to the trouble to make these games in the first place. We always complain about games not being balanced or broken glitches, and here comes a company who comes along and actually cares enough to attempt to produce a fixed version for a home release. They also add in what seems to be a very very good conversion of the arcade version. This is a company that cares, and if we want to show any grattitude we won’t just ignore arrange mode.

Maybe arrange mode will end up being unfun, or too slow, or whatever. If so we can go back to arcade, but before that I think competiive players needs to give this new version of an already great game the attention it deserves.

kof11arrange=SFA3 upper and Tekken5.1

kof11arcade=SFA3 and Tekken 5.0

thats deep,think about it…? :wtf:

um u can still play the other chars without setting it on arrange actually

I just want to add that I believe that ignoring SFA3 Upper was one of the greatest tragedies that ever happened to the SF community. It’s another situation much like this one with one key difference, and that is the availability of arcade machines and arcades in general. I still believe the game is superior to regular Alpha 3 and pure stubborness, but since machines of the original alpha 3 were much more common than KOF XI machines and arcades were more popular in general, it was different. It’s a different situation from 1998.

Think about Slash, there are practically no arcade machines of it in the US, yet it was immediately accepted by the GG community. It will not help them in the arcades at all. If they followed the logic that the home version should always be the same as the arcade they would still be playing Reload, or even XX or X.

This is true, however by allowing the extra characters you are altering the original game into simply another type of arranged mode. So in essence the game actually has three different modes. Arcade, Arrange 1 AKA arcade with the extra characters, and Arrange 2 AKA Arrange mode.

arcade all day theres nothing wrong with the original game that would suggest need for an arranged mode theres no one overly broken kula is top tier but she can be killed just like everyone else

tru but I dont care much for them except Mai, and maybe Tung. Sides Geese is def. broken in my book. SC counters I mean WTF?! or EX Kyo’s max mode bs. But the idea of a EX Kyo is bs enough why not save his spot for an original char. maybe Andy, Joe, Leona I dont care just someone else I’m tired of Kyo.

But as Tech said I also see nothing wrong with Arcade mode.

Well, considering that one of the main reasons I like KOF is because of the kind of combo craziness and fun training-mode type stuff you can do, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Arrange mode. Arcade for me, plz.

I will admit I am afraid of the new characters place in the balance of the game. They do not seem as if they were designed for this game system and may end up being worse than original top tier in regards to gameplay balance. I believe we should go through a testing period of allowing them in tournaments and then make a decision about their legality. I know other people have suggested this but I think a more formal agreement should be made between players. We have to be careful that If we do discover that the characters are overly broken then we must have the courage and willpower to give up our broken characters. I fear many would whine and bitch in this situation because they would not want to learn new characters.

I believe the end result will be the banning of at least geese and EX kyo. If more bannings are needed, then so be it. I merely believe that we can eventually get this game to a point of gameplay to set an example for the fighting game community to get into this game and allow us all to more competition. Too many people ignore KOF and I think this could be the one to change that.

If you’re going to ban a hidden character, you might as well ban all of the hidden characters. It doesn’t make sense to say that only certain characters should be allowed. Where does it end? Can we ban Gato? Kula? Of course not. But they’re just as broken in a way.

As for the PS2 only characters not being designed for the KOF system, in most cases that actually makes them WORSE than they were in their previous appearances. Robert was raped from NGBC. So was Hotaru. EX Kyo is the only one who really strikes me as “OMG too strong” because of his juggling ability. But again, if you’re gonna ban one of them, it’s only fair to just not allow them period.

yeah Robert did get nerfed but not all of the secret chars are broken I mean look at Syo Hayate aka the bigges p.o.s. in XI but I def. agree wit u mega, too many ppl ignore the KOF and this one def. SHOULD be the one to change that

I was referring to the PS2 only characters, I know that the hiddens aren’t broken. Adel and Gai are the only ones really worth a damn.

It should also be noted that switching to Arrange mode and banning hidden characters because they “might be broken” is not going to get more people to play KOF. It’s still KOF, and the people who don’t play it will still look at it this way.

Unless the arcade version gets a remake exactly like the arrange mode, and it’s actually accepted, then arcade mode ftw.

the only thing arrange mode’s good for me is it gets easier in fighting the CPU magaki…

arrange mode sucks otherwise since it doesnt allow LDM juggle combos, period

Props to megaultrasuper for actually doing a deccent job of defending Arrange Mode instead of just going “OMFG deal with the changes j00 fagg!”

Arrange would’ve been good if it only nerfed KGO but some characters got nerfed for no reason whatsoever…but yeah Arcade Mode is what’s gonna be used in tourneys(Unless you’re THE ANSWER) so Arcade Mode is the way to go.

Saying arrange mode sucks because it’s different is retarded. That’s like the people who say KOF sucks because it’s different from SF. We don’t care if the gameplay is different, just if it’s better. If you believe that the absence of LDM juggles makes the game worse, than that’s fair for you to say. However, I believe that from a gameplay standpoint, that change is highly relative to a players particular tastes. No one is going to get everything they like in any version, we are going to have to compromise. Many of my favorite characters seem much cooler in Arcade mode, but I can accept that their different version in arrange mode because I know it is better for the game and the competive environment.

I don’t think we should ban any characters right away. I think after a set amount of time we should revisit the issue and then make any rulings.

I also think that any character should be up for a banning. In general I believe this should be true for any fighting game. Nothing is ever designed perfect, so every game, including the arranged mode of this game is going to have flaws. I believe that we should not be ignorant of the fact that something in a game is wrong. This goes for arcade versions of as well. I believe that it is possible for a group of players to come to a formal agreement for competitive play of a game that ensures the freshest, most varied, most intense competitive play environment. In order to achieve this I believe we may not neccasarily be able to play the game in it’s original format.

For now, I think we should stick to two formats. Arcade with no extra characters playable, and arrange with all characters excluding magaki and shion playable. We can progress from there in deciding on the best format, making more subtle changes as needed. This type of thing is done all the time in other forms of competive gaming, like pc games with revisions or paper games with bannings. Fighting games do not have the luxury of an easy revision system so we much either act as the revising agent ourselves or accept the limited revisions that occur infrequently in the form of things like arrange mode.

EDIT: Thank you to ArcadeFire. I will probably play Arcade mode if it is decided in the end by the players to be the standard. However, I could not stand by and let it happen without knowing that it was an informed decision.

The problem with that viewpoint is that players often have vastly different views of what is fair and not fair. How would you decide who to ban? Majority vote? To me at least, the hardcore community has never been about the majority. Make a “committee” of players who are “qualified” to make the decision? That’s too exclusionary for my tastes. Ask the creators? Shit, the creators almost never have any idea of what is actually good or not in their games, and they usually have to ask the players what they want.

To me at least, in order to be truly fair, no one who isn’t EXPLICITY broken should be banned. That leaves Shion and Magaki, if you ask me. I don’t see a character who can supercancel a counter as being broken, so I dunno where all this Geese garbage is coming from. EX Kyo has some retarded combos, but that’s about it. If you’re gonna nitpick about which console-only characters should be allowed, the safest and most fair way to go about it is just to not allow them, period. No exceptions. It seems extreme, but it’s the easiest way to be fair.

will when will we have a tier list for arrange mode + including ps2 chars. + bosses? There’s already been talk about Geese bein top?

Everything you have said is true. It is also exactly what is holding back competive fighting games right now. As I have said, we are going to have to compromise, because their will be no perfect system of deciding what to do. This is a problem that warrants lengthy discussion on it’s own in my opinion. As of right now, I believe that a much more formal system of running the competiive fighting game community would lead us down the path of eventually coming into the ability to make more subtle gameplay adjustments.

We are at a crucial point right in the history of the fighting game community. How we address these issues and deal with the final stages of the death of the arcade will dictate our future. This issue in KOF XI is just one of many decisions we will have to make.

I agree, that for now, all characters except for shion and magaki should be legal.