KOF Maximum impact regulation a thread

well since there wasn’t one I’ll just start one and here are some nice vids for it already.40 arcades in japan already have KOFMIRA.


post in existing SNK thread dude…its there for a reason

Actually let him do it XTG. SRK encourages individual threads of games. Like when KOFXII comes out there will be an individual thread specifically for KOFXII also.

So let him do it…we need at least one individual thread for the games.

Makes my job easier actually…makes merging info easier when its in one separate thread.


Its how we have a separate SST, NGBC, NeoWave thread…

ehh…alright…i know the guy personally, im sure videos of said game go into your thread, much like any other SNK related match/combo videos

We already have a KoF MI2 thread…

Yeah true…I hear yah man…but let them have at least one thread for the games…


If they want my help they know where to get it…if not no biggie. :tup:

If the mods deem its something that needs to be directed into my thread I’ll let them handle it…


**Shinto- **Yes but MI Reg A is a different game.

Its like KOF2k2 and KOF NeoWave…same game but different games.

yeah and besides when MIRA comes out next week, most likely everyone who pre-ordered it will be playing that instead of MI 2. So might as well have a new thread.

Just wondering if Luise got anything new

To me in the preview vid that I saw of her, I did notice that she has a new ground graple. I’m guessing it’s similar to Geese’s version but probably harder to do XD.

edit: looks like the new op for MIRA is out.

rock howard has a new triple reppuken
double reppuken range is shortened and the second hit launches for juggle.
more changes when i stop being owned by work

This thread is definitely needed. The old one is kinda mucked up now, and old characters are gonna have things added/removed.

So who else has this pre-ordered besides me? :tup:

Is that a new version of Infernal Gate? Or was the MI 2 arcade version like that too?

The thing I put up? It’s the new opening to MIRA.

Some things that i have noticed while watching the previews:

Lilly: I saw a new attack in the first one, looks like a 2-8 charge (the one that looks like a mini version of her 623A/C).

Ninon: She easily has a new attack (the mist thing). It looks like she can summon it and it will stay on the field for a period of time or until she activates it. Otherwise it won’t do anything. I also think she has some new SM’s.

Chae Lim: She has a new super and thats about all I can tell.

Luise: I did notice that she now has a ground grapple but that’s about it. Maybe a few new SM’ or maybe some modified ones.

Nagase: She has what looks to be a 4-6 charge attack that has two different properties. The A version most likely goes straight forward while the C version seems to be a launcher.

B. Jenet: She has a new aerial super (or I think they brought it back).

Ryo/Mr. Karate: Ryo has a new attack and a what looks like a new version of his 646A/C. Mr. Karate looks like he has a few new SM’s.

Kula: Like she needed more projectiles, they gave her snowmen attack DX.

Jivatma: Looks like they increased the speed one some of his SM’s. He now has a grapple from “Turn the Wheels”. He also has a new level 3, I don’t know yet if this replaces his current one or not.

Hanzo: He now has a new command grapple.

Yuri: She has a new super (an aerial Hou-Sho-Goken). Also looks like she has a few new SM’s.

That’s about all I can tell from the preview videos out right now (it’s all speculation, nothing 100%). There probably some good info on SNKP’s official site.

A triple repuken? Where did you get that info, cause if it’s from some of the match vids out thats just a normal N.Double Repuken cancel.

Waiting to see if a US version will be announced - I got burned with GG Accent Core, so I’m going to wait a bit this time.

I’m in the same situation. MI1 & MI2 got released in US, so I’d expect this one to come here as well. Besides, I’m short on cash right now so I’d have to wait anyways.

I already preordered my copy and if there are any northwest players i’m going to start having tournys on KOFMIRA and other snk games.

But this is an update rather than a whole new game. And the update games usually just stay in Japan/Asia… unless they are releasing for a different system.

What are SM’s?

you’re right, after watching those matches again, disregard me i suck cocks

Damn, SNK is still bringing the goodness after all these years.

uh, oh sorry. “Stylish Moves”.