Known Counters for Morrigan/Doom aka the ChrisG?

I’ve been experimenting with Task/Morrigan/Doom.

Task’s meter building along with Morrigan’s assist build a shitload of meter and the team seems great overall.

Just wondering what are some thing to look out for when I’m doing the Morrigan Doom spam? It seems pretty solid

strider assist, viper main, wolverine main

This is just conjecture, but
Okami Shuffle
DHC Hailstorm
Beam hypers

Basically anything fast and high priority. Morrigan can be safe by unfly cancelling and blocking on reaction, but if you’re not already in flight mode you’ll get sniped. The main thing to worry about though would be Doom getting hit, since he’s out there forever, and stuff like Okami Shuffle will destroy whatever missiles may already be on their way.

Throws, fast full screen hypers, and Dormammu. I hate Dormammu…


meant on point. Viper and wolverine can shut morrigan down at the start of a round easily by applying pressure before she can get away/set anything up.

C. Viper, Taskmaster, Dormammu, Zero, Strider assist, Vergil, Spencer, and others. But Zero, Dormammu, and Vergil are her biggest threats.

I don’t see how you guys are having issue with C. Viper. She has absolutely no answer for her zoning. Various matches between Marlin and Chris G should’ve made that obvious. Wolverine is the same thing. When Wong beat Chris G he had to rely on airthrows (that Chris G could have teched), Xfactor, and 2 Bars just to kill her. If a character needs all of that to beat a character, its not a good matchup.

I also find Zero manageable. I’d put it even at worst, but its honestly in Morrigan’s favor. Spencer is definitely an easy matchup. Just watch NerdJosh vs. Yipes and watch his Spencer get zoned out repeatedly and Josh’s Morrigan is no where near the level of Chris G’s. IMO from personal experience and from watching tourney streams I would say her worst matchups (on point) are Dormammu, Ammy, and Vergil

Optic Laser. You hold a button, play the normal spacing game, see Doom call, let go of button, dash in to gain some space on the Soul Fist coming from behind, hit Doom with at least 3 Seismos, if Morrigan tries to get close to stop you, EX Seismo. Optic Laser has 12! durability, and will negate all Soul Fists coming from in front, 45 angle above from either in front or behind, the only one it misses is a ground level horizontal from behind. Optic Laser wins the fucking match up almost free.

Nah man, if you threw a soul fist and they do say, gimlet, just fly unfly really fast. Its hard but it makes her safe.

The “hyper” tactic isnt really good vs Morri imo, but it blows up Doom. and obviously the main part of your team is Doom. So watch your missile calls because good players dont care at all about Task or Morri and just want to kill Doom.

I really think the strongest one is going to be characters with a ridiculous opening gambit, provided she’s on point (ie Logan).

Other than that, something that can blow up Doom to make AV more manageable.

Easier said than done, but doable. The main problem people have against Morrigan is that some teams just aren’t made to fight it – which IMO is fine in a game with as many viable characters and combinations as this one.

I have never seen an Optic Laser beat out Soul Fist coming from above. Hell even if it does there should be **two **Soul Fists coming in. It would take care of the first but not the second. Furthermore if a Morrigan can’t crank out Soul Fist faster than C Viper can charge, fire, and recover from Optic Laser then she is doing something very wrong. Throw in AV and there is just no way in hell Viper is dealing with Morrigan’s zoning.

When Marlin beats Chris G, the vast majority of the time its thanks to his Ammy. Whether is because of reflector or her THC + XF lockdown with Doom.

Go into training room, and see how fast you can fire op[tic laser if you hit the button immediately after releasing it. Your post reads like someone who hasn’t even spent 5 minutes with Viper. You cannot safely call Hidden Missiles against Viper, which means she can just fucking super jump and burn kick feint to waste AV time and cause you to end at a very large meter deficit. If you put out two diagonal soul fists as fast as possible, one optic laser will have enough frames to bust them both, and has a large enough hitbox around her head to stop any coming from diagonally behind. She also has EX thunder Knuckle, I can’t believe I left that out of my first post.

She is the teams worst match up by far, especially since more often than not she’ll be coming backed by Vajra. Marlin still isn’t playing the match up correctly, and would instantly be doing better if he switched to Missiles instead of Plasma Beam for the match up. He still wins even with the “wrong” strategy because he’s a fucking amazing player, and only has to get in once to make it count.

If you start super jumping to avoid Optic Laser (it’ll hit you on grounded to fly canceled soul fists), she can start wavedashing in, and get a chance to grab or EX siesmo/thunder knuckle. All C. Viper has to do is block until she gets an Optic Blast. It causes Soft Knockdown (I think) which gives her plenty of time to come in. Zero is very hard for Morrigan. My main training partner uses Zero, and at first Morrigan spam was real tough. But then buster happened. When he has full buster you can’t call Doom, because it goes right through Morrigan and hits him, not to mention he has his Lv. 3 to do massive damage to any Doom call. I’m not even sure on the properties of Raikousen because of how quick it is, but I’m pretty sure it negates soul fist, and when that happens he can buster cancel and Raikousen again to get in. All of his mobility options (Raikousen, Hienkyaku, Setsuizan)+ buster = tough luck Morrigan. Even with AV up I can’t keep him away.

You can’t fly cancel to dodge Gimlet, it’s too fast, you can only unfly.

Optic Laser is soft knockdown vs point, hard knockdown vs assist. Which is why you just have to snipe Doom into Seismos with it. Raikousen is a physical attack, and doesn’t interact with Soul Fist in anyway for the record.

Oh surprise surprise. Some poster on SRK stupidly assumes the person their responding to doesn’t know how to play “X” character. Play me on PSN and I’ll show you I’ve spent way more than 5 minutes with Viper.

Anyways I tested it out. Optic Blast does bust 1 of the Soul Fists but not both of them even if they are back to back. I used Soul Fist L, Fly, Soul Fist M so that the end of the first fist stacked with the second. I even tried to time so that it would hit right when she was firing. It didn You’re overrating its hitbox. Even if it did only a dumbass would keep trying to shoot them back to back instead of switching Soul Fists.

Next I tried to see if Morrigan could fire 2 Soul Fists before C. Viper could charge Optic Blast. She easily can. I even tested this in Vipers favor. I blocked an Optic Blast instead of ducking it (which put me in blockstun), and then went into Soul Fist spam. Result was that Viper’s next Optic Blast whiffed and took out one SF and then got hit by the other while she was in recovery frames (was holding back while charging so she would block if she was able).

I also made sure I was out of EX Seismo range. EX Thunder Knuckle whiffed. Tested using Morrigan on point with Viper as dummy, and then vice versa. Results were the same. So unless you can provide me video proof of a competent Morrigan getting zoned out by Optic Blast I’m concluding that this is theoretical BS. The idea that a horizontal, ground-only projectile can shut Morrigan down is absurd. Especially considering it can be ducked under.

Marlin has tried to this. It worked for about 5 seconds. But of course that doesn’t mean anything to good ole SRK. Even when the best player of a characters struggles with a matchup, it doesn’t matter if theory says otherwise! Hilarious

Just do what I did and play XF3 Skull.

Oh interesting. It was always hard to see what was happening because it overlaps Soul Fist. Thanks for the info.

One thing to look out for is the record function in the training mode so that instead of asking on SRK you could, I don’t know, find out for yourself. Afterwards somebody can make a video about it, 2 days later it’ll get on the front page and then the tier thread can talk about how Morrigan/Doom isn’t top tier anymore.

There is no charge time for the second Optic Laser. Just like there’s no charge time for a second round trip. Also, seriously, did you just try and play the internet tough guy card and challenge me to a match on PSN? Marlin is a fucking amazing player, but no player is playing their character perfectly and utilizing the entire toolset yet. Also, for some fucking reason, you’re fixated on all of this punishing Morrigan when the point is to shut down the team which Viper does, with everything I mentioned, by punishing Doom. None of this is meant to counter Morrigan, because you can’t while Doom is still being called with impunity excepting full screen hypers. Once Doom is down, there is no lockdown, and without the lockdown Morrigan is only moderately more difficult to rush than anyone else.

I’m pretty sure C.Viper/Missiles/Vajra can fight this pretty well.