Kneel Before SRK - The Man of Steel Movie Thread

Too lazy/busy studying/drunk to post links right now, but I guess this will be the Superman: Man Of Steel movie thread, considering discussion is now eating up the Lounge and Movie threads

So far the release date is “Holiday 2012” unless the Aztecs were right.

Zack “300/Dawn of the Dead/Watchmen” Snyder is directing with David “Batman/Blade” Goyer writing, and Chris “Batman” Nolan producing.

General Zod is listed as the main villain. No word yet of Luthor (or Brainiac, considering Zod is involved).

So what is everybody thinking? Hopes? Fears? Superbabies???

I for one think this will actually work well, I just hope they’re smart enough to setup future Superman movies. A major complaint I hear frequently is “nobody knows who Brainiac/Mongol/Darkseid is”, so setting one up early (Zod discussing Brainiac for instance) would be helpful. But seriously, this is the wikipedia era, and people can just fucking wiki a name they hear or character they barely see, in a movie.

Zod vs Supes means we can hopefully see some CGI laden fight scenes, that will blow us away, and can come close to capturing the epic battles Kal-El has faced in the comics.

Luthor in the background rather as a main villain would be a great way to use the character, similar to his usage in the comics.

FYI i also considered calling this thread “THIS…IS…KRYPTON!!!”

reserved (due to the movies TWO YEAR FROM NOW release date)

just keep Shaq out of this then I’ll be fine.


Steel (1997)

Henry Cavill to Play Superman!! | Superhero Hype

Henry Cavill to play Superman

So, a fan favourite has been cast as Superman. Reminds me a lot to when Bale was cast as Batman around 2004, fans wouldn’t believe it! Cavill was actually my top choice so I am quite happy about this. Altough Snyder showed great casting qualities in Watchmen already so I had little doubt that he was going to make a good decision.

I have never been able to give a damn about superman or any hero who is not a person outside of being a super hero. I hope that they change that and give us some time with clark wrestling with his lack of faults compared to the humans that he protects. Somthing to make him seem like more than just a cape. For reference, my favorite comic book characters, besides Death from sandman who really does not apply here, is daredevil and cassandra kane. they tend to do as much without their costumes as they do with them. I will see the movie regardless, I just hope that they have gotten all of that “iconic” bullshit out of their system and can assume that everyone knows who the character is and focus on writing a compelling story.

if he fights Luthor again, I give up on Superman movies.

So…you’ve never read a Superman comic at all.

Superman is like religion, you can’t debate about him civilly. Makes sense, since we’re only one hand-drawn water-to-wine away from the Church of Kal-El.

I like Superman and I always have, so odds are I’ll see this on release day as an act of penance for not ever getting around to Superman Returns. How was that, by the way?

Pretty much, but most of my experience with him has come from his presence in all of the other DC comics. Supergirl, batgirl, nightwing, lantern, The Outsiders, green arrow, robin and the teen titans all got me interested in the way that they were written in the big crossover events that DC always does. I felt compelled to look into those comics after I read them. After Identity Crisis, I loved Wonder Woman. Sadly when all of the other characters come together, Superman just gave me no reason to care about him. I was hoping that the last movie would do somthing different but they were still of the opinion that seeing him lift things and fly was enough to make him interesting. He just comes off as a finger waggling wet blanket next to the other DC characters in most books.

So no, I have not read HIS book but the way that DC is, that does not mean that I don’t have any experience with the character.

…Ozymandias, Silk Spectre

I hope this movie is a lot better. Chris Nolan’s producing so I hope that means something. I don’t know who this General Zod is so I’ll look him up. Don’t really care much for Supe’s villains in general. I just hope I won’t see Mr. I can’t spell or pronounce his name or Toyman in a movie ever.

^Too each its own then. I liked Mattew Goode as Ozy, and never saw the big deal fanboys made out about the Silk Spectre actress, the internet exagerating everything as always IMO

And yes, I imagine WB using Nolan’s name in promotions / trailers and stuff.

Snyder is great at directing action sequences.

Supes vs Zod would be epic.

As far as I know, Zod is bunk until further notice.

I maintain cautious optimism. And will be watching at least one episode of The Tudors.

man if zod is real…i beg them to use the kneel before zod line. [media=youtube]TYDYzyqIy-I[/media]

You know they would be obligated to.

I was pretty disappointed with Returns. Mostly because it was just the same basic plot as Superman 1978, except that one was much better. Also, I would really like to see someone try to use a bulldozer on that kryptonite island, real estate development my ass!

Superman needs someone as strong as him to fight. Him having trouble fighting normal humans (oh noes kryptonite) is pretty lame.

I’d pay to see Batman vs Superman

that gif was awesome

I figure a Supes vs Batman will be done within 5 years. Give them time to wrap up Batman, and get one or two decent Supes movies out, then they’ll finally do Dark Knight Returns