Are you afraid of your opponent mashing SRK while you both are standing close to each other? If no, why not?

Sidenote: From what you’re asking: No, you aren’t ‘pretty good’.

hey guy, if you have been on the forums, then you should have seen this for Abel and this one for Sakura but i can’t blame you for being too lazy to just even browse the threads then so you would opt for starting one in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo board in hopes that somebody would point you in the right direction, correct?

also, how can you say you’re “pretty good” when you clearly state that you “live in a dead part of the UK where no one plays fighting games and everyone plays COD.”? the comp must be awesome there! i guess ryan hart has got NOTHING on you, superstar.

seriously though, your setups for a mixup may just be TOO transparent. it’s not a true mixup if your opponent can read what you INTEND to do, lol. better get your info straightened out before you hit the lab and/or practice mode. cheers.

peace out.


whooa, i didn’t mean it like that. I’m not a badass SSFF nerd. What i meant by pretty good, was that i know the basics of the game and i know the BnB’s of each character. You guys make this website even more unwelcoming.

AND BTW, have already read both of those guides and i just wanted some extra info IN GENERAL, about knock down the advantages and disadvantages of them. If i wanted to get dissed and abused i would have gone to my school. All i asked is for some help. WTH is wrong with you people cut me some slack, I’m probably a lot younger than you, next time ill reconsider asking anything on here again.

chill out man. i was under the impression that since you’ve been a member of SRK for over a year now, you would have the common sense to look up the specific character forums for advanced strategies and match-ups. don’t be so cross i swiped you with a little sarcasm, are you like 12yo? seriously? i was intent on helping you out but hey, don’t be too uptight man. you gotta take these forums with a little humor and a pinch of salt at the same time. nobody’s perfect but if you feel slighted, my sincere apologies. just be careful with how you present yourself on the boards, both with your queries and responses. please do read the stickies first before creating a new thread, most of the time the info you are looking for is just a few pages away or somebody may have asked a similar question that you would like to be addressed. the mods may end up closing this one because all the particular game/character threads you need is readily available from the main forum dashboard. cheers.

peace out.


Wait, you can do every BnB of every character (that’s like 30 different 1f links), but don’t know that you can block/backdash on your opponents wakeup, baiting out the srk and have them eat 600 damage? That’s pretty darn interesting I might say.

Well actually I’m fourteen, and i haven’t played SSFF in about a year now because i’ve had constant exams, in my school. I HAD NO IDEA, where to post this thread at all so i thought, I’m no good anymore ill put it on the newbie forums. I haven’t played in a year (literally), i sold my TE stick, i took my ps3 out only recently, started to learn bit and bobs, i can sort of hit one frame links with these characters. Well it’s ok man, you two both posted and i felt like you were just taking the piss.

And as for Vulpes you really are just here to piss me off, I have no idea what I’ve done to you :S

easy dude, he has stated his case and asked to be cut some slack. i suggest to lay off the on the smack talk and actually respond constructively since were here, agree?


  • i don’t know much about Sakura but here’s some Abel tips off the top of my head :
  • EX tornado throw will beat out DP [jab/non EX version i think] provided you do bait them into mashing one out or you could dash in and out of their space then hit them with the move
  • [on wakeup] dash out or Marseille roll to confuse them then CoD / combo of your choice if they DP reversal
  • stay out of shoto cr. RH range and bait out sweep, Ultra

mind you, you need to have crazy reflexes to be able to react on a whiffed sweep or DP but keep at it. hope that helped you. cheers.

peace out.


I responded constructively. If you expect your opponent to SRK, block or backdash, then punish.

The OP states he is pretty good, then complains about me telling him he isn’t (when he isn’t), then states he meant knowing the BnBs of every character, then complains when I tell him he doesn’t (when he doesn’t). I can’t really take that serious, sorry.
You don’t go into a newbie section saying “I’m good but help me anyways”. Either you don’t sprout bullshit and acknowledge you suck, or you don’t ask questions.

I have no problem helping him if he comes in here and says “I’m pretty bad and have no clue where to place this; I knock people down and they SRK me, what can I do against that?”, but posting a rant containing nothing but “I’m a good player and my friends piss me off by playing lame shotos and knockdowns are useless, go help me!” and then later proceed to bitch at people that help him (albeit in a rather harsh manner) instead of actually trying to understand what I wrote (did he even spend half a second on the question i posed in #2?)?!
Other note @ OP: If you were less bitchy (yes, you are, we aren’t) that might help your issues at school as well.

LOL. good shit Vulpes. very true that he didn’t read your first post about being scared of the wakeup DP but for the record though, he did say he is 14 [almost the same as Noah The Prodigy though i might be wrong]. i kinda reprimanded him to be careful next time and how he goes about posting here on the forums so we’ll see.kids these days…

on a different note, you like Skull Girls as well, huh? i’m excited about the game as well. i gotta say, Mike Z knows his shit alright!

peace out.


Ok LMAO Vulpes, I’ll admit it if it makes you any happier!!! I’m terrible at the game, happy XD. And BTW don’t but into my personal life, I enjoy my school a lot, i was just saying “If i wanted to get dissed and abused i would have gone to my school” which is true, being a different color to people creates some tension between people, it’s not my personality. i can’t choose who i want to be. But can you just give me some advice, my friends who i play against hardly ever quick stand so the momentum of a game is usually ruined when i knock them down, i forgot to say that aswell??

Okay, answer that you might possibly be able to work with better:

What is different about the opponent waking up compared to him just standing next to you?

  1. He can’t walk forward
  2. He can’t walk backwards
  3. You can time your skills/attacks in a way that they hit without him being able to counter them by normal means, making jump-ins (where he cant antiair), heavy attacks (whose startup doesn’t matter) etc more useful
  4. Many specials break armor if they are used as a reversal (eg SRKs)
    This means, compared to him standing next to you, him waking up is a severe disadvantage aside from one rather minor point.

Now, are you afraid of someone using SRK randomly when he stands next to you [This is the question I posed in my first post, which you apparently didn’t spend half a second of thought at]? Most people would say: No. Why not? Simple: While it’s true that they sometimes might hit you while you throw out something (eg a Jab, a throw, a sweep, anything), it’s not really a good risk/reward situation for them - if they hit, they land 150 damage; if you happen to not be doing anything but instead just block, they eat 500. So for every 3 SRKs that they hit, you just need to block a single one to deal more damage than they did*.
Now, what changes when they are waking up compared to when they are just standing? The first three things are just advantages you got, so nothing. The fourth means that they armor break, which in most cases doesn’t really matter. So: Nothing. So: Why are you afraid of reversal SRKs?

An opponent waking up next to you is a mixup opportunity for you. Mixups contain anything: From hitting meaties, over throwing, overheads, lows, command grabs, to baiting out - backdashing or blocking. It is a matter of reading and conditioning your opponent. You knock him down, he stands up, expecting an attack, blocking. You throw him. Next wakeup, he expectes the throw and tries to tech, but you instead hit him with a meaty, comboing for huge damage and knocking him down again. Next wakeup, he expects either throw or meaty, so he SRKs, but you just block, then punish his reversal.
If your opponents are reversal happy, you should be thankful, not afraid. There is no easier way to deal damage after a knockdown than to block and punish.

  • Yes, I’m aware this changes when you take FADC and particularly FADC>Ultra into the equation, but I severely doubt that this matters for him

E: For your personal life: It might help to learn actual street fighting rather than the game :3

DAMN…It’s mean in here!

See that’s all i asked for, thank you very much, Vulpes. I don’t want any hate now.

I have one last questions, watching this OS video [media=youtube]KUxBBH6YNHY[/media] . I watch the abel do a crouch tech as soon as the opponent gets up. 1. why didn’t he get hit?? 2. Why isn’t that abused, it surely covers all the options the opponent has???

  1. Its a delayed crouch tech. He did it a little bit later than normal so he could block any reversal, but still be able to tech any throw attempt in time. Its something you’ll have to get used to.
  2. Abel has a guessing game involving his roll and I think a ambiguous cross-up too. You either cross up or you dont so even inputs taking into the guessing game. A guessing game is usually better than a option select, since it has 50% chance of dealing damage even if you’re blocking. Ofcourse there are characters that can escape from it in a reliable way but thats why you have options selects.

Thanks i get what you mean.
I tried to do this sequence on a dummy, it felt really weird, the timing of the crouch tech, very unnatural. Right time to hit endless battle too put everyone’s theory to the test.

You should never really get hit by a wakeup DP. If that’s what they’re doing, just bait it out (let them do it) block, and then punish. If you’re using Abel, the last place they want to be is right next to you and vulnerable.

If you want to get better, you’re in the right place. Go to the character sub-forums and research your dudes. You’ll learn some cool stuff.

The advantage of a knockdown is the ability to do meaty attacks, or ambiguous set ups. Reversal SRK is supposed to be risky, but if you just predictably meaty attack someone everytime on their wakeup theres no risk to do that move anymore.

Although it does suck when they have 2 bars stocked.

See, this is why people rip on SRK. Too many people here feel the need to be complete dicks to beginners for no real reason.

Answer the guys question, help him out, move on.