King Of Fighters 12 or Blazblue?

I want to take a break from SF4 and want to look into buying a new game.

I am choosing between KOF 12 or Blazblue .

I want to ask you all what you think , which game do you find overall fun ? same fun level as SF4 ?

I have am getting mixed reviews on both games and want to know from those who played both games. What do you all think is overall a better game?

No versus threads.

We had this exact thread like a week ago.

Tekken 6 BR.


Blazblue rules

KoF XII drools

Oh yes, I went there.

no versus threads ?

I want to know which games better to buy for those who played both games. These games are $80 bucks where I live . I want to spend my money wisely.

$80? Whoa dude where do you live?


It haz bubz!

-EX :cool:

I live in Edmonton , Canada.

For some reason I cannot find these games a Blockbuster so I can rent and try out , or even Futureshop , Bestbuy .

well i’d get BB because it has more to offer, the music, and just the combos. then again Kof12 has some awesome combos though i don’t know about music, and then there’s the lack of feature it has, but if u have people to come over and play with then it’s worth the buy. Me personally i prefer BB.

BlazBlue is for button mashing chumps!

Seriously though, do you like games where you fly around the damn place tapping buttons all day? XD


KoF is for people who hate fighting games and want them to die.

Every copy of KoF you buy supports the company that makes it.

Eventually they will get enough money to make another one.

Then people will look at it and go “THIS SHIT GOT 13 SEQUELS???” And never buy another fighting game.

KoF is killing the fighting game industry.

I bought both and can say Blaz Blue has a bit more to offer as than KOF at the moment. If you want to get your moneys worth grab a copy of Blaz Blue and wait for a possible price drop on KOF.

Man, your trolling sure is awesome. What happened? The Smash thread got closed?

Dude, just wait it out. Save up for the upcoming Shaq-fu HD Remix. It’s going to destroy the current fighting games.

Shaq-fu HD Remix looks really good actually.
Had a friend test the Beta, I heard the new music is good too.

There’s a thread just like this one. Do a search.

To summon it up:

BB = Great online, 12 characters, has a buncha extras (animations, story mode, etc).

KOF XII = Shitty online (supposed to get fixed… at some point), 22 characters.

What’s more important to you? Great online play and anime extras, or ten extra characters? Simple as that, because gameplay on both is great. Different styles, though, so watch some videos.

Well with all the music being digitally remastered tracks from “Shaq Diesel”, it’s on pace to have one of the most timeless soundtracks of any video game.

With regards to the topic at hand: I’m personally more interested in KOF, but the overwhelming response has been that the online is god awful, and I have yet to hear abut it being fixed. Unless you have friends who you can play KOF with in the same room, I’d hold off until the online becomes more stable, if that ever happens.

The netcode in KOFXII is likely to be fixed, thanks to relentless pestering from Ignition.

I’m going to say BlazBlue is the better choice, but don’t get it if you really love guilty gear. This may sound strange, but you gotta trust me on this one.