Kibbles n' Bits: The Amaterasu Combo Thread

Quick info:
-Updated for UMvC3!
-Xfactor now gives Ammy a speed boost that makes certain combos possible.
-Combos that start with :l: or :m: can generally be standing or crouching.
-After launching an opponent with Ammy, you’ll often need to perform followup attacks (such as :m::m::h::h::h:) after a slight delay; otherwise you’ll soar right over a midscreen opponent!
-Brackets around an input (e.g. j.[:h:]) indicate that the move should be charged (held down).
-Okami Shuffle’s damage is inconsistent. Keep this in mind when looking at damage values for combos.
-Link to old combo thread:

Basic Attack Data:
Out of respect for the creators of the official guide, I have removed this information. Please acknowledge their work and purchase the guide. It’s well worth it!

How Can I Help?:
-Contribute new combos, execution tips, etc.
-Help fill in ??? spaces for damage/meter.
-Point out mistakes.
-Make videos to provide visuals for the tougher combos.


BnB Combos: A good balance of efficacy and practicality.


  1. (anywhere) c.:l::m::h: :f:+:h:x5 :s: sj. :m::m::h::h::h: xx :qcf::h:, (land) :m::s: sj. :m::h::h::h::s:
    Damage = 378,800; Meter = +1.25

  2. (anywhere) c.:l::m::h: :f:+:h:x5 :s:, sj. :m::m::h::h::h: xx :qcf::h:, (land) :m::s:,sj. :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = 545,500; Meter = 0.0


  1. (anywhere) c.:l:c.:m:c.:h: xx :qcf::l:, :l::m::s:, sj. :m: :qcf::h:, j.[:h:], (land):qcf:[:l:] xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = ???; Meter = ???

  2. (corner) c.:l:c.:m:c.:h: xx :qcf::l:, :l::m::h: xx :qcf::l:, :m::s:, sj. :m::m::s: :df:+:h: xx :qcf::s: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = ???; Meter = ???

BnB Combo Videos:

[details=Spoiler] Misc. BnBs (Vaxtin)

Misc. BnBs (neilju95)
BnB Combos w/ Assist Videos:

[details=Spoiler] Spencer/Ammy BnBs (Stark)

Misc. Single Stance Combos:



  1. (anywhere) c.:l:c.:m:c.:h::s: sj. :m::m: xx :qcf::h:, charged j.:h: (land) :qcf::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = ???; Meter = ???
    Credit: sakeido

  2. (corner) :m::h:c.:h: xx :qcf::l:, :m::s: sj. :qcf::h:, charged j:h:, (land) charged :qcf::l:, :h:c.:h: xx :qcf::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = 720,000; Meter = 0.0
    Credit: neiluj95

  3. (corner) :m::h:c.:h: xx :qcf::l:, :l::m::h: xx :qcf::l:, :m::s: sj. :m::m::s: (land) j.:df:+:h: xx :qcf::s: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = 627,000; Meter = 0.0


  1. (anywhere) :m::s: sj. :m::h::m: xx :qcf::h: (land) :m::s: sj. :m::m::s:
    Damage = 281,600; Meter = ???
    Credit: Tritaga

  2. (anywhere) j.:h: (land) :l::m::s: sj. :m::m::h: xx :qcf::h:, (while falling) j.:h: xx :qcf::m: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = ???; Meter = ???
    Credit: Gilley

Throw Combos

  1. (anywhere) Air Throw, :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = 306,400; Meter = ???

  2. (anywhere w/ disc) :dp::l: (or :dp::m:), :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = 395,000; Meter = ???

  3. (anywhere w/ disc) Forward Throw, Forward Dash, :m::s: sj. :m::m::h::h::h: xx :qcf::h: (land) :m::s: sj. :m::h::h::h::s:
    Damage = 227,800; Meter = +1.0

  4. (anywhere w/ sword) Forward Throw, Forward Dash, :m::s: sj. :m::m::s: :df:+:h: xx :qcf::s: xx :qcf::atk::atk:
    Damage = 378,500; Meter = -0.5

  5. (midscreen w/ sword) Forward air throw, air dash j.:df::h: :d::d::l: land :m::h: :d::d::m: :m::h:c.:h::qcf::l:, :m::s: Shuffle (~430k)
    Credit: neilju95

  6. (corner w/ disc) - Video



  1. (corner w/ sword) - Video


Weapon Swap Combos:

  1. (anywhere w/ glaive) j.:m:: j.:m::m: j.:df::h: j.:d::d::l: land :m::h:c.:h::f:+:h::s: Shuffle
    Credit: neilju95

  2. (anywhere w/ glaive) Glaive falling j.:h:: j.:h: land :m::h:c.:h::qcf::l:, :m::s: sj:u: j.:s: j.:df::h: j.:d::d::l: land c.:h::f:+:h::s: Shuffle
    Credit: neilju95

Instant Overhead Combos:


  1. (corner w/ disc) :l: :m: :h: :f:+:h:x5 :s: sj.:m: :m: :h: :h: :h: :qcf::h: (land) :m: (air recovery) (Jump up and grab) :qcf::atk::atk: OR Air Throw follow up of your choice.
    Damage = ???; Meter = ???
    Credit: RafyToro

  2. (corner w/ disc) :m::h: xx :d::d:+:m: (glaive), :m::h:c.:h: xx :qcf::l:, :m::h: xx :d::d:+:l: (disc), :m::h: jc (they tech right here) air throw, (land), :m::h: jc. :h::h::h:, (land), :h:c.:h: xx :d::d:+:m: (glaive), :m::s:, sj. (finisher)
    Damage = ???; Meter = ???
    Credit: #reload

  3. Corner w/ glaive (Stark) - Video



  1. Corner 100% reset w/ Ammy/Chris (#reload) - Video


  1. Corner 100% reset w/ Ammy/Chris (#reload and Stark) - Video


sweet. new thread. first!

O and I’ll test some combos to get dmg

glaive combo 6 does ~627k, and in the corner you can continue it into another super. Builds 1 bar uses 1 bar or more

weapon swap combo 1 does ~564k, builds ~1.2 meters uses 1 or more. midscreen you have to dash up a little, in corner you can do another super.

weapon swap combo 2 does ~573k, builds like .6 meter and uses 1.

weapon swap combo 3 does ~607k, builds 1.1 bars and uses 1. and you can continue it

Awesome, thanks!

I’ll update the thread at least once or twice a week.

Currently at campus, so I can’t record any of these or tell you exact damage/metergain. When I get back tonight I’ll upload videos for them all; they’re my general bnbs on my team of Ammy-?/Spencer-?/Taskmaster-? and do significantly more damage than assistless stuff.

Combos with Spencer Armor Piercer assist (:a1:) + most “direct” or “front” assists (:a2:); symbol refers to when the assist is meant to hit.

General Glaive ender: ~ :qcf::l: :a1:, dash up :s: sj.:qcf::h: (slight delay based on height) [:h:] |> :qcf:[:l:], :h: :d::h: (:qcb::l: midscreen / vs Sentinel, :qcf::l: corner) :a2: :qcf::atk::atk:

:l:/:d::l: :m: :h: :d::d::m: :m: :h: :d::h: ~ ender: +1.33 - 1 meter, ~695k damage

:m:/:d::m: :h: :d::h: ~ ender: +1.2 - 1 meter, ~815k damage
:l:/:d::l: :d::m: :h: ~ ender: +1.15 - 1 meter, ~770k damage
throw, dash up :m: :h: ~ ender: +1.2 - 1 meter, ~550k damage
For throw, you must get to the corner before the super jump or the :h: :d::h: won’t combo, though there’s very little distance where you can’t carry them that far and you also can’t just back throw.


Alternate ender for when approach is covered by :a2:, keeping you from using :a1: early / :a2: at all:

~ :s: sj.:qcf::h: (slight delay based on height) [:h:] |> :qcf:[:l:], :h: :d::h: :qcb::l: :a1: (:qcf::atk::atk: midscreen, :qcf:[:l:] :qcf::atk::atk: corner)

Glaive starters from that situation:
:d::l: :d::m: :d::h: :qcf::l:, :l: :m: ~ ender: +1.15 - 1 meter, ~665k damage or +1.3 meter, ~700k damage
j.:l: j.:df::h: j.:qcf::s: |> :m: ~ ender: +1.05 - 1 meter, ~550k damage or +1.2 meter, ~590k damage


EDIT: Added videos

weapon swap with reflector:
-B C xx 22B, [B C 2C xx 236A] x2, B S sj. B B 3C xx 236S xx 236ABC (works anywhere)

-B C xx 22B, [B C 2C xx 236A] x2, B S sj. B B S, 3C xx 6S OR 2S (exchange cancel), 236(A) xx 236ABC (corner) - [media=youtube]QXmXzAD3MMU[/media]

reset, in corner with reflector:
-B C xx 22B, B C 2C xx 236A, B C xx 22A, B C jc (they tech right here) air throw, land, B C jc.C C C, land, C 2C xx 22B, B S into finisher

edit: had errors in notation, fixed now

Was in the lab today, thought this up, works anywhere on screen:

s:m:, s:h:, JC:uf:, j:h:, j:h:, j:h:, land, s:m:, s:h:, :f::h:x5 xx :qcf::atk::atk: OR :dp::atk::atk:

w/ Shuffle: ~530k
w/ Instruments: 722k, 37 hits

It’s mostly just for flash, though you could possibly catch someone off guard with the j:h:s combined with a low-hitting assist, or a grab reset if they don’t push you away.

Looks like it whiffs on smaller characters like Zero, but normal height or bigger should work, though the timing is a bit odd. You have to do the j:h:s kinda slow. I’ll do more research to see who this works on and who it doesn’t sometime soon. You can also add in a j:l: before the j:h:s for ease of landing, but it messes with the damage scaling.

I’ll try to get a video up at some point too.

I added videos, damage, metergain to the combos I posted.

Really? [media=youtube]wqLjI8E2cyo[/media]

Don’t overlook that you can use 3 directions to exchange cancel with. That situation would be a terrible place to use an exchange cancel anyways, unless you were sure the extra damage would kill the opponent.

That explosion only comes out if you exchange whiff the down version, so they have no reason not to mash down. You can do an exchange cancel with other directions if you allow the explosion not to come out, but if you do that, you’re getting significantly less damage than you would off of a normal combo, so it’s completely worthless.

All versions have the explosion. The only difference is that the down ground bounces, forward wall bounces, and up just launches them up.

… Okay, yes, the explosion will come out, but the only explosion that gives you the beneficial combo effects is the down one. Combos you could do with the other directions are still weaker than you’d get with the :s: sj.:qcf::h: stuff.

So he admits it! Just because they give as much damage opportunities doesn’t remove their usefulness. It isn’t all about damage.

wrong, i used the side wall bounce the combo i posted.

yes i know that everyone is aware about mashing 2S to counter that combo, and that’s exactly why this combo would’ve worked on you in the first place.

She admits nothing. I guess it gains another .15 of a meter. That is going to be relevant approximately never.

And it would’ve done 50k less than what you could be getting from the same situation with a better combo. I’m so threatened now!

We’re not worthy!

because of the randomness of okami shuffle, i did the combo three times with each version:

(in reflector): B C xx 22B, [B C 2C xx 236A] x2, B S sj. B B S, 3S…

version a)
…xx 236S xx 236ABC
610K, 623K, 623K

without that last sj.S (just going from launch to B B 3S xx 236S xx 236ABC) does the same damage.

version b)
…xx 6S, land, j©, land, 214A xx 236ABC
636K, 645K, 665K

version c)
…xx 2C, land, j©, land, 236(A) xx 236ABC
641K, 689K, 660K

versions B and C both allow for level 3’s, which do about 875K and 885K respectively

i don’t know where you get your numbers from, but enjoy being stuck in your pool of mediocrity.

and here’s a reset using the up exchange cancel:


B C xx 22B, [B C 2C xx 236A] x2, B S sj. B B S, 3C xx 8S, sj.©, land, 214A, jump straight up and do 6© + chris assist…

now, if they tech back or forward, the throw will come out. immediately do 214ABC, land, (they fall into the mine) 236A x5, B S, sj 236C, © falling, land, S xx 2369 ABC

however, if they neutral tech, a charged C will come out and chris will cover your landing. if they tech throw, chris will still cover your landing as well.

works with any exchange cancel, just used up because i already have an example with down and sides.

Well I was working on what you actually posted before, which was doing fairly significantly less damage than that! But no, the combo I’m doing is
:m: :h: :d::d::m: :m: :h: :d::h: :qcf::l: :s: sj.:qcf::h:, [:h:] |> :qcf:[:l:] :h: :d::h: :qcf::l: :qcf::atk::atk:
Where brackets mark charged moves and |> denotes landing. Which is consistent in the range of 697k to 712k, which is indeed 50k more than what you had previously posted. Still, if you’re doing 690 and adding in those extra hits for more meter, I must concede that to be viable, although the average damage is still far below that. Although, I have one question.

I’m not certain because I believe you have transcribed part of it wrong (for instance sj.:m: :m: :s: :df::s: isn’t anything, to my knowledge), but I presume your ‘version c’ combo to be
:m: :h: :d::d::m: (:m: :h: :d::h: :qcf::l:) x2, :m: :s: sj.:m: j.:m: j.:s: j.:d::h: (exchange cancel) |> j.[:h:] |> :qcf:[:l:] :qcf::atk::atk:
Is this correct?

Because, funny thing, I can’t seem to get the combo to work with a forward exchange cancel or up exchange cancel. They’re just too low, I can’t hit the charged Thunder Edge before Okami Shuffle at the end. I can get it fine with a down exchange cancel, but forward or up, no. So, I was wondering if you could record doing that. It would be appreciated.