KI3? Exciting?

Worth being exciting for? Kind of a crazy IP to pick up again.

I :lovin: Killer Instinct…well at least the first one. It’d be awesome if they really were working on #3.

I didn’t get to play 2 much in the arcade. I know it was just as broken as the first, maybe even more so, but was KI Gold broken too?

I had it, but didn’t play it too much because of the terrible d-pad on the N64 controller.

gotta love it

Maybe they can add some gameplay this time around…

In fairness, it’s quite a playable game.

Yes it’s broken and can be exploited by experienced players, but for casuals it’s grand.

An interesting mix of characters with relatively easy to execute combos, made even easier in KI2 by changing charge moves to tap moves.

Ok so I now I’m worried about the state of the video game industry, SF 4, Duke Nukem Forever, and a possible KI3- anybody want to name the last horse of the gaming apocalypse?

It could just be a cock-tease, so I will hold my breath.

But do so with hope.

Hopefully they still don’t include overheads or throws.

Umm, KI2 (and by extension, KI Gold) did have throws. They just did pitiful damage and were reversable.

Oh, and the game also had overheads.

Final Fantasy X-2-II?

I liked Killer instinct. The arcade versions were broken as hell but the SNES port of KI1 changed a lot of stuff. Wasn’t 100% tho, but definitely improved on the arcade version. I never bothered playing online, but I liked it none the less. I made a combo vid for KI arcade a while back. Not as good as NKI or MikeZ’s vid, but meh.


i thought it was starcraft 2

There was also NiGTHS and Sam & Max.

However there isn’t a gaming apocalpyse yek, we still need the 3 other horses: Kid Icarus 2, Shenmue III, and another SEGA Console.

Well at the time KI was the only combo heavy game in town, and Rare handled it the best way they could without anyone before them to kind of show them how it’s done. Nowadays there are tons of doujin style fighting games that are quite combo heavy, main one being GG and GG is a great template for what the next KI should be. Imagine doing crazy dust loops only to hear ULLLLTRAAAA COMBOOOOOOO at the end. Sounds like fun to me…

No, it will be Diablo 3.

Somehow this seems like a slightly less-than-official game announcement.

lets not joke like this…

Not this summer, but when 2009?

As much as I’d love to see KI3 come out…this IS less than official… I’ll wait on more solid evidence