Ki Pc rumor?

Anyone who thinks there is a chance of KI going anywhere other than the Xbox One any time in the near future must be new to console gaming.

Why are we talking about Titanfall when the thread is about KI.

The whole EA thing was just brought up because people were using it as a case for KI getting a PC port.


PC/Mac ports of Halo didn’t come until over two years after that game’s launch. And that was Halo. Just sayin’

wont happen.
They are losing the console race to ps4 and pc/steam is a strong contender to consoles now, unlike it was 5 or 10 years ago.
They need reasons to make you buy their console and KI was a good reason for a nice chunk of people at launch.

What on Earth are you basing that assertion on? You really think console gamers are more “honorable” than PC gamers? You’d better have some good evidence to back that claim up, and not some crap about how PC games are pirated more often because everyone knows consoles have to be hacked in order to play pirated games, and then you run the risk of a console ban from XBL/PSN.

You accused someone else of being a fanboy? Take a look at yourself, hypocrite.

Halo CE came to Mac out of compulsion because it was originally announced as a Mac game, Bungie insisted that they should keep their promise. Therefore it had to come to PC as MS couldn’t really release it only on a competing home computer format.

Halo 2 PC release only happened because Microsoft were desperate for a killer app for Vista.

There is no reason MS would want to release KI for PC, there’s absolutely no benefit for them. In fact doing so would be detrimental to the Xbox One brand by diluting what is, in essence, an Xbox One poster child.

my dad works for microsoft and he said ki is coming to pc in 20xx

Microsoft has been having a hard time getting people to jump on Windows 8. KI could be used in the same fashion they tried to use for Halo 2. Unlike Halo 2, KI would be a relevant game. Big reason why Halo 2 PC failed is because Microsoft ported the game to PC a few months before Halo 3 hit consoles.

I won’t buy an Xbox 1 just for KI, not matter how much I want the game, but ~$100 for Windows 8 isn’t too bad, so I would jump on that.

I used to hate Windows, but Win7 is pretty good. I’m not keen on Win8 and it’s tablet focused style, but if MS made a Windows OS just for gaming, I would totally use it, especially if it could play Win7/Win XP games too.

Well originally under Double Helix there was talk about an actual arcade release, they just need to get more content added to it, to justify releasing it in the arcades they said. Not sure if those plans still hold water with Iron Galaxy taking over, but if MS still intends to do an actual arcade release of KI, then I wouldn’t completely dismiss a PC port as well.

I hope that it does expand to the arcades and PC once the DLC “seasons” are over with. It would bemore cost effective than rolling out updates to several platforms at once.

Arcades are dead dude. MVC3 and Cross Tekken didn’t come to Arcades and Capcom has an overall good foothold in the arcades. Skullgirls got a Nesica release but that’s a digital title and it’s Kawaii as fuck. Japanese dudes do not like aggressively American games so the chance of KI coming to Arcades is non-existant.

I think a PC release is possible but only when S2 is complete.

The DLC seasons aren’t ever going to be “over with”. It’s not a traditional fighting game. The DLC for League of Legends never gets “over with” and the same thing will happen with this game. They say they are planning to continue the 8 characters a season thing for as many seasons as there is interest for, so it’s guaranteed they’re looking at at least 3 seasons of 8 characters (24 characters). They’re most likely not going to add all of the old characters in season 2 to leave room for new ideas and build hype for season 3. Even after season 3 they’ll most likely still release smaller seasons or just extra characters for download as they feel fit.

Long story short the whole idea of the game is it’s supposed to work in a way that is confusing for console gamers, but very very familiar for PC/mobile gamers. Release a fighting game that is ALWAYS making money. How does that work? Just like big PC and mobile games…release a fighting game that ALWAYS has new content. At the price point they’re selling for the seasons (20 dollars for everything you need for a tournament) they can always give someone who just wants the basics what they want and always get the big money from the guys who want the special ultra packages or those who end up piece mealing their way into buying a season.

You may eventually get a PC port, but considering this is one of the games that is getting people to buy their 500 dollar system, I wouldn’t expect it until the Xbox One reaches a 300 dollar price point which may not happen for 2 to 3 years.

I certainly hope so. it would be smart of MS to bring it to PC eventually. I’d pay a full 60 bucks for it, but I’m not gonna spend 700 euro’s on a shit console just because I really really want to play one game.

What a shitty post. 700euro console? Where the fuck do you live? Game s not coming to pc, the sooner people get it, the better it will be.

I’d rather seeing this game exclusive to Xbox One not even ported to other consoles. It’s healthier for Xbox One sales. Besides, most of us bought Xbox One just to play KI and Microsoft would lose shit if it’s ported to other systems. Gold subscribers would decrease. PS4 is getting Guilty Gear, so look on the bright side.

There is no rumor of a PC version. This is just wishful thinking by people who want the game but don’t want to buy an Xbox One.

Just bite the bullet and get one, or make your peace with it and stop complaining, because it’s not coming to PC ever.

Still waiting for PC Smash

A PC port for Ryse just got announce. C’mon KI, your the only major exclusive game left that needs a PC port.

You do know that Ryse is made by Crytek and not a Microsoft IP … right?