Ki Pc rumor?

So I heard at work from a bunch of friends at work/school that they read some forums that Ki might be coming to Pc soon. I personally don’t believe it cause I cant find the original post of this but I wanna know everyone’s thoughts on this. Would you guys like to see Ki come to pc? I sure as hell would.

I would love to have KI on pc, then i wont have to buy an xbox. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up honestly until we get official word from double helix/amazon. With them being with amazon there is probably a much higher chance than they had before.

Edit: Plus it is April Fools so your friends are probably lying

no this conversation happened 3 days ago l0l. Just havent had time to be on these forums

If it were coming to PC, it would be entirely up to Microsoft as they own the KI IP. Once Double Helix finish season 1 (last update coming 9th April), they will no longer have anything to do with the game (except devs like Filthyrich are now able to compete at tournaments). I don’t think Microsoft are going to put Killer Instinct on PC as much as everyone would love for them to do, because right now they have everyone that loves KI by the balls. So many people got an Xbone just for KI and all those people would likely sell their Xbones and never think about them again if KI came to PC.

I wouldn’t have bought any next gen system if it wasnt for KI honestly. Only other game I’ve bought on the system is Crimson Dragon and I only played the first stage and a bit of the second. Not much of gamer gamer anymore and pretty much only play fighting games. Like how the only video game Pyrolee played was 3rd Strike. I was a big fan of KI back in the day and loved the people that were working on the new game so that sold me alone and am happy so far and hope it gets a big following after Evo (and Xbox price reduction hue hue hue).

Oh and this is one of Microsoft’s flagship titles so don’t expect this to hit PC till like 2016 if it ever does happen. If you have to play it you’re going to have to throw down for a One for at least the next couple years I’m seeing. The rumor you heard I’m sure has no basis. The only way you’re going to get a 500 dollar system to keep selling is to have strong exclusives and KI is pretty much the only big one that you can’t just switch to PC for. Titanfall is an FPS so it will get a console base regardless, but you can always still PC that.

It will be interesting to see if Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive stay platform exclusive because I feel those two will be the next real big titles.

People like you are so clueless and blinded by either blind hatred or brand loyalty. The KI IP is owned by MS and however you may want to deny it, it is because of them that KI even exists today after almost a 20 year hiatus in the first place. KI was developed and intended to be a Xbox One exclusive from the very beginning. Also I don’t know why PC gamers perpetuate this myth that PC is some great platform for fighting games, making mods sure, but PC has no established tournaments or scenes and it would be a major PITA to organize and referee such an event. As far as exposure, tournament scene and high calibre competition, console will always be king. Not only is PC a poor ecosystem for a game such as this, PC gamers by their nature are anything but honorable and would do anything and everything to steal or pirate the game. This is why MS is not foolish enough to release it on that platform. It offers nothing but risks for no REAL benefits.

KI is the rebirth of a very old IP and despite what everyone thought it would be, is both a financial success and well recieved, much like the Xbox One itself. The game was not doa on release, it has not pilfered out of relevance, and in fact has a bright future. Anyone that owns the game understands why it is so highly praised, it is the premier next gen fighter. Major Nelson himself stated that KI is the highest grossing digital XB1 title, has sold “very well” as well as reiterating that MS wants to provide content as long as fans continue to want more content. You can check the thread on DH forums yourself to read first hand. MS is a business, and like Sony, Nintendo, PC devs or any other business, wants to make money while delivering a good product. Despite what many believe MS is not some big bad evil baby murdering company, just as Sony and PC devs are not knights in shining armor and the bastion of all that is good in gaming. They are businesses. Either support them or don’t.

Its funny that the same bums begging for PC ports now are the same one’s that wrote KI off when it first was announced and had nothing but doubt for it to begin with. I guess its sucks having to lie to yourself and convince yourself that you are uninterested in a game that you really are interested in, out of some blind hatred for a console (I am not talking to you directly but those many with this mentality). Those people need to wake up and realize they should either be a real gamer and support GAMES, or never plan on playing KI.

Microsoft released Halo: Spartan Assault on Steam recently. At the very least they haven’t abandoned the PC as a gaming platform. I wouldn’t expect the possibly of KI hitting PC at least until the Xbone has a satisfactorily installbase.

Halo Spartan Assault is essentially a mobile game for tablets and smartphones that happens to bear “Halo” in the name. It is not some highly marketed or advertised AAA experience. MS never “forgot” PC as a platform in the first place else Titanfall would not be on PC. The fact is KI is in a different category altogether. It is a reboot of an old franchise being handled carefully at prime moment to grow the IP on a new console platform. It should be obvious why PC is not considered relevant in regards to its release. A PC release may represent millions of potential downloads, but hardly millions of potential sales. An exclusive is an exclusive, don’t know why people fail to accept that.

Overall it seems to me that the MS haters would rather have their cake and eat it too, as evidenced by the first individual I responded to. Hate MS and the Xbox brand (most posting from Windows PC products), yet beg for their software releases. Its not my say on whether the game will release on PC or not, nor is that something I am trying to infer. I am simply offering a realistic perspective as to why such expectations are unlikely at best. Want Mario, buy a Nintendo. Want God of War, buy PS. Want Gears or KI, buy Xbox. Its not complicated.

Spartan Assault was develop to sell Windows 8 as a gaming OS. It’s not strictly a mobile game. Also, TitanFall a EA published game. It wouldn’t be Microsoft’s call where that game would end up. Devs already confirmed the sequel will appear on PS4.

It’s not unreasonable for people wanting KI for PC considering Microsoft other big name franchises like Fable and Gears of War had PC releases.

Yeah Smash and Blazblue aren’t on PC, but those games are doing fine on their exclusive platforms. I think it’s good to see that fighting games are still strong enough in the market that they can have platform exclusive titles and still hold up both in sales and in the community. That shows bigger strength than only having games that are spread across every system that you rush just to maximize profits quickly. Smash and BB could probably do significant extra sales on PC, but they’re doing fine enough where they are.

In the end I’m not going to say a PC release wouldn’t be great, just not something that will come in the near future for obvious reasons. I’d be surprised if it comes any earlier than late 2015.

EA is the publisher of Titanfall but has no direct control or influence over the direction of the IP nor Respawn Ent. themselves. Respawn themselves confirming this, it is their discretion for release, not EA’s. The original reasoning for MS platforms seeing Titanfall releases were due to MS dedicated server platform. Respawn themselves confirmed that they initially reached out to both companies but only MS met the requirements placed forth.

What Respawn did say in regard to PS4 was that they “will make PS4 games in the future”. There was no confirmation of any Titanfall sequel’s on PS4, that is what the community assumed, not what was stated. There is nothing keeping Titanfall from being purchased outright if that is what MS wanted to do, simply because Respawn themselves own and control the IP, not EA. I say this simply because I am the type of guy that likes to be accurate, I am not trying to impart any hostility so hopefully that isn’t how I come off.

While there were eventually titles like Halo PC, Gears 1 etc on PC, those games came much later than their console releases, and none at a time of a console launch and install base expansion, which is why I believe MS has not released KI for PC. Not to say it won’t show up one day, some years from now. I guess I just don’t understand the argument there, its almost like gamers have come to believe that simply complaining will bring any game they want to their console. Online petitions, twitter complaints etc. Gaming is an industry and is not that simple.

Except that EA is the publisher of Titanfall, not MS. Heck, even Respawn have stated that Titanfall 2 may not be an exclusive.

Ummm, GGPO, Supercade, ArcLive, Kaillera, etc, you can find players for any game ranging from Street Fighter II to The King Of Fighters 1998 to the original Super Smash Bros. People often arrange online events, for example Rotanibor has Vampire Savior tournaments on GGPO. So don’t go saying there are no tournaments or scenes, because there are plenty of both for many different games. Alot of classic fighting games are still played today thanks to PC.

The Melty Blood series has a huge following on PC since that’s where it originated, and the latest version of the game outside of the arcade release is only available on PC I believe. Guilty Gear XX #Reload on PC with it’s netplay add-on also has a considerable following. Quite a good number of people still play that even though it’s an older version of the game.

There’s also Xuandou Zhiwang, China’s online free to play PC fighting game which is growing steadily more popular and is constantly updated, and the definitive version of The King Of Fighters XIII is on PC as well, Dream Cancel often hosts player sessions for that game.

Alot of fighting games could benefit with a PC release. I’d love to try Killer Instinct out, but I’m not buying a new gen console for 1 game and honestly neither PS4 or Xbone have anything that interests me.

I already acknowledged someone making a similar point above. However Respawn owns and controls Titanfall, not EA. The IP belongs to Respawn correct. However that leaves just as much room for MS to purchase the IP just as they have done with Gears or Halo, you never know. There will be a good 2-3 years before a sequel so don’t bet on any stakes too high. I simply say this because EA does not own the title as you said, they simply publish it. Respawn themselves have stated why how they offered the title to both companies while only one met their requirements for the game which was a powerful dedicated server network. Which is why Titanfall runs on MS Azure for various platforms and not EA’s Origin. A future PS port would obviously not be using MS Azure, which is ultimately why Respawn chose to work under MS and not Sony despite both being offered the contract. EA had nothing to do with it.

That being said, Respawn has never confirmed any Titanfall 2 exclusivity or multi-plat either way. If you have proof otherwise I would love to see it. I have followed Titanfall from the get go and the creators Twitters etc and have seen no mention of anything related to Titanfall 2.

Perhaps I should have been more specific in clarifying what I mean by my earlier statement. My mistake. What you say about various tunneling clients and the status of online fighters on PC, emulators and various means etc is totally accurate. Games like Yagatirasu etc, PC maintains ports of various fighters this is true. I however am talking more local, in-person tournaments. Any and every competitive online game host online tournaments so that is a fairly standard practice.

I want to know what benefits a PC port offers a game in the unique position of KI? KI is a game being rebooted and primed to help establish a new generation console. It has a very unique role in that, it also shares a unique aspect in that it is currently digital only and is being updated over time on a seasonal basis. In order for a PC port to feasible, MS would first have to ensure that the game could actually earn a profit. This means both establishing value in the eyes of the customer as well as avoiding piracy. In addition, those same PC players would come to want or expect their new characters and seasonal updates at the same time as X1 owners. To assume otherwise is naive, this would necessitate a unified release pattern, assuming such code is readily available and easily updated for such a port.

My goal was never to say that it can’t happen in the future, simply that I saw it is a being quite unlikely due to the nature of KI’s unique position and distribution methods.

I think when Killer Instinct is “complete”, they should just release a Complete Edition on Steam when the time comes. I think that would be the best way to handle it, even if it’s a long ways off.

Missing the point altogether.

The reason people keep bringing this up whenever Titanfall is mentioned, is because of the fact that EA is the publisher is likely one of the reasons it has a PC port, unlike KI.

Seeing as Amazon own the IP, I want a Kindle port STAT so I can make some truly Sick Reads

I would be highly surprised to see KI show up on PC. It’s a flagship franchise for Xbox at this point. Whatever the potential for PC “scene” surrounding the game, it’s hard to imagine that it is of higher value to MS than having this type of exclusive software on their home console.

You’re being sarcastic, right? I ask because I suck at reading sarcasm. Anyway… Amazon doesn’t own the IP. They’ve acquired the studio, Double Helix Games, who developed Killer Instinct, for Microsoft. Microsoft owns the IP, as they own Rare, who was the original and previous developer.

You say I miss the point but you miss mine as well. I am stating that EA are not the decision makers in regard to Titanfall. Respawn is and has been. I am not sure if you know this, but Titanfall was ORIGINALLY intended to be a PC game, it became an X1 game later on down the pipeline after Respawn contacted both Sony and MS with interest in a console port of the title. The Azure network was the game changer, not EA. Azure is why Titanfall exists on both PC and X1 as both run the game via Azure servers. EA is the publisher but have no input on the IP itself, a point Respawn has made abundantly clear. If you would like me to get you links to this I will. Titanfall has an X1 port due to it being third party retail. KI is a first party title with a digital-only release structure and seasonal updating, all of which would need to be coordinated for a PC release.

"This is something I have worked on for years now, since coming to Respawn. A developer like Respawn doesn’t have the kind of weight to get a huge price cut from places like Amazon or Rackspace. And we don’t have the manpower to manage literally hundreds-of-thousands of servers ourselves. We want to focus on making awesome games, not on becoming giant worldwide server hosting providers. The more time I can spend on making our actual game better, the more our players benefit.

I personally talked to both Microsoft and Sony and explained that we need to find a way to have potentially hundreds-of-thousands of dedicated servers at a price point that you can’t get right now. Microsoft realized that player-hosted servers are actually holding back online gaming and that this is something that they could help solve, and ran full-speed with this idea.

The Xbox group came back to us with a way for us to run all of these Titanfall dedicated servers and that lets us push games with more server CPU and higher bandwidth, which lets us have a bigger world, more physics, lots of AI, and potentially a lot more than that"- Respawn