Ken: What you should know

I’ If you see something is missing please tell me, I’ll try to take that thread up to date.

Normal move____________________

Name of the move - Description
Startup/Hit/Recovery Parry
BlockedAdv HitAdv CrouchingAdv ChainIntoItself/SpecialCancel/SuperCancel


lp - The far version is good as an anti-air, the close version can be use in>s.lp>lp shoryu/throw. Can be special/super canceled. Can be ducked. safe on block.
6/2/4 H+L
+4/+4/+4 o/o/o
4/2/5 H+L
+3/+3/+3 x/o/o

mp - Reeaaaaallyyyy good move, the far version is THE meter builder of ken. Good prevent the opponent from dashing in. It’s one of the easiest hit confirm of ken though it’s a link it need strict timing. Can be ducked by character smaller than shotos. The close version can be special/super canceled lead to the mp x hp target combo, good as a meaty. safe on block
7/2/10 H
+3/+4/+5 x/x/x
5/3/10 H
+1/+2/+3 x/o/o

hp - the far version can be used as an anti air, and it can link to SA3 as a meaty on everyone and can link to SA3 everytime on Hugo. The close is good for punishing move( s.hp > shoryu [xx SA]), works as anti air too.Can be punish by some super (does anyone have the list?)
10/2/15 H
0/+2/+4 x/x/x
7/2/15 H
-2/0/+2 x/o/o

lk - nothing special just a common short.
5/3/7 H+L
no data on karathrow for advantage x/x/x

mk - Can be used as an anti air when you think they’ll jump. Can be ducked by almost all character (all?). Not safe on block.
9/6/16 H
-6/-2/0 x/x/x

hk - good damage, push the opponent far away, safe as a meaty, not safe otherwise.
12/5/19 H
-4/-2/0 x/x/x


lp - faster than more frame advantage but less range and unfortunately can be blocked high, used in the poke string > C.lp >
5/2/5 H+L
+3/+3/+3 o/o/o

mp - faster than less range can be blocked high, but an easy hit confirm into SA ( can linked to SA ). So great defensive move.
6/3/7 H+L
+3/+4/+5 x/o/o

hp - less useful than ryu’s c.hp owing to x s.hp chain. work as anti air. really not safe tough.
6/4/17 H+L
-8/-6/-4 x/o/o

lk - great move here. Good range, not as good as but it is safe on block. Good for tick throw, special/super cancelable.
5/3/7 L
+1/+1/+1 o/o/o

mk - one of the all purpose move of ken, good range, fast, good priority -> really good poke. Lead to everything ken can do. But hard to confirm and punishable on block by reversal super.
7/4/17 L
-3/-2/-1 x/o/o

hk - fast, good range, knock down, good damage but a really big recovery so DANGER DANGER here can be punish really really easily.
8/5/26 L
-13/-/- x/x/x


lp - not really useful can be use in air air, I read somewhere that you can ground cross up after landing with a dash behind your opponent.
6/-/- H
-/-/- x/x/x
5/-/- H
-/-/- x/x/x

mp - don’t use it so much so no really idea about it, can be use against gouki’s demon flip i think.
7/4/- H
-/-/- x/x/x
6/4/- H
-/-/- x/x/x

hp - same damage and speed as and less range i think.
8/2/- H
-/-/- x/x/x
7/3/- H
-/-/- x/x/x

lk - I don’t use it at all so no idea ( help? ^^ )
6/18/- H
-/-/- x/x/x
5/9/- H
-/-/- x/x/x

mk - this is magic cross up move great as air air too, leads to several combo.
6/5/- H
-/-/- x/x/x
6/5/- H
-/-/- x/x/x

hk - great move to begins combo, great damage. good as air air too.
8/4/- H
-/-/- x/x/x
7/3/- H
-/-/- x/x/x

Command moves______________

f+mk - this a really crappy move, if someone know its use tell me. Bad speed not really good damage. easily punishable.
17/3/15 H
-4/-/- x/x/x

b+mk - good overhead, link into SA on crouching character.
19/1*1/10 H
+1/-/- x/x/x

f+hk - really slow move but can link into SA against crouching character. fairly safe on block.
31/4/14 H
-1/-/- x/x/x

mk+mp - ken’s UOH is quiet good. Great meaty. Link into SA against crouching character.
16~23/7/7 H
-3~0/0~+2/+1~+8 x/x/x

Special move__________________

Hadouken (QCF+P) - the Ex version is really useful to push the opponent in the corner. can be punish by some SA even on hit, tough the Ex version is safer.

Shoryuken (DP+P) - Great damage, really really fast. the Ex version is really really really fast.

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (QCB+K) - not really fast, poor damage no knock down, not safe on hit, use it in air air situation it’s a juggle starter.

Super Art____________________

SA1 : Shoryureppa (QCFx2+P) - I never used it, quiet fast, good damage but a poor range.

SA2 : Shinryuken (QCFx2+K) - I never used it, good as anti air.

SA3 : Shipuujinrai Kyaku (QCFx2+K) - The all purpose SA, good range, can be linked from a lot of move so pick this one.

here is some ken combos (it’s from the srk forum it’s just a copy i didn’t do it myself but i forgot the authors sorry -_-):


for punishment purposes, there are only 4 combos you have to remember:

  1. s. mp x s. hp [x fireball] xx SA3 - use this if you haven’t got the timing down to punish the faster
    recovering moves/supers as it’s faster than any combo that begins with s. fierce

  2. c. mk xx SA3 - perfect for long range punishment of moves such as a whiffed sweep, whiffed
    throw attempt, etc.

  3. s.hp x MP Shoryu xx SA3 - most damaging option. perfect for blocked supers or missed

  4. c. mk x MP Shoryu xx SA3 - use when s. fierce is out of range. i.e., you’re not immediately next to Dudley and you parry his c. strong. Ken’s s. fierce is gonna whiff if you try it, so use c. forward x strong Shoryu xx SA3 for bigger damage than just c. forward xx SA3.

SA Combos____________________

  • >, xx SAIII

  • > c.lp > xx SAIII (doesn’t works on standing Q, urien and necro (midscreen))

  • (close) x s.hp [xx fireball] xx SAIII

  • xx SAIII

  • srk (preferably mp and doesn’t work with LP shoryu) xx SAIII

  • > SAIII

  • (not close) > SAIII

  • b+mk > SAIII (opponent must be crouching, probably best at close range)

  • UOH > SAIII (the UOH has to hit opponent late in animation for the link to work)

these are for the SA3 combos.

Shoryu combos__________________

for shoryuken you can do:

(close) x s.hp x LP (exclusively anything else will whiff) shoryu

(close) x shoryu

(close) s.hp x shoryu

(close) s.lp x shoryu

(close) > s.lp x shoryu (not on sean and remy)

(close) > c.lp x shoryu

(close) > x shoryu x shoryu (I think it won’t work at max range but no need to be extremly close)

double LP shoryu from mopreme site( :

when something work for a character everything below work too.
kara-shoryu is when you cancel a or into a shoryu in the early frame so that the doesn’t come out.
You can do it with this input f>d>df+mk/hk and just after lp/mp/hp (just a fraction of second after).

Midscreen: x s.hp x LP shoryu > LP shoryu

  • Q x LP shoryu > LP shoryu

  • Necro, Elena

s.hp x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien

Corner: x s.hp x LP shoryu > LP shoryu

  • Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien, Elena x s.hp x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Remy, Ibuki, Hugo

s.hp x LP shoryu > LP Kara-shoryu

  • Yun, Yang, Oro

Hadoken combo__________________

for pushing your opponent in the corner you can use the Ex hadoken (d>df>f+two punch buttons): x Ex hadoken x s.hp x Ex hadoken

Throw Setup____________________ > walk forward > throw > kara-throw (bad because ken’s kara-throw is hard to pull out) > > dash > throw

UOH (mp + hp) > walk forward > throw

on crouching opponent : > s.lp whiff > throw

If someone have something to add post it i’ll add it.
If someone want to treat the matchup post it or send it to me i’ll post it in the first post.


really really usefull - thanks !

I dont think c. lk > c. lp > > xx sa3 works on everyone, but on a good number of the cast though.

Doesn’t work on Q or Urien

Or Necro. But it hits everyone crouching.

Some mistakes, like close HP is safe on block because it pushes too far back for any 1 or 2 frame super to hit. Post seems decent otherwise. Frame data makes it look a bit cluttered though, I think you should’ve just linked to that site with frame data instead.

^^^Not true, close hp can be punished by Chun Li SA1.

:annoy:     :wink:

frame data is wrong, factual evidence proves that Ken’s cMK is -4/-3/-2
(ryu/gouki is -3/-2/-1 though)

and thus I suspact that there are other mistakes here and there

on karathrow framedata for ken is -3/-2/-1 do you have any other source.
thanks for helping ^^.

Test it out, you don’t need reversal to hit Kens on block with a shippu because it’s 4 frames recovery.

Thanks Eric, I’ll remember that the next time the CPU picks it. :arazz:

Seriously though, I did overestimate how far it pushes back. Gigas, brave dance, seichusen, and corkscrew all seem to hit (the latter from a point blank HP only). Not as safe as I thought.

I’m new to 3rd strike and I have 2 questions:

  1. I watched a video of Daigo and he did the standing throw (where Ken holds and knees the guy for up to 6 hits). Is there any reason to use this throw besides the forward and backward throws?

  2. When I try to land double shoryuken (, s.hp, dp, dp), should I use double lp dragon punch? Does this combo work outside of corners, or do I have to cut off s.hp and just do, dp, dp instead?

IIRC it doesn’t work on Necro midscreen either…

1)if you use the neutral throw the six hits does more damages than the forward or backward throw it’s 2 or 3 more damge point on 20

2)it’s in the first post.

karathrow’s framedata is for third strike ver. B, playstation and arcade version are ver. A. In the framedata thread there’s another link that points at the framedata for ver. A.

I like the idea of this thread though, could someone sticky it?

thanks guys for your help.

at this adress i found -3/-3/-1 for

i’ll try to update asap.

if you got any ideas for strategies, and other things give it i’ll quote you ^^.

Don’t die thread!

interesting thread…if you really want to shock somebody go for SA2…

ken’s down medium kick is sort of used as to like poke at your opponet and can be canceled into his SA’s…SA2 will catch someone off guard who is used to fighting SA1 and SA3 ken’s…because they are thinking “how is this guy gonna fight” and “oh this should be easy”

No. SA3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SA2. Never use SA2.

Oh boy, the level of play in NC must be awful.

You’d be surprised how well it works, especially in combination with good ground game. SA3 still tops it though.