Ken Q&A Thread: Got questions? Ask/search here before making a thread!

Nobody like to see the forum clogged up with single question discussions so I’m making this thread to reduce if not eliminate that.

If I see a pattern of stuff I’ll probably make a FAQ in this.

Hi I am KenMaster007 and I just bought a neon green Kraken HD bass boost over the ear headset to learn my timing of my punches by sound. My account will be deleted because Preppy has no sense of humor so I will see you all in EVO top 8.

What are Kens anti air normals?

st.MK and cr.HP

Anyone knows which characters have 3-frame jabs? Working on frame traps for the jab mashers and not having ingame framedata makes me sad.

Anyone beat survival with ken? Keep getting stuck in the 40s

I beat it on Hard mode earlier, but after quitting and coming back because I hadn’t earned the Steam achievement it was reset. Fucking sucks, I keep losing around 44 and it’s really getting to me now. Some people are saying there are certain things to NOT DO against the CPU at certain levels, because they’re a little better at countering certain things or susceptible to certain things. Like the Cammy/Laura/Karin CPU seem to always fall for frame trap cr.lp >

anyone else having a problem with whiffing a lot? Feels like I have to break off from cuddling with my opponent to connect>target combo …

any slightly more reliable ways to combo into Or maybe a bnb i can use outside of its range?

Is it just me or is cr lp hp.srk not working as a hit confirm? If it is how different is the timing from 4?

Yeah just mash MP DP non-stop and heal every round. Seriously … the AI will lose. Doesn’t matter what the AI does keep mashing that DP … 100% serious.

Hey what would you say is the optimal range to play ken at? It seems like some people think you should be playing him mid screen and some say from long range.

Much different timing for sure. I’m still trying to get the muscle memory down for it. I’ve been mashing d,f,d,f shortcut for the srk as soon as I see come out. You can also substitute it with st.lp instead of cr.lp as it also hits crouchers. St.lp makes it easier to use the regular srk input.

As stated above, buffering your SRK motion as early as possible is the key. In SF4 jabs were so + on hit you had a 3 frame link into DP on hit, meaning your reactions didn’t really matter. In SFV you have to cancel from a chain, meaning you have to be a little more pro active with your reactions. That’s most likely why you’re having trouble, because I am too. DAMN MUSCLE MEMORY.

So I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I find using st.lp much easier. The input is basically:> f+s.lp> QCF st.hp

It’s pretty much just starting the input for fierce srk at the same time you’re pressing jab. Has been working very consistently for me. Even in matches.

Noobish question but I don’t think it fits in the beginner thread :

Can someone explain to me how do you do and what is the concept of a shimmy (I think it’s called that)?

My understanding right now is that it is some kind of a walk back and forth then throw, but I’d like to know if there is an actual technique to do it perfectly, how do you set it up and these kind of stuff.

Thanks guys.

I asked the same thing in the Beginner’s thread and the following is Froztey’s answer:

“and well shimmying is just a form of baiting, it’s the technique of attacking > walking back > reacting to your opponents button presses or simply stuffing them on start up and getting a counter hit. Ken’s shimmy game is really strong because of his crush counter confirm ability, his being 4f and confirmable and his run setting up some throw gimmicks.”

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but any particular reason why I never see HP or EX shoryus (or even LP) in neutral/for AA? The only time I ever see them is in combos. Everybody uses MP almost exclusively in those situations. Something I’m missing here?

They’re not invincible

Ah, gotcha. Is that his only invincible move?

Damn I read this thread and I missed this somehow. Thank you.